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Bow Tie Boy Bitchslapped By Fake News Boy

Via Wonkette this exchange on CNN's Crossfire, where Jon Stewart smacks down one of the co-hosts - Tucker Carlson.

CARLSON: I do think you're more fun on your show. Just my opinion.
CARLSON: OK, up next, Jon Stewart goes one on one with his fans...
STEWART: You know what's interesting, though? You're as big a dick on your show as you are on any show.
CARLSON: Now, you're getting into it. I like that.
CARLSON: OK. We'll be right back.

You can view the both segments of the interview (13 minutes) in all its mind numbing dullness here, but you're better off just skiming through the transcript.


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Comments (17)

"mind numbing dullness" and... (Below threshold)

"mind numbing dullness" and "Jon Stewart" are one & the same. He has never uttered a funny line in his career. The success of his show continues to leave me slack-jawed.

"mind numbing dullness" ... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

"mind numbing dullness" and "Jon Stewart" are one & the same.

I concur.

Heh I thought that was hila... (Below threshold)

Heh I thought that was hilarious. For once someone confronts them about it. Jon Stewart had balls to go on their show and do stuff like that. Naturally, they were prepared to respond in kind, as evidenced by them putting up questions he asked Kerry. Unfortunately for them, he's right, and for them to try to compare his show's seriousness with theirs just reinforces how silly their charade is.

I read this and wrote about... (Below threshold)

I read this and wrote about it too yesterday. Its funny how different people react to things like this. Even people with the same basic political leanings.

I thought Stewart was obnoxious and "altered". Let it be said I hate his show and think he is probably the stupidest person on TV. He is not funny. He is about one rung above Bill Maher who is in fact channeling Satan. But that is another subject.

Anyway, I found myself wishing Carville had been there just to hear him say, "Oh Horsepucky" to Jon Stewart. "Grow up, Son. This game is for the Big Boys. Don't watch."

Tucker is a twit, no doubt. But Stewart is a moron.

TDS has definitely taken a ... (Below threshold)
Paul B.:

TDS has definitely taken a nose dive since it won an Emmy last year, there used to be some semblance of slaming both sides. I would say that Stewart and Co. now officially have it both ways. They take themselves seriously when it suits them (to bash Bush) then retreat into "oh we're just a comedy show, don't mind us" when they are soft on Kerry. I used to like Jon Stewart despite his obvious leanings, but now, as proven by his CNN appearance, he's just a self-important jerk.

It's a sad state of affairs... (Below threshold)

It's a sad state of affairs to lose your sense of humour for a political ideology!

Or maybe as conservatives you never had one to lose, Dennis Miller ?

Everyone on Crossfire sucks... (Below threshold)

Everyone on Crossfire sucks, but Stewart does too. This whole year he's been cheerleading for the Donks and spewing Kos conspiracy theories, and when called on it he claims they're "just a comedy show".

It was like a kid's party w... (Below threshold)

It was like a kid's party where the clown shows up drunk.

I hate Jon Stewart, I hate ... (Below threshold)

I hate Jon Stewart, I hate his show. I hate Crossfire but I like Tucker Carlson, who does do other things than that show and have to put up with the other idiots on that show. But it seemed to me based on this small description, Tucker got the better of Jon Stewart and Democratic Stewart was his normal, obnoxious self like the rest of them.


There was something so decr... (Below threshold)

There was something so decrepit about Jon Stewart using the word, "theatrical" to diss CROSSFIRE, it was enough to make a grown man (or, in my case, woman) cry, it was such an abuse.

And that bow tie thing...Stewart seemed likke he was high on speed, to put it mildly. Speed or Ecstasy, or perhaps Manic Depression in Manic Mode, but, whatever the cause, Stewart was beside himself, literally: a duplicitous twin of a man named Jon Stewart.

Such carnage. And Stewart did that all by himself: eaten alive, right there on live teevee.

I forgot to include the ver... (Below threshold)

I forgot to include the very worst part of what Stewart said: and that was, per Stewart, that CROSSFIRE "is harming the nation/country" (close enough a quote). He...actually...believes...that...he's...harmless...or even constructive, I guess, and that Tucker Carlson of all people is "harming the country."

And Begala is the Raja of the Fourth Century! With diamonds and rubies and pearls!

Stewart was sincerely mentally deranged in comments. I'm thinking that he has always been so, only yesterday we got to see the "real" person behind the writers, agents and all that planning. Right there: Stewart as paranoid, insulting, cheap Mr. Stupid.

Stewart unfortunately cross... (Below threshold)

Stewart unfortunately crossed the line into hypocrisy in that interview. He accused The Forehead and Co. of playing into politicians' agendas, but what the hell was Kerry doing on his show, anyway? Simple answer -- he was there to help manage his image. Stewart may have only been moonlighting as a whore in that instance, but the basic character of the act is the same, no?

And I agree with the numerous posters who suggest that the deployment of the "I'm just a comedian" cover is wearing thin. Ask to be taken seriously or don't, Mr. Stewart.

I saw a clip from the show ... (Below threshold)

I saw a clip from the show and I was surprised at Stewart's anger. I can only imagine what he would do on 'Hannity and Colmes'...probably explode.
Stewart is a comedy genius, despite his politcal leanings. but I give Carlson credit for a least firing back pretty good. He couldn't keep up with Stewart, but he held his own and didn't get angry when it would have been easy to do so. (not that I like Carlson, he's far too unmanly for me)
Here's my question....What does "sniff his throne" mean? Is that a common phrase that I have missed?

Hmm, other than hating Jon ... (Below threshold)

Hmm, other than hating Jon Stewart, how were the comment he were making really bad? A lot of the media are always busy to just repeat the talking points of both sides spin-machines. Hardly ever is there any investigative journalism. Even in that crossfire episode it was obvious:

CARLSON: Jon, you're bumming us out. Tell us, what do you think about the Bill O'Reilly vibrator story?

STEWART: I'm sorry. I don't.


STEWART: What do you think?

BEGALA: Let me change the subject.

STEWART: Where's your moral outrage on this?

CARLSON: I don't have any.

STEWART: I know.

The Pro-Wrestling comparison was really on point.

Well, I have to say that I ... (Below threshold)

Well, I have to say that I admire Jon Stwewart greatly for his bipartisan bashing over the past 5 years of his show. The Daily Show is most definetly an equal-opportunity basher and anyone who actually watched the show would realize that. As a conservative I can still find humor in how he pokes fun at our guy, just as a find humor in his Kerry bashing, which is pretty often.

Writing off Jon Stewart for his supposed political sway toward the left is not a reason to say his claim about the theatre that is crossfire and others has no grounds for complaint. These shows, liberal and conservative hosts alike, are little screens through which much of the partisan pandering is not at all filtered when it passe out of their mouths. We might as well be listening to Joe Lockhart or Karen hughes when they open their big fat mouths.

Don't hae Jon because he called them out on it and their only response was to say he wasn't being funny. Tucker is a dick, Begala is a wimp, Carville is a hick, and Novak should be dead by now.

You people are so @#$%ing s... (Below threshold)

You people are so @#$%ing stupid!I don't think you know how far your heads are up your asses.I love Jon Stewart!:P

i hate to say this but jon ... (Below threshold)
danny lucas:

i hate to say this but jon stewart is the most DUMMIST,UNFUNNY COMEDIAN IN HISTORY.the show that his in is an embarrassment to comedy
This is by far the WORST SHOW I'v EVER SEEN.
jon stewart is as funny as a cup holder........no
whait that an embarrassment to cup holders everywhere.Im a real big fan of comedy central and all but come on people.you put your dumbass
on are daliy news.






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