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ABC NEWS: Republicans have better sex

Who am I to argue with ABC News?

"Primetime Live Poll: More Republicans Satisfied With Sex Lives Than Democrats

...The "Primetime Live" sex poll answers many provocative questions that we have all wondered about, but have never dared to ask, including: how many Americans describe themselves as sexually "traditional" or "adventurous"; how often are Americans having sex; what are the sex habits of cheaters; and who is cheating with their co-worker and who is cheating in the workplace.

The poll analysis includes a breakdown by many subgroups, including region, age and even political party affiliation, which is the topic of results released today:

Of those involved in a committed relationship, who is very satisfied with their relationship? Republicans 87 percent; Democrats 76 percent

Who is very satisfied with their sex life? Republicans 56 percent; Democrats 47 percent

The poll analysis also reveals who has worn something sexy to enhance their sex life: Republicans 72 percent; Democrats 62 percent

When asked whether they had ever faked an orgasm, more Democrats (33 percent) than Republicans (26 percent) said they had.

An alternative explanation is that Republicans tend to be happier people in general and it spills over into the bedroom. I mean, does a day spent in the heat carrying a sign comparing Bush to Hitler while chanting Marxist sayings get you in the mood?

Besides we know all the hot chicks are Republican.


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Comments (12)

I think it is because the D... (Below threshold)

I think it is because the Demwits are sexually repressed in the first place that makes them so mean spirited. I mean after all if we don't get any for a while we all get a little cranky! So, Dems, lighten up and have more sex, you'll soon swing over to the Republican side!

It's hard to relax and have... (Below threshold)

It's hard to relax and have fun with sex when you are so anal retentive. Relax the sphincter, Democrats!

Hmph. You aren't allowed t... (Below threshold)

Hmph. You aren't allowed to say that all the hot chicks are Republican without linking to me as well. I feel left out. :)

Regardless, I agree entirely with your theory. Leftists spend their entire day being pissy, dissatisfied, and whiny, and that vegan diet doesn't do much for the sex drive. Much better to be with someone who is satisfied with his life AND eats red meat once in a while...

Actually, I find this very ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I find this very hard to believe.
Practice makes perfect.
The way the Dems have been screwing with the election process for the last 9 months should indicate they are the better lovers.
Or perhaps it really means that we Repubs vastly prefer the real thing.
I guess this is right after all.

and don't forget <a href="h... (Below threshold)
That is because they know a... (Below threshold)

That is because they know after they outlaw abortion and birth control in the US they can fly to Europe to terminate the pregnacy

Dave (the other one)

That is because they know a... (Below threshold)

That is because they know after they outlaw abortion and birth control in the US they can fly to Europe to terminate the pregnacy

Dave (the other one)

And you missed the Bush lad... (Below threshold)
DAMN, I gotta change my reg... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

DAMN, I gotta change my registration from Democrat...


Dave (the other one) proves... (Below threshold)

Dave (the other one) proves our point -- he couldn't resist bringing up abortion. What a tight-ass! LOL

Seriously, I think Dems -- the Liberal-Left ones -- are too obsessed with sex to enjoy it. A paradox. They also enjoy talking about sex a lot -- look at John Kerry, he couldn't resist saying the word Lezbian on national TV during a debate. LOL.

Dems have always been men and women of talk. GOP men and women are people of action.

That's the problem -- as in... (Below threshold)

That's the problem -- as in everything else, liberals are talkers, and conservatives are doers.

Now now. If we had a hot b... (Below threshold)

Now now. If we had a hot blogger award, I think I should get the Pretty Hot Blogger... For a Democrat award. Throwback humor, Kevin. :)

Y'all did leave out that one important fact that skews the research, that women are more likely to identify themselves as Democrats, and women being more likely to fudge an orgasm, we liberals are overall reporting less satisfaction in sex.

How deeply did this survey look? Is there a more complete list of the findings? I missed the broadcast and am incredibly curious.






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