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He Likes it! Hey, Mikey!

OK I'm dating myself by the subject, but I really like it.

The Club for Growth wants opinions on their new ad. Anytime you can be that negative and that funny at the same time, you must be doing something right.

(FWIW I think the second one is just horrible and the rest are good to maybe even very good.)

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ROTFLMAO! :-D... (Below threshold)


Eh, I think it's too over-t... (Below threshold)
Jeff B.:

Eh, I think it's too over-the-top. I also wonder if it the "bomb squad" bit was a smart idea, especially when, well...I can envision scenarios where that will soon become humorless. The last bit, at the end, where you can see the groom about to go after the priest, also seems like an invitation to Democratic charges of "gay-baiting." The one thing I DO like about the ad is the groom-at-the-altar motif (only when he goes after the priest does it cross the line): not only does it show up the indecisiveness in a funny way, but it also quite brilliantly takes a subliminal jab at Kerry's dumping of Julia Thorne for Teresa Heinz.

All in all, however, I don't like the ad. I find it far more jarringly inappropriate in tone than, say, the Kerry-windsurfing ad.

Understand, I'm no squeamish left-winger. But in a country that (thankfully) can get pretty outraged about Kerry dragging Mary Cheney into the campaign during a national debate, it's always a good idea to set aside our partisan selves and look at this through the ideas of "normal Midwesterners," i.e. swing voters. I think they'll find this too loopy.

Interesting... I sorta shar... (Below threshold)

Interesting... I sorta shared the concern over the bomb squad but it was so campy I thought it worked.

As far as the guy going after the Priest at the end, I missed that completely BUT even after I watched it twice I thought he was going back for the original woman.

Although I can see why you would say he was going after the priest.

To me the 'loopyness" of it was exactly why it worked... different strokes.

Truth is, for those who hav... (Below threshold)

Truth is, for those who have not yet decided (the only ones it seems there is a chance to move), the Swifties' ads would appear to have the most going for them: tone, authoritative voice, the attack on integrity, gravity.

If you're going to be donating, go SwiftVets.

What kobekko wrote (^^).</p... (Below threshold)

What kobekko wrote (^^).

I laughed aloud and still do at that latest from the Club for Growth (saw it a few days ago thanks to a reliable and resourceful visitor to my site who continues to provide great media links and early on), and think it works just greatly, but, the Swiftvets are doing the real work where it's most necessary, and their ads/videos have been done so well, all aspects.

The Kerry Chop-Chop is very entertaining and will probably make an impact on younger viewers, at least to just make a random guess. Or maybe the elderly, I don't know. But the point they are making about Kerry's lack of character is important and does get across.

The Priest thing at the end is questionable. But does make a point...I'd have changed that to the Groom or Best Man or Bride's Father or whatever, to avoid involving the Church, is what I mean, but the video is still very funny.






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