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Seeing Things Clearly, Even Thru The Hangover

After drunk blogging the debate last night, the Vodkapundit woke up in a mood...

And I can't say I disagree except -call me an early adopter- I came to his realization a decade ago.

Call it today's required reading.

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I agree to a point, but I r... (Below threshold)

I agree to a point, but I really don't think it's just the Dems. I'm repulsed at the Republicans as well, I just think that since the Repubs are on defence, it doesn't appear as bad.

And, are things any 'worse' or is it just getting easier to see / spread the spin.

I'm switching to Independent after this election.

I read the post and I agree... (Below threshold)

I read the post and I agree...
I can't say that I was as insightful as you were a decade ago Paul.
It's shameful that we are to set an example for others to follow and for what end they may wonder.

SharpyI'm not sayi... (Below threshold)


I'm not saying the Republicans are sinless.. But they are however an order of magnitude or so better.

-Paul-Oh! Ya think??... (Below threshold)

Oh! Ya think????
You are such a sweetheart to be so kind...

Sharpy-Your commen... (Below threshold)


Your comment made me think that if I dug thru google news I was sure I would find something interesting.

I was right.

There is a difference betwe... (Below threshold)

There is a difference between Republican muckraking and Democrat muckraking. Because of the MSM, Republicans have to be very careful about what they say. The examples are too numerous to write here, but one is Senator Trent Lott's comments about Strom Thurmond and how Lott had to step down from the majority-leader position. It was a media feeding frenzy, with Lott apologizing over 100 times it seemed. But when Senator Robert Byrd (a former leader in the KKK) used the "N" word on Fox News Sunday, except for a few talk radio hosts, the comment was ignored by the MSM. There are other examples. Dems may say anything they wish and the media will either ignore it or spin it. Republicans have to be careful in what they say. Kerry's wife is allowed to call Bush Un-American, but God forbid if Laura Bush ever called Kerry a traitor.

Yah, I thought about postin... (Below threshold)
Thomas Hazlewood:

Yah, I thought about posting at Vodkapundit to ask, "What took you so long to see that?", but I figured he's already got enough to worry him.






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