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Never Attribute To Stupidity...

What Can Otherwise Be Explained By Malice

Most of you probably know that John Kerry and John Edwards went out of their way in the last two debates to mention that Dick and Lynne Cheney's daughter is gay. This has elicited a media and blogosphere buzz that's been generally negative toward both Kerry and Edwards in regards to their remarks.

Lynne Cheney reacted to Kerry's debate comments, telling a post-debate rally in Corapolis, PA: "The only thing I could conclude is that this is not a good man. This is not a good man. And, of course, I'm speaking as a mom. And a pretty indignant one. This is not a good man. What a cheap and tawdry political trick."

It seems that the Kerry/Edward ticket got this idea in their head via campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill, who declared Mary Cheney "fair game."

Elizabeth Edward's interview with ABC News Radio this morning where she responded to Lynne's remarks is telling (via The Note):

"It makes me really sad that that's Lynne's response. I think that it indicates a certain degree of shame with respect to her daughter's sexual preferences that I'm certain makes her daughter uncomfortable. That makes me very sad on a personal level."

She called Kerry's response "very thoughtful" and "extremely sensitive." She also said Lynne Cheney has been a "wonderful advocate for her daughter," but feels "she has over-reacted to this" and "that's a very sad state of affairs."

And there's the hidden message that the Kerry/Edwards camp has been pursing with this whole strategy - that the Cheneys, by virtue of being Republicans, must be ashamed of their daughters sexual orientation.


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Comments (27)

CLEAR THE DECKS..........<b... (Below threshold)
Bill from NYC:

CLEAR THE DECKS...........
Mama Cheney is going to open up a can of extra strength whoop-ass on Ms Edwards talking about her parenting like that!!
It's going to get ugly....

Did anyone notice that Kerr... (Below threshold)
Okely Dokely:

Did anyone notice that Kerry -- and later his surrogates -- referred to Mary Cheney as "a lesbian"?

While this is true it struck me because you rarely hear liberals use that term -- it's almost always "gay". I think they this was done deliberately to conjure up a more "butch" image.

Kerry and Edwards have proven once again that they will say anything to get elected. Elizabeth Edwards' comments this morning were despicable, and Mary Beth Cahill's comment last night that Mary Cheney's sexual orientation is "fair game" was especially telling.

Perhaps we can now refer Ke... (Below threshold)

Perhaps we can now refer Kerry's children from his first marriage as bastards, since he annualed his first marriage. By Catholic law, children from a non-existing marriage (annulment) are not legimate.

The reason this is so offen... (Below threshold)

The reason this is so offensive is that what John Kerry said was the high society equivalent of saying, "Oh yeah! Well, Cheney's daughter is a dyke! Ha! What do you think about that!" Slimeball.

There is a clear <a href="h... (Below threshold)

There is a clear fundamental difference in the parties philosophies is how they address the issues that define us as people. The Democrats pander to everyone as a part of a group. Republicans honor the individual - it was clear in the proposals for health care and social security and in the issue related to being gay. The Democratic party is the party that hates, as we have seen in the recent attempts to silence and intimidate voters is also the supposed "Party of Peace!" Just as Islam is a "religion of peace," the Democrats have become a wild violent bully that can only attempt through threats to influence what they haven't been able to do through their rhetoric!

This is why the likes of Andrew Sullivan can't shake their Euro philosophies! He attempted to call himself a conservative for the past couple of years - but the truth of his group mentality couldn't keep from breaking through! The individualism of America is almost incomprehensible to Europeans but runs deep and strong here.


Ya know, since Kerry follow... (Below threshold)
Okely Dokely:

Ya know, since Kerry followed this comment with his bizzare rambling about how some husbands come to terms with being gay after struggling with it for years and are supported by their wives, blah, blah, blah... wouldn't it have been more appropriate for him to mention Jim McGreevey?

Now, there's a pay-per-view... (Below threshold)

Now, there's a pay-per-view fight I'd actually sign up for... Lynne (Pissed Mom) Cheney vs Elizabeth (honey, where's my Frosty) Edwards in a caged death match.

You'd have thought that Mrs.Edwards would have been brighter than to pour jet fuel onto the otherwise out of control forest fire..... shows how stupid she is....

From FreeRepublic post) --<... (Below threshold)

From FreeRepublic post) --

BOB SCHIEFFER: Mr President, the next question is to you. Obesity and lack of physical excercise is a growing problem in this country. You have long been an advocate for regular routine excercise and healthy eating. What do you see as the biggest problem Americans have in overcoming obesity?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you for asking that, Bob. Obesity in American is a major problem for many folks. And its an issue that deserves attention. For instance, look at Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of my opponent's running mate ...

- I wonder how many times a day the Democraps
count their lucky stars the we have character and moral judgement....Life must be a "bitch" living without those qualities.....

Well, <a href="http://blog.... (Below threshold)

Well, as this post shows, I think Sen. Kerry handled the lesbian issue with tact and sensitivity...

Bush: Well, my opponent's d... (Below threshold)

Bush: Well, my opponent's daughter likes to show her tits at fancy movie parties.

Wonder how much air time that'd get?

Sean, what purpose did Kerr... (Below threshold)

Sean, what purpose did Kerry have for even bringing up the subject of Cheney's daughter? You pinheads on the left would have a shit-fit if Bush brought up Kerry's first marriage. Everyone knows -- well almost everyone -- that there' a lot of juicy tidbits in that story. Kerry is -- in the words of his own wife -- a scumbag.

Something has been botehrin... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Something has been botehring me about Andrew Sullivan's reponse -- for those who don't know, Sullivan is a gay man who happens to write about politics -- to this whole Mary Cheney is a lesbian issue. Sullivan -- who happens to be a gay man infected with AIDS -- has been the most hypocritical on this whole issue.

