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If John Kerry really wants to apologize to Mary Cheney...

It appears that John Kerry is backing off his name-dropping of "Mary Cheney, Lesbian" (as he is trying to rename her). It seems that by singling her out while denouncing President Bush's stated policies towards gay marriage, he only intended to praise the Cheneys for their love and support of their daughter, and not try to drive a wedge between her and her parents (and, by extension, the Bush campaign and the religious right).

Others have doubted Kerry's sincerity, but I want to believe him. Such a move would be beneath contempt, and I'm not quite willing to believe that a sitting Senator and the presidential nominee of a major party would stoop so low. I'd like to give him a chance to heal the rift between the campaigns in a unique fashion.

I'd like to see Senator Kerry arrange a meeting between Mary Cheney and this young lady of his acquaintance (NFSW), and see what happens from there...


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Nasty -- if you mean what I... (Below threshold)

Nasty -- if you mean what I think you mean. It's sort of in keeping with the nastiness that emanates from the left.

I'm outraged at your outrag... (Below threshold)

I'm outraged at your outrage over John Kerry's comments about Mary Cheney.

Republican talking points..they're true because they're said alot. Yaaaaaaawn.

I'm not quite willing to be... (Below threshold)

I'm not quite willing to believe that you aren't quite willing to believe that the presidential nominee of a major party would stoop so low. The last few months have seen such antics from the democrats that this one is actually a step up for them.

I find it very heatwarming ... (Below threshold)

I find it very heatwarming the way Kerry and Teresa support his exhibitionist daughter, Alexandra. I'm sure we could ask her if she was born that way or if she chose to be a flasher. She might tell us she is just being who she is.

And so might Edward's obese wife. Was she born fat or did she chose to become so by overeating like some sort of greedy pig? Isn't it wonderful the way her family loves and supports her through her great obesity?

Kerry's first wife says she suffered from severe depression during their marriage. I wonder if she was born depressed or if she chose to be that way or if it came about from being married to a man so cruel he attacks children to get to their father?

I mean all of this in the most positive way as all are issues in this country now, obesity, mental health, etc. There are issues other than just gay marriage and these are important as well. And I am sure Kerry/Edwards would not mind their families being used as examples as they did with Mary Cheney, would they? That would be very phony of them to only want to use the child of their opponent in such a manner.

Maybe the GOP should start using relatives in the same way. Perhaps this is the only way for Kerry/Edwards to even understand what is wrong with what they have done.

Amelia, the GOP aren't allo... (Below threshold)

Amelia, the GOP aren't allowed to do the same things as the Democrats -- the MSM would be all over it.

I don't know, I think Jay's... (Below threshold)

I don't know, I think Jay's mind is back in the threesome mode!! Thank God!!

(perk) And now ~C is... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

And now ~C is HAPPY I'm in favor of threesomes? Last I heard, she was grossed out. Dang, this IS a good Sunday...


Jim, I am not sure I even w... (Below threshold)

Jim, I am not sure I even want the GOP to stoop to their level but I would like for some pundit to do a little article or two pointing out that the two Senators are not immume to such attacks themselves.

I feel so frustrated and annoyed~the GOP is acting like a Sunday School teacher in a pool hall while the DNC mugs their headquarters, perpetrates voter fraud, hires a thousand lawyers and on an on. Just once I would like to see them punch back or at least return fire.

I know, I know! MSM is the dissemination branch of the DNC these days and not only will not cover anything unfavorable to Kerry but will fabricate and forge on his behalf. It just gets so weary listening to it. Think I need a break from politics but it is like watching a train wreck in slow motion, if you look away, you may miss the big crash.

What Amelia wrote, Part One... (Below threshold)

What Amelia wrote, Part One (^^).

The RNC could start asking, in the NICEST possible way, about Kerry's set of new teeth, 'cause, you know, dental health is SO important, what with the health care crises in America. And PLASTIC SURGERY! Kerry's jaw and why he had it operated on would be an interesting lesson to get the issue moving forward. And, John Edwards SON. Who died. We should all discuss vehicle safety and the importance of parents closely supervising teenage drivers...umm, of course, Edwards lost his teenage son, who he LOVED, and we all know that, we all CARE, we should all bring this up because we love our own sons so much...and then, what about issues of mental health? Wasn't John Kerry stricken with certain impaired psychology earlier in life that may still be affecting him today, because, you know, we all CARE about John Kerry's mental health and the issue of mental health care is SO important to America today........

Kerry didn't fool anyone. People know bad taste when they hear and see it, regardless of trends and whatnot, Kerry's statement was one of those ugly things that tells you that the judge is really drunk underneath that robe, the sorta ugly thing a teacher is just never supposed to say to a student, the thing that makes you walk across the street the next time you see...JOHN KERRY walking down it...

Wait, wait, wait...<p... (Below threshold)

Wait, wait, wait...


Wow. Now, if only John Kerry served in Vietnam or if only Kerry had a bunch of unspecified plans for America... then my vote would be his for sure.






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