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"Is that a draft I feel?" "No, Senator Kerry's talking out his ass again."

"Well, that explains the stench..."

A little while ago I wrote this piece about the possibility of the draft being reinstated. I was castigated by some for not providing a direct quote from Kerry at the time, and (despite the backup from my colleague Paul and others) always felt a little wrong about that piece.

Yesterday, though, I was rescued from my embarassment by Senator Kerry himself. Speaking to the Des Moines Register, Kerry said "With George Bush, the plan for Iraq is more of the same and the great potential of a draft. Because if we go it alone, I don't know how you do it with the current overextension" of the military.

Now, I normally try to keep a level head when I'm writing here. Paul does an excellent job at the "angry man" postings, and I wouldn't want to step on his toes. But this time Kerry's gone too, too far.

First, I'll recap my earlier work and point out that it would take a huge effort by the administration to get the draft reinstated, requiring supermajorities of both houses of Congress. Then there would be a huge public backlash, followed by the utter dissolution of the party that led the reinstatement of the draft. The American people simply will not stand for it, and will make damned sure it doesn't last.

But now let's look at it even closer. Senator Kerry says that the Republicans are itching to bring back the draft, but he either forgot or failed to mention that there was a bill just reccently to bring back the draft. It was proposed by his Democratic colleagues in Congress -- exclusively Democrats. It languished in committee, like so many bad ideas do, until the Republicans finally got sick of the issue and brought it up for a vote.

And when given the chance to express their disapproval of a draft, how did Senators Kerry and Edwards vote? They didn't even bother to show up.

Finally, let's not forget which campaign actually brought up the idea of mandatory government service for young people. The Kerry campaign has since deleted this from their offical web site, but in cyberspace nothing ever truly goes away.

Recently I asked Kerry supporters to express exactly why they are behind their candidate. Does this change anything for you?



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Comments (34)

I think Bush campaign Iowa ... (Below threshold)

I think Bush campaign Iowa spokesman Dan Ronayne put it best: "Senator Kerry's comment is irresponsible, patent nonsense and the mother of all cheap political scare tactics. He knows better, and that statement is just another example of John Kerry's willingness to say absolutely anything he thinks will benefit his political fortunes, and as a result he is losing credibility with the American people."

There are nearly 1.5 millio... (Below threshold)

There are nearly 1.5 million soldiers in the active duty military, and nearly 1.9 million soldiers in the guard and reserve.

There are approximately 130,000 soldiers serving in Iraq at any given time. That is less than 4% of the total force.

John Kerry wants you to believe that by investing less than 4% of our forces in Iraq, Bush has overextended our troops and will force a resumption in the draft, he is a damn liar, and he knows he is a damn liar.

Yet Kerry and many other democrats spread their malicious lies in order to scare Americans into voting for them.

"Recently I asked Kerry sup... (Below threshold)

"Recently I asked Kerry supporters to express exactly why they are behind their candidate. Does this change anything for you?"


I am voting for Kerry because I think Bush is incompetent. I can enumerate reasons why, but don't have the energy now.

However, I would've voted for, say, Rudy Guilliani if Republicans did not renominate Bush.

Anyone opining and whining ... (Below threshold)

Anyone opining and whining about a Selective Service System measure had better been 18 years of age in 1973. If not, you're no better than Johnny Four Months ... No Hat, No Cattle!...

Put yer' dick in the dirt before ya' make noise!

Guilliani is going to win i... (Below threshold)

Guilliani is going to win in a landslide in 2008. I pity Hillary if volunteers to take the beating.

"always felt a little wrong... (Below threshold)

"always felt a little wrong about that piece."

Never feel wrong when you are castigated by jackasses.

The delusional liberal twits will say or do anything to gain power. Don't let the stupid bring you down.

I can enumerate reasons wh... (Below threshold)

I can enumerate reasons why, but don't have the energy now. As quoted by Oleg.

What we have here is verified case of ABB. And look! He's got that deer caught in the headlights look about him.
If you're going to make a statement that could possibly be buying you new rope, it's smarter to either qualify it or get ready to hang yourself.

Is this Kerry's "October su... (Below threshold)

Is this Kerry's "October surprise"? This campaign's drunken driving convinction? If so, it's been sprung a bit too early, imo.

On the other hand, if Kerry will say this, who knows what else he might say.

Once again, just as I've sa... (Below threshold)

Once again, just as I've saved a draft of a thread to publish later, due to me having to literally run out-the-door at this very moment, Wizbang! gets the story out there before I get the chance (but, on the plus side, there's always room for more stories).

