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The 10 Spot - Photo Link Edition

Ten pictures you might not have seen on the wondrous Internets...

  1. Vanessa Kerry has met the man of her dreams.

  2. Kerry: "Put it on the Heinz tab."

  3. Anchor: "Tonight seven men were arrested in a prostitution sting at a local park. We go now, live, to First Coast News reporter Darryl Tardy for an exclusive report."

  4. Kerry: "The next person that holds up a Bush/Cheney sign in the middle of my speech is going to meet the business end of 'ol Betsy!"

  5. Franconia: "I don't care if this IS baseball not football... I want a damn timeout!"

  6. ManTan Kerry: "He, he,.. does this color look familiar?"

  7. *** Picture deep-sixed by order of the Democratic National Committe ***

  8. Kerry: "Oh look, gin soaked raisins!."

  9. Pele he's not... Another Kerry soccer masterpiece...

  10. Survivor Vanuatu contestant Ami Cusack has the Playboy equation backward. You're supposed to do your photo shoot AFTER you're famous because of your stint on the reality TV series, (Extremely NSFW link upcoming) not years before...
Update: Picture links should all work now!!!


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Comments (3)

Either I don't get the joke... (Below threshold)

Either I don't get the jokes or Yahoo has a nasty way of changing the content of links.

Yahoo sucks sometimes... I... (Below threshold)

Yahoo sucks sometimes... I'll fix the Kerry links ASAP.

Regarding No. 9:<a... (Below threshold)






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