A while back, some lefty magazine outed Sullivan, not as a gay man, or as a gay man who at the time was supportive of some Conservative causes. But that Sullivan had advertised in a gay forum for a sex partner.

Hey happens all the time. But, -- did I mention that Sullivan is gay -- in this case Sullivan specifically was seeking unprotected sex. Did I mention Sullivan has AIDS? His conservative readers were outraged. Not at Sullivan, but at the 'outing' of his private life. Shortly thereafter Sullivan pulled in tens of thousands of dollars in a pledge drive. I bet most of that money came from conservatives who were outraged at the invasion of this AIDS infected gay man's privacy.

Earlier, when Sullivan was approached by pharmaceutical companies to place advertising on his site, the Liberals were outraged that Sullivan would accept the drug companies' filthy lucre and forced Sullivan to not accept the advertising. Sullivan caved.

Another thing you should know about the depths of Sullivan's hyprocisy is that even if he had advertised specifically for an already AIDS infected partner, he was not "protected" fron further infection. There are many different strains of AIDS, some of which are resistant to drug therapies. If Sullivan did hookup with someone he could have easily been infected with a different strain.

We all know that Sullivan drank the kool-aid a long time ago. I'm even willing to bet that, like some other lefty bloggers, he is on Soros' payroll. What is sad is that with the Cheney incident he has shown that he also sold his integrity.

Shame Andrew, shame.

Actually Sean (not me) that... (Below threshold)

Actually Sean (not me) that was pretty funny.

outrageous. ... (Below threshold)


If Kerry wanted to use some... (Below threshold)

If Kerry wanted to use someone as an example, why didn't he refer to his buddy in the audience, Rep. Barny Frank? Now there's a great example of someone gay. Did you ever hear Frank's opponents bring up the story of his boyfriend running a homosexual brothel out of the congressman's home?
His sister is a Kerry strategist and former Clinton hack Ann Lewis (who appears asexual, not by choice, either LOL).

Ms. Edwards is really a Rep... (Below threshold)

Ms. Edwards is really a Republican. Recall the VP debate. That day she was shown getting off the plane with hubbie. She was shown legs first then a full shot. She was wearing a gray pantsuit. She looked like a small elephant. She must of had money for Edwards to marry her. Even the lesbian looks terrific next to her. By the way, its fair game to call her an elephant because she is part of the campaign

I don't think Alexandra Ker... (Below threshold)

I don't think Alexandra Kerry would agree with Mary Beth Cahill that candidates' children are "fair game" just because they are on the campaign trail.

Thank God there wasn't a fo... (Below threshold)

Thank God there wasn't a fourth debate. Kerry would have made some link between domestic security and the Bush daughter's party habits.

It has to be a Democratic "... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

It has to be a Democratic "talking point" for Edwards, Kerry, and the fatso's, Mary Beth and Elizabeth, to say the same things within a week of each other.

Just another desperate example of the Democrat party trying to win at any cost. OOOH. The VP's daughter has an alternative lifesyle. Did you hear that out there, all you conservative Chrstians?

TAWDRY is an understatement. I'm waiting for Theresa's reaction to Kerry totally leaving her out of the equation when answering the question. He smirked and said he "married up", but gave no glowing words about her? If I were her, I'd give him the Lorena Bobbitt treatment.

Hey Jim, Check out... (Below threshold)

Hey Jim,

Check out Sean's link...he's one of "us," not "a pinhead from the left." A satirical, funny one of "us," at that!

Bigfire, now that is SO not... (Below threshold)

Bigfire, now that is SO not true. Children of an annulled marriage are legitimate in the Catholic Church. geeze!

The whole Kerry Lesbian thing was a way to make the Christian right not vote for Bush which shows you how little they know about the Christian right.
Did you notice how quickly he said the word "lesbian" though. Like he couldn't wait to get through it.

Liz Edwards should really be ashamed of herself. Implying that Lynn Cheney is ashamed of her daughter. Good God! It would be like Lynn Cheney wondering why Liz didn't teach her deceased son to drive better. JUST DISTASTEFUL AND WRONG!

Moo.... (Below threshold)
Elizabeth Edwards:


Would someone enlighten me?... (Below threshold)

Would someone enlighten me? Why does Lynne Cheney think that identifying her daughter as a lesbian is "tawdry"?

I don't understand the outr... (Below threshold)

I don't understand the outrage.

This is obviously a legitimate effort by Kerry/Edwards to court the all-important homophobe vote.

And the fact that the Kerry/Edwards campaign has obviously spent a significant amount of time discussing the sexuality of their opponents' children is not creepy at all!

It's creepy, I don't even ... (Below threshold)

It's creepy, I don't even want to think about the sex games of the Kerry/Edwards campaign...
(shivers down my spine)

Bush was able to respond to the question without bringing anybody else into it. Why does Kerry think he can speak for Cheney's daughter?

I think it just another way for the Dems to avoid the actual issue like everything else.

grasshopper,It wasn'... (Below threshold)

It wasn't 'idenifying' her that was tawdry. It is well known her daughter is gay. The tawdry comes in with Kerry using her daughter to gain some political points with the gay community and hoping that Christians who don't pay attention to politics until the last minute will learn for the first time Cheney has a gay daughter and will not vote. WHich, btw, shows a complete ignorance of Christian thought. No surprise there tho.

With all this talk . . . wh... (Below threshold)

With all this talk . . . why has no one pointed out that Mary Cheney was already targeted by groups supporting Kerry. This is just the first time the candidates themselves mentioned it publicly. Goggle her name.


Just one of many.






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