The one glaring point about Kerry's ongoing statements about this issue (the draft and "Bush" in some combination), is this stream of revealing creepy PLANS by Kerry and Democrats:

"With George Bush, the plan for Iraq is more of the same and the great potential of a draft. Because if we go it alone, I don't know how you do it with the current overextension" of the military, Kerry said. "

READ THAT QUOTE VERY CAREFULLY, and most especially, I URGE DEMO VOTERS TO DO SO, because, what Kerry IS SAYING IS THAT **HE** does not know how to "do" a war WITHOUT REINSTATING THE DRAFT.

Kerry is revealing the Democrat Senate/House's hand here: THEY SAY that, without saying this clearly (no surprise there), that, if Bush is reelected, THAT THE DEMOCRATS WILL REINSTATE THE DRAFT because, as Kerry himself reveals there, HE can't think of any other way to manage a military OTHER THAN REINSTATING THE DRAFT.

Which also reveals what the Demos in the Congress have in mind for a Congress under a second Bush term: to reinstate the draft.

READ THAT CAREFULLY: Kerry and his fellows intend to reinstate the draft (or try to) IF Bush is reelected because as Kerry says, HE can't perceive of any other means by which to "do" a war if Bush wins reelection.

This is both fear politics by Kerry at it's very worst: "reelect Bush and we Democrats will reinstate the draft."

You can easily figure out Kerry's double speak if you focus on what he says and does not say, and how...just pay close attentioin to Kerry is a manipulative "closer" as per his own prideful boasts: he uses the language of "if you don't buy my car, your old car will explode and you'll be homeless, ugly and poor."

So, gee, gotta buy HIS car. Or else. Kerry is using a gun here, and the gun is a con game of misguiding by manipulating people's fears...

Kerry talks about adding tw... (Below threshold)

Kerry talks about adding two divisions.

If Kerry is elected, military retention may drop dramatically, given the number of soldiers who hold him in utter contempt.

Do the math - Kerry is the one who would need a draft - Americans won't happily serve under a commander in chief like him.

- Aside from all the things... (Below threshold)

- Aside from all the things there are to detest about Kerry the one thing I like about Him is he doesn't "wear" well as time goes by and the veneer peels away from all his masks and self-invented background and real beliefs...

- Other than stumping in the swing states, and Bush bashing through the liberal press, the Democraps are out of options for the remaining 15 days of this campaign. Things like the Cheny controversy and the upcoming Sinclair expose' will be harder for Him to white wash...

- All of the liberals "no holds barred" attacks have only gotten him barely tied with Bish in the current WPO polls and he still trails by a huge margin on the Iraqi war, trust, and leadership, by far the most important issues with the electorate as a whole...

- Overall I like Bush's chances more than ever....

Jay, you are right - - Kerr... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Jay, you are right - - Kerry definitely went to far on this occassion. It is a politcally stupid maneuver. Without ever personally accusing Bush of wanting to reinstate the draft, he had a winning issue. Like Bush and the SwiftBoat Vets. Without Bush ever saying anything bad about Kerry's service, he had a winning issue.

Does anybody think Bush is going to come out and bash Kerry's military service in the next two weeks? Of course not, because he is a better campaigner.

That being said, I still think Kerry will make a better President.

And Paul, I don't see how taking Jay to task for accusing Kerry of something he hadn't done is being a jackass. I can see how the post I wrote was inconsiderate and uncessary, but I don't think it speaks to me being a bad person. I thought your maturity level was higher than that of name calling.

Bush should make an oval of... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Bush should make an oval office address saying that as long as he is president there will be no draft.

It's that important.

At the very least the RNC should make a 30 second add with Kerry promising to add 40k to troop strength and warning about a Bush draft and then Bush calmly and with a smile looking into the camera and stating plainly there will be no draft on his watch.

Liberals will always vote f... (Below threshold)

Liberals will always vote for someone like Kerry no matter how sleazy his/her campaign is run. They can identify with men like Kerry: he's a liar, he's a coward (YES, I said it! a coward and I don't give a shit about his 4 months in Nam filming his biography while real men died), he's a traitor, he will do or say anything to gain power, he's a hypocrite, etc., etc. etc. He's everything that's contained in the Liberal psyche. John F. Kerry is the consummate Liberal icon. Is he the anti-Christ? No. But he is the anti-Reagan.

