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All Apologies


Not exactly from the For Iraq photo project, but probably closer to the truth...

Sean Gleeson has a whole collection called, "Apologizing to Saddam is groovy." He's also taking submissions at his Page of Atonment.


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Comments (11)

I thank you for the link, K... (Below threshold)

I thank you for the link, Kevin, on behalf of a grateful nation.

I apologize to all thinking... (Below threshold)

I apologize to all thinking people everywhere that so many of my fellow citizens can be so utterly and completely stupid.

There, I've said it!

Thanks for making me smile!... (Below threshold)

Thanks for making me smile!!

I believe there's a young c... (Below threshold)

I believe there's a young conservative movement occurring on college campuses. This morning's Newsweek poll shows that 50% of young people are for Kerry while 47% are for Bush. The only difference is that lefties are loud and raunchy and conservative kids are busy learning so they can graduate and make the big bucks.

Personally, I've worked at a university as a campus police chief and I've known many in academia. They -- as a group -- are the biggest bunch of wackos in the country, rivaled only about the Hollywood crowd.

Sad that so many are blind ... (Below threshold)

Sad that so many are blind to the truth. What Peace has not come from war? War for freSad that so many are blind to the truth. What Peace has not come from war? War for freedom is throughout the history of the world. It is only when people have it too easy that they begin to think freedom and peace is easily obtained. Just like anything worth having, freedom and peace are worth fighting for. And what on Earth last without constant labor? These people who bare these signs have their rights from the blood of those before them who knew the sacrifice to be real yet many died for those yet born so that by some grace of God all shall be free. Peace seems to be only a time between campaigns and such peace is only known on the other side of war.

I very much wished more people had it much harder in this country as they may understand what it takes to truly live in freedom and peace. However, they remain behind the shield of our military shouting their freedom of speech against the freedom of others as if our forefathers simply asked for our freedom and was not aided from souls outside our own country as we now fight for Iraq.

Why is it only America that is aloud such rights? How come we have history because we went to war, yet that same action is not just today for the freedom of others?

Yet I also apologize to the Iraqi people, but not for entering their country, but rather entering their country too late to save more lives.



Been there. <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

Been there. Done that

What Jim wrote (^^).<... (Below threshold)

What Jim wrote (^^).


ARgh...my imagination has j... (Below threshold)

ARgh...my imagination has just run away with me here...someone write a program fast that will accommodate "end user" edits. Kevin?

Just look at what's taking ... (Below threshold)

Just look at what's taking place in St. Petersburg, FL!!!


and, HERE.


My oldest (24) had me in a ... (Below threshold)

My oldest (24) had me in a a tiz a few years ago over a teacher who was instructing the class on Global Ehtics. According to her instructor, someone HAD to teach or children how to get along with the rest of the world. Didn't take long for me, a pint sized little whirlwind of a conservative, to convince her that if she didn't stop immediately there would be hell to pay. How dare they assume tha they know what is in my child's best interests as a young adult. Doing their level best to turn all young people to the left.
Then comes child number two (19) 5 years later.....She is was being told that a vote for Kerry was a vote for freedom and freedom should never be ignored.
This is where I became so angry that I used words that I haven't used in years.
Not going to go off on a tangent here. Suffice it to say that this was yet another moonbat that I left in the dust when it came to articulating positions.
BTW...who the F%$# do they think they are?? Nerve I tell ya....NERVE
the biggest satisfaction for me was when I said "have a nice day" while smiling as I walked away from saying my piece.

I sent a letter to wonderfu... (Below threshold)

I sent a letter to wonderful folks at FOR who are sponsoring the Iraqi Photo Project:

FOR Mission Statement:

It is a revolutionary vision of a beloved community where differences are respected, conflicts are addressed nonviolently, oppressive structures are dismantled, and where people live in harmony with the earth, nurtured by diverse spiritual traditions that foster compassion, solidarity, and reconciliation.

Dear FOR,

I would like to address, nonviolently, the conflicts I have with your stupid Iraqi Photo Project. I think it is extremely groovy that you want to send out feelings of love and empathy for the people of Iraq, I really do. It's incredibly groovy of you to do that. And you guys must all know of an alternative way to remove a murderous dictator, his two murderous and raping sons, and all the thugs and underlings from the dictator's regime without so much as breaking a fingernail, since you seem to most strenuously object to how our administration went about the removal of the Butcher of Bagdad. So what is it? How would you have accomplished what our coalition did, in a years time without breaking the aforementioned fingernail?

........Well? I'm really anxious to hear how you would have freed millions of Iraqis and removed the bad guys without the loss of a single human life. Okay, well, I'll let you get back to me on that.

Second of all, are you aware that the Coalition was able to actually accomplish what you only hope to aspire to, that being the dismantling of oppressive structures, for instance the regime of Saddam Hussein! But apparently you don't like the way they went about it. [pout] But here I am again, with that same question: How would you have accomplished the removal of murderous dictator, his two murderous and raping sons and all the thugs and underlings of the regime WITHOUT resorting to violence? Violence was that regime's stock and trade. How would you have done it? Challenged him to a duel of Tiddlywinks? I'm really curious now for you answer!

It's really cool that you're into diverse spiritual traditions because guess what? If we don't succeed in Iraq (and trust me, you're working for the OTHER side with this stupid Iraqi Photo Project) you ladies will be wearing burkas and you gents will be wearing long, long beards and praying 5 times a day on a mat facing Mecca. You're utterly self-deluded to think otherwise.

So in the grande tally sheet at the end of the Journey, I'm afraid you're going to find yourself in the bad guys column. Just wanted you to know.







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