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Martha's Moxie

You gotta hand it to Martha Stewart, when life handed her a prison sentence. She turned it into a business opportunity...

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Imprisoned domestic diva Martha Stewart is considering doing a book on her experience in federal prison, according to a published report.

New York magazine reported on its Web site that lawyers working on behalf of Stewart have been quietly approaching book publishing executives about some sort of memoir. Stewart began serving a five-month term at the minimum security prison in Alderson, W. Va. on Oct. 8, although she continues to appeal her conviction on federal obstruction of justice charges.

The magazine said the book deal could be worth more than $5 million.

One million dollars a month to do a little time at Camp Cupcake? You know you'd take that gig...

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Hey, doesn't this run afoul... (Below threshold)

Hey, doesn't this run afoul of Son Of Sam laws, or is that only on the crimes themselves?

Ya think 'ol Martha will in... (Below threshold)
Harry in Atlanta:

Ya think 'ol Martha will include the lovemaking in the showers part.

Screw Martha Stewart.... (Below threshold)

Screw Martha Stewart.

- When life hands you lemon... (Below threshold)

- When life hands you lemons, Literate them... Its probably to soon to tell but it appears so far that the tough lady inmates at Alderson are opting for 15 minutes of fame and the possible bottom line....

- If Stewart is able to defang the Tiger and turn it to yet another busines success, regardless of how you feel about her as a person you have to admire her abilities as a business woman....

- If she manages to turn a potentially devastating black mark on her reputation into yet another triumph of a lone, struggling, hard working intelligent woman against the might of the male dominated "system", even more than the benefits of a book, she could emerge from this stronger and more marketable than ever....

- Then again I like the way... (Below threshold)

- Then again I like the way Debra thinks... *chuckle*....

Well, when I was a little ... (Below threshold)

Well, when I was a little (who am I trying to kid? A lot) younger I'd have taken getting locked up for five months with a bunch of horny women. These days they'd just gang up an' beat me to death for being a big disappointment.

Son of Sam laws don't preve... (Below threshold)

Son of Sam laws don't prevent the perpetrator from writing anything. They just prevent them from profiting from their crimes. However, I believe that the laws require that they give all profits to the victims of the crimes they committed, or the victims families. I also think (but am not completely sure) that Son of Sam laws run afoul of the 1st Amendment.

Really, who is the victim here? Ha Ha Ha.

I also think that Son of Sa... (Below threshold)

I also think that Son of Sam laws deal only with murder/rape novels tracking the actual crimes.

Martha is like a crotchity ... (Below threshold)

Martha is like a crotchity old longhaired fat cat who will land on her feet no matter what. She will take this and turn it into cash just like everthing else she touches.
Funny how a person can alienate herself and get so filthy rich that she has no one to share the fortune with. Actually, more sad than funny.
I didn't need Martha to tell me how to decorate a table then and I don't need her now.
~sheesh~ the things some women will follow!

This seems appropriate now.... (Below threshold)

This seems appropriate now...


<a href="http://en.wikipedi... (Below threshold)

Son of Sam laws (wikipedia)

If she qualifies as a felon, should she profit? IMHO, no.

Free the Pennsylvania High School Commencement Streaker!

Stone crab claws ... $4 lower ... "Yum!"

Crime Pays.... (Below threshold)

Crime Pays.






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