I backed you up before and ... (Below threshold)

I backed you up before and I'll back you up again, Jay....... during the first debate just as rumors were being spread by the democrats about a draft, I even said he spoke of a draft without saying the word - when he mentioned the 4 special units (not 2) and other things which I said outloud "watch out, he's talking about a draft and people are not going to realize it." then when it was Bush's turn to speak, He said "the military will always be all-voluntary" or something to that effect and I remember saying to myself, "Good for you, put him in his place!" downplaying there ever being a draft, thereby showing anyone who was watching that Bush has no plans whatsoever of introducing a draft but Kerry does indeed have plans to do just that - what's the matter with everyone? You can't read between the lines??? It was so OBVIOUS!!!! And he still hasn't shut his stupid mouth.

Wake up, People! except to those who have already woken up - and if you have reasons why you are voting for Kerry, Jay has a challenge for you already in a previous post - he asked for the reasons why.


"Guilliani is going to win ... (Below threshold)

"Guilliani is going to win in a landslide in 2008. I pity Hillary if volunteers to take the beating."

Guilliani is much to moderate to secure the nomination from today's Republican party. McCain would be a better wet dream, no?

Also, I'd imagine that Hillary will choose not to throw her hat in against the incumbant Kerry.

Has anyone ever seen Starsh... (Below threshold)

Has anyone ever seen Starship Troopers? Why has no one drawn the parallel to Joining for citizenship to Kerry's statements? If you need a refresher, in the movie (as bad as it may have been) high schoolers were encouraged strongly to enlist if they wanted to become citizens and gain rights that the normal people don't have. Would Kerry's plan not be the first step to such a thing in the future? The main question that I have about the political choices we have today - over 6 billion people in America today, and these two are the best we could come up with? - someone else said it first, I just don't know who.

Very insightful comments! ... (Below threshold)

Very insightful comments! I agree that Kerry and the DNC are threatening to reinstate the draft if Bush is re-elected. That is why Rangel sponsored the bill. He even voted against it himself but at least they could claim that there was one before congress even as we speak. Evidence of a draft being imminent if Bush reelected and as fake as those forged memos.

Hillary also is always talking about how we need to reinstate the draft. This is only to under-cut Bush and spread fear and loathing among those of draft age and their parents, etc.

But also the post concerning the lack of support in the military for Kerry is important. Just today I heard a Kerry spokesperson saying that this is what Kerry is hearing from the military and their families, that Bush has over-extended, etc. Considering how over three to one in the military support Bush, I rather doubt Kerry is hearing this from many of them or much of anything else.

Some will not reenlist and will refuse to do so to serve under a Commander in Chief who has done what Kerry has in the past, basically treason and betrayal of our troops while they were under fire and held POW. For this reason alone, a draft would be far more necessary under Kerry than under Bush.

We should immediately pull our troops out of Europe and use those for any shortages. Bush said flatly now that there will be no draft and yet Kerry carries on with his wild accusations. Rumsfeld has stated, much too bluntly in fact, that he much prefers volunteers as do we all. We must simply increase the pay or benfits if there is a shortfall and not resort to a draft.

Barring an all out WW, it is not even necessary and just another cheap trick by Kerry and crew who will literally say anything to regain power.

The main question that I ha... (Below threshold)

The main question that I have about the political choices we have today - over 6 billion people in America today, and these two are the best we could come up with? - someone else said it first, I just don't know who... quote

Paul's article, backing Jay, (I think)I said that, too - my housemate said that and I repeated what was said - Is this the best that they could come up with? (article already in archive) I believe it was Paul and talking about the "face" we are showing the world as being "presidential and democratic." If it was Jay's article, I apologize but I do remember saying exactly that, John.

- 6 Billion ... good gawd a... (Below threshold)

- 6 Billion ... good gawd angel.... I'm moving to Tiki Tiki...China has close to 1 billion, if not now very soon...Best guess for population of America is between 260 and 310 million....Hard to say exactly because of all the undocumented immigration and the fact that the census is so politicized and inaccurate....

Oleg: You said "I am vo... (Below threshold)

Oleg: You said "I am voting for Kerry because I think Bush is incompetent. I can enumerate reasons why, but don't have the energy now. "

You Kerry supporters make me laugh. Not only did you fail to respond to the question with facts (because you have none), you implied being too tired to answer; but the question you say you were too tired to answer was NOT why you support Kerry, but why you don't like Bush.

And why is that?

No Kerry supporter can articulate why they support Kerry- The only thing they can do is say that they don't like Bush. Summation: There is no reason to like Kerry- except for hating Bush.

Ah, democracy; where people can excercise their right to be stupid in public. Too bad you opened your mouth and removed all doubt, Oleg.

The new polls are depressin... (Below threshold)
Nick Cave:

The new polls are depressing me.

Sooner or later Bush has to take a clear lead. Are we running out of time? I want us to leave no doubt in anyone's mind in Nov.

