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Separate but not equal

The media finally discovers the topic of voter fraud.

The T.V. news outlets and the print media are abuzz. You see, an employee who was fired last week from a company hired by the Republican party has said he saw people at his former company destroy voter registration cards from Democrats.

Eric Russell told the FBI that he never would have said a word if the company had paid him what he claimed they owed him. (ain't that extortion?) He claims he saw "8 or 10" forms discarded. The story broke yesterday and google news now shows almost 100 versions of the story most of which have run in the last 5 hours.

The company officials have sworn affidavits that all allegations are false and say that 20% of the cards they turned in are from Democrats and they canvassed an area with about 20% Democrat.

In short- a sketchy story with potentially 10 voters being affected and the media runs 100 stories on it.

But the day before in Colorado it came out that the left wing group ACORN was caught committing massive voter fraud. A local TV station quickly found "719 cases of potentially fraudulent forms at county election offices"

Note- these were forms already turned in. If you watch the video from the T.V. station they found dozens of forms with the same signature. These are not "allegations." The fraudulent actions have been done and they have been caught. They also found 12,000 felons on the voter roles in Colorado. How many news stories were generated by an obviously far more egregious event that has been in the news cycle 24 hours longer?



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Actually, there are only 60... (Below threshold)

Actually, there are only 6000 felons on our voter rolls, according to this guy: http://www.denverpost.com/cda/article/print/0,1674,36~64~2466268,00.html.

Out here we've got Registration-by-Hobo, thanks to ACORN. And that's with a Republican Secretary of State.

It seems to me that through... (Below threshold)

It seems to me that throughout our history, all of the big voter scams are democratic. Like the Daily machine in Chicago and Pendergast in Kansas. I can't believe that this isn't clearly reported in news reports about voter fraud. Whether they are biased or not, it is to be an unavoidable fact that democrats are more likely to cheat on elections.

And what's up with the felon thing? I am (sad to say) a drug-offending felon, and I get to vote in Louisiana. Why doesn't every felon?

i can't believe the media e... (Below threshold)

i can't believe the media even covered the ACORN event. obviously they're just one of rove's puppets.

ACORN is a Rove puppet? Who... (Below threshold)

ACORN is a Rove puppet? Who's puppet are you?

Kevin, Most states... (Below threshold)


Most states don't allow unpardoned felons to vote.

"Most states don't allow un... (Below threshold)

"Most states don't allow unpardoned felons to vote."

not really. most DO allow felons to vote.

" State laws governing voter eligibility vary. Nine states impose a lifetime voting ban on convicted felons. In 32 states, felons can vote after serving their sentence and completing parole. Three states - Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont - have no prohibition and allow prisoners to vote
Six other states impose restrictions based on a felon's prior record or parole status."


Let me begin by saying I en... (Below threshold)

Let me begin by saying I enjoy this blog. But, I do take issue with the starting statement the "...potentially 10 voters being affected..." and then what continues with other instances of voter fraud. Look, whatever will draw attention to anyone violating this tenet of democracy (no matter democratic or republican) deserves our attention. Whatever can get the public's attention on registration fraud is valuable and I do commend your efforts to point out other instances. Keep up the good work and please support getting out the word that no violations should be tolerated and all voters are valuable.

I would also like to say I ... (Below threshold)

I would also like to say I enjoy this blog. I found only several days ago.

It's a shame that anybody would commit voter fraud.

No matter what side you're coming from.

What we are witnessing is t... (Below threshold)

What we are witnessing is the self destruction of the Democratic Party and the liberal media. They can not believe that all the mud they have been slinging for the last year (hell 3.9 years for the yahoo’s who think Bush stole the election) has not stuck. The President has managed to snooker them by something they don’t understand. Courage, Strength, Self Control, and a lot of smart people around him (Madeleine Albright in the past months has shown what kind of staff the Clinton administration relied on). They have been so desperately hopeful that they would re-gain control of the Whitehouse that they can’t see straight. I know Democrats, and they have been talking about this election since Nov. 8, 2000. My message to them is find a good candidate in 2008, and take the next four years to rebuild your credibility. What has been done in this election has far surpassed my wildest dreams on how low you will go. You have scared all the old ladies about Social Security, told African-Americans that we want to keep them from voting, lied to the youth of American that we are going to draft them, took the Swift Boat vets First Amendment rights away, and told uncountable lies about the President of the United States of America (no respect for the office at all) for power.

As my good friend from Arkansas says “Shame on you-all”.

Nice collection of voter fr... (Below threshold)

Nice collection of voter fraud cases


If the Democratic Party ind... (Below threshold)

If the Democratic Party indeed self-destructs, what will replace it?

Fact: A vote that is cast i... (Below threshold)

Fact: A vote that is cast illegally can cancel out a vote that is cast legally just a surely as denying that vote in the first place. So the two forms of vote fraud are equally bad.

That being said, since this country was founded on the idea of individual rights, one of them being the right to vote, any story about people being denied their right to vote is going to get way more coverage than any story about people who shouldn't be voting, but are.

Which would may you more angry:
Showing up at the polls and being denied entry
Having cast your vote, finding that someone had voted illegally?

If I go to the polls and so... (Below threshold)

If I go to the polls and someone won't let me vote, that's something I can do something about. (And I'm really good at getting a redress of grievances out of my government.)

If my guy loses because a bunch of people voted illegally, that undermines the legitimacy of the process.

Apples and watermelons, Rance.

This post ignores the fact ... (Below threshold)

This post ignores the fact that there's been an effort headed by the Republicans to toss out thousands of Democrat voter registrations on multiple swing states.

Here's a list of the Republicans crimes.

McGehee - If you show up at... (Below threshold)

McGehee - If you show up at your polls in time for them to redress your grievances, maybe. If they close things down for the day before you can find a judge, you are probably out of luck. They aren't going to reopen the polls on Wednesday so you can cast your ballot.

I checked out your republic... (Below threshold)

I checked out your republican crimes site. Thank goodness I discovered another democrat shill job. The facts are these. When one sends in a fraudelent voter registration form that is a crime. The fraudelent form is evidence of a crime. When one puts a forged signature, phoney address or social security number that is a crime. The proof is the form.

When one alleges that an official at a DA's office in TX gave out incorrect information on voting eligibility that is not a crime. Calling it a crime is incorrect. Someone claiming that forms were torn up suggests the possiability of a crime, but falls of evidence of a crime. One most prove that these forms were filled out at a public place and that these forms were actually torn up. In Mr. Russell's case he cannot recall the name of supervisor in Las Vegas that tore up these alleged forms.

None of these other instances on the site comes close to crimes.

Democratic vote fraud = dog... (Below threshold)

Democratic vote fraud = dog bites man (ho hum, so tell me something I don't already know)

Republican vote fraud = man bites dog

Rancid -- that's why Republ... (Below threshold)

Rancid -- that's why Republicans vote in the morning.






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