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The dangers of having too much in common

A little while ago I wrote about an ex-girlfriend of mine with whom I parted company after we discovered we had too much in common -- including an orientation towards women. We've remained friends, though (at varying distances), and "eX" (as she referred to herself here) reminded me of one of the more delightful aspects of our long, convoluted history together.

One of the things that brought us together (and helps sustain our friendship) is that we both have a decidedly odd sense of humor, and love obscure jokes that a vast majority of people simply will not "get." I hit her with this one, prompting pronounced groaning and a threat of physical violence. She later responded by e-mail, tossing 9 (that's right, NINE) alternate punchlines to my original joke.

Here's her answer, with my original punchline as #1.

Top Ten Answers to "Why did the chicken cross the Möbius

10. She had a one-track mind.
9. She'd wandered into a discarded Klein bottle while hunting for
worms and couldn't find her way out.
8. Variety is the spice of life.
7. After years of all these stupid chicken jokes, she'd gotten tired of being a one-dimensional character.
6. It was a lateral thinking exercise.
5. She'd spotted some yummy-looking bugs a few hundred feet away and, being well-versed in topology, figured she'd take the short-cut.
4. What else do you do if you're a chicken with a seriously warped sense of humor?
3. The disembodied voice of A. Square from Flatland told her to.
2. She was always trying to get ahead of herself.

And the number-one reason why the chicken crossed the Möbius strip:

1. To get to the other... uh, never mind.

(ducking for cover)


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Comments (7)

- First -- Bush is... (Below threshold)

- First -

- Bush is up in all the polls this morning...Nader seems to have gained a point too...

- Lets hope Kerry and Edwards say some more nice things about Marry Cheneys hobbies...

Jay,I'd always hea... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:


I'd always heard the answer as:
"To get to the same side."

What make's you think its that hard to come up with 9 more responses than you. ;)

That has to be one of the b... (Below threshold)

That has to be one of the best opening lines to a post I've seen in a long time!

- To prove blonde chickens ... (Below threshold)

- To prove blonde chickens have to ask directions ...even on a Mobius strip...

- Kerry walked left and came back to where he was right....that was before he walked right and came back to where he was left...

Unfortunately I have to sli... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Unfortunately I have to slightly rewrite the joke for this one.

Why did the Chicken flip to the other side of the Mobius strip?
Because it was stuck to John Kerry.

Ahem...> consideri... (Below threshold)


> considering
> posting your expanded version of the chicken joke. I think
> it'll go over well.
... would you mind if I quoted
> your answers to the joke? I'll attribute you as "eX," of
> course.

You know, Jay, people who ask questions like that generally tend to actually WAIT for the answer before doing the thing they asked if they could do... or else why bother to ask? I don't mind that you posted it, but I'd've asked you to change "one-dimensional" to "two-dimensional" in #7 as it makes more sense... dunno why I wrote it the other way, except that my mind must've been a bit scattered as I was writing topological chicken jokes (apparently a whole new field of humor) while I really should have been working on that research paper... or maybe I just pictured the poor chicken as not only a "flat" character, but flatter than flat... or maybe it was just to make a point (youch!)... er, 'nuff said.


"maybe it was just to make ... (Below threshold)

"maybe it was just to make a point" YES ! :->






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