Kerry is to America as cancer is to the body

As a military member I can ... (Below threshold)
Brother B:

As a military member I can honestly say that there's nothing more repugnant to me than the thought of serving under John Kerry. Today's volunteer force willingly commit themselves to risk their lives in furtherance of the policies of a president they respect and even love. George Bush is such a president.

Kerry will only earn contempt and his feckless nature will ensure that his policies are viewed with suspicion and resentment, even if the fact is that the military will obey them. But he will never have their respect, and that does indeed affect the success of military campaigns.

Clinton never had our respect. However, Clinton was simply a frivolity. Silly word perhaps, but Clinton took little seriously and presided over the great head in the sand period following the cold war. We were misused and mismanaged, but we were not placed in a situation demanding the willingness of countless thousands of young men and even women to pledge their lives in the service of a cause as great as the war we are now in.

John Kerry will neither command or earn the respect and loyalty that George Bush instinctively generates. Kerry's self-promotion addiction ensures that he will never be capable of offering the sincere and profound respect that is the foundation for the faith that we place in George Bush. I am merely a Master Sergeant in the Air Force, and even I have broken the code on how you get people to work their hearts out for you; you respect and appreciate them and fight for them. Kerry will never be able to overcome this fatal flaw.

I predict, and pray that my prediction is never tested, that a Kerry presidency will result in serious retention and recruitment problems. As a retirement eligible "lifer," who served under Reagan, I believe that many in my situation would leave to avoid serving under Kerry. I can't see how I could do otherwise.

That said, I commend those whose insight has illuminated Kerry's likely motives in these statements, to include the greater likelihood of a draft under his own administration.

Something to consider is why Kerry would wish to have a draft if he were actually the president. Considering the fact that his narrow and perverted worldview is mostly informed by Vietnam, and his own misinterpretation of it, he can reliably expect that a military comprised of draftees can reliably be expected to be far more resistant to foreign enterprises, and therefore more supportive of his pacifistic views. He doesn't want to engage the world, so he creates a military that doesn't want to either? It's possible.

The last thing I'll say is that, as most know, the liberals see the military as a social program. Our lives are regimented to a degree that though foreign to libs, appeals to them in the sense that we are the ones regimented, and they are very interested in doing the regimenting.

Consider the aspects of the liberal agenda that they could foist on us if we were draftees. Being draftees, we'd prefer to be engaged in frivolous 9/10 pursuits, meals-on-tracks perhaps. The one that concerns me most in the social engineering arena is homosexuality. That's possibly one of the biggest irritants of the military to liberals. We consider it to be incompatible with military service. The arguments for this are several, valid, and largely obvious. When we sign up, we understand this, as we understand that many aspects of our earlier liberties will be curtailed or restrained. No problem, we are comfortable with these, understand them, and would not join or stay if we found them unbearable. If, however, our ranks are flooded with draftees, theoretically from a cross-section of society, well then you are "forcing morality" on persons that are not prepared to voluntarily give up certain freedoms, including those whose favorite freedom involves the name we can't get to shut up.

Suddenly, we would have a huge "civil rights" crisis and our regimenters turned social engineers will go promptly to work to correct it.

A draft is like John Kerry himself: the military's worst nightmare.

Off-topic (welllll...), ... (Below threshold)

Off-topic (welllll...), hope Wizbang! does not mind.

Everyone is invited to participate in the:

"Name Kerry's Pumpkin" Contest.

Jim: since you posed the i... (Below threshold)

Jim: since you posed the issue....Kerry as the Anti-Christ, well, the official pronouncement about the last appearance of the Anti-Christ is that he'd rise to power (right about now) as "a man of peace," and that he'd "unite nations in peace" and lead many astray as a bogus representative as a man of faith.

Oh, and that he's someone with a noticably great education, and of great wealth.

So, if there's a man around today who does easily meet those qualifications, I'd say that Kerry's stepping through the Looking Glass in that regard.

The Left tries to decry Bush along these lines, but, actually, Kerry appears far more parallel to what is in Scripture as being the last manifestation on Earth of the Anti-Christ, the guy who'll lead people to their doom based upon his false promises, but they'll all be glazed over with the false idea of "peace." Sounds creepily similar to Kerry.

- Nick - Heres a few things... (Below threshold)

- Nick - Heres a few things that might help you tone down the concern...

- The fact that Kerry has barely been able to manage a tie with Bush after all of the best shots have been taken is the real worry for Mr. FlipFlop...

- The Democraps keep floating the false idea that they are not worried about the "undecided's". That they do this is not supprising. But its wishful thinking.

