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CNN/USA Today: Bush up by 8

Likely------- Bush 52 Kerry 44
Registered- Bush 49 Kerry 46


Update: That brings Real Clear Politics' average to Bush by 3.8 (up from 3.0)

Update 2: ABC/Washington Post has Bush +4 which bring the RCP average to 4.0

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Thats very good news, espec... (Below threshold)

Thats very good news, especially after this last round of debate.

Wow. If that's accurate it... (Below threshold)

Wow. If that's accurate it's great news for Bush. Wow, that must have been the most obvious statement of the day.

That's why you're only a so... (Below threshold)

That's why you're only a sortapundit. ;-)


Yeah, I'm hoping to get my ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I'm hoping to get my omnipundit badge soon. Maybe then the hits would start coming :)

sorry that domain name is t... (Below threshold)

sorry that domain name is taken. lol

Bugger. I'll have to stick ... (Below threshold)

Bugger. I'll have to stick to sub-standard reporting and blindly obvious observations then. Damn.

'Dunno if capitalism sharpe... (Below threshold)

'Dunno if capitalism sharpens the acuity, but this "poll" shows a marked difference between the candidates. The drop-down has by-state probability also.

How appropriate that this p... (Below threshold)

How appropriate that this poll was released on the same day the NY Times endorsed Kerry. Once again it seems the Times is on the wrong side of history.






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