- The Libs are really worried about that block and thats why Kerry is out hamering away as hard as he can to try to tip a swing state or two his way... To offset what he knows is coming. Undecideds are for the most part, independents, whom even if they declare a party affiliation, tend to vote for very pragmatic reasons, and will cross party lines if they think its in their best interests.

If you were an independent, many of whom are on the upside of middle class and use few if any of the "social" givaway programs that the liberals tend to run on, who would you vote for. There's also the matter of the "moderate" Democrats who normally welcome the support of the great unwashed tin-foil hats. There is considerable evidence of resentment this time around because the left wingnuts have a choke hold on the party. The moderates have been almost "too" silent during this whole circus. Maybe they've just decided to excorcise their anger in the voting booth.

This is where the Dem's "divide and conquer" approach may burn them. when they talk about "two america's" (Edwards) and "Those rich people versus us" (Kerry) they may pander to the left, but they unavoidably allienate many of the middle class at the same time.

- An interesting sub-poll to look at is the WPO asking if "you will tend to be open to changing your mind". The bush percentage is 3%, The Kerry voters say 5%. Add that 2% difference to the 1 or 2% that Nader will grab and it gets a little more obvious why the libs would be worried.

- Add to that the fact that by far the number one issues worrying the electorate, the Iraqi war, and the fact that in the three area's of strength, believability, and leadership Bush has a sizable margin and you can see where you end up with all this.

- Lastly, one of the nice things about opportunists like Kerry is they don't tend to "wear well" when they have to maintain over a long period of time. You already have seen what the swifties were able to accomplish even with little or no positive or honest reporting by the liberal press. As we go through the last 15 days look for more and more of the Kerry veneer to peel back exposing his true far left anti-everything American nature.

- From the begginning the Dem's have tried frantically to shift the issues over to the domestic side of things and away from the war. But all the tap dancing and nuanced rhetoric in the world won't change the fact that having a job doesn't mean much if you have to dodge roadside bombs going to and from work....

- Kerry's "isolationist" approach to a "seige" mentality and pullback from preemptive strikes is a losing idea, which many people have proven to themselves all down through history, much to their own chagrin....

- No, I'll be content with a tie in the polls going into the day of elections....

Desperation is the word I w... (Below threshold)

Desperation is the word I was looking for to describe Kerry's remarks. First he works the conservatives by continually throwing out the Cheney family matter. Then he brings in the DRAFT rhetoric. What will he NOT do to try to win the election. Speaks volumes of his integrity.

Guys, Kerry's panicking. Th... (Below threshold)

Guys, Kerry's panicking. That's all you need to know.

This might help understand why.

Nick, the new polls aren't ... (Below threshold)

Nick, the new polls aren't that depressing. Here are the latest numbers as of 10/15:

Newsweek: Bush 50% Kerry 44%
ABC/WP: Bush 50% Kerry 47%
Zogby: Bush 48% Kerry 44%
CBS: Bush 48% Kerry 45%
Time: Bush 48% Kerry 47%

Not great numbers, but these are the numbers after the Kerry people threw everything at Bush including the kitchen sink -- with, of course, the aid of the MSM, the entertainment industry, academia,
the majority of the so-called 527s, the publishing industry, the labor unions (except most police organizations), etc. It will be very interesting to see what the sleazy DNC and Clintonistas behind Kerry try to do to help their lame candidate.

BTW, as far as the draft, i... (Below threshold)

BTW, as far as the draft, it's the Dems who want a draft not the GOP. A draft would bring about the same problems we experienced in Vietnam. The Dems hate a professional military, especially special ops. These are the real elites and the Dems despise them for their courage, their skills, their patriotism, etc. What's the best way to destroy the greatest fighting force in the history of the world? Introduce conscripted men into its ranks who may be drug addicts, idiots, cowards or other undesirables. Time Magazine recently had an interesting story about the Warrior Class.

If Bush thinks we dont need... (Below threshold)

If Bush thinks we dont need a draft, why not dissolve selective service system ?

Besides, over the weekend Bush said "After standing on the stage, after the debates, I made it very plain: We will not have an all-volunteer army".

I think it is very clear what he meant.

Today on Fox News, a repres... (Below threshold)

Today on Fox News, a representative with the Kerry campaign said that because of the way George Bush has handled Iraq, John Kerry did not see how we can reinforce the troops without re-instating the draft. Does this mean that John Kerry is the one who sees the draft as a part of his war plan?

Oleg, selective hearing can... (Below threshold)

Oleg, selective hearing can make such statement less clear :)

<a href="http://www.tryonth... (Below threshold)






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