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Cecil Fielder Had It All

The major league slugger known from his days as a Detroit Tiger as "Big Daddy" retired a very rich man. Fred Girard in The Detroit News chronicles the unraveling of his life.

Detroit just loved Cecil Fielder, the burly Tigers slugger who ushered in the Decade of the Home Run in the early 1990s.

And Detroiters loved Fielder the family man, who doted on his son, Prince, and daughter, Ceclynn. They applauded when wife Stacey was named Mrs. Michigan, posing for pictures in her elegant Grosse Pointe Farms home.

Their storybook life seemed headed for the happiest of endings - Fielder was traded to the Yankees, eventually retired with career earnings of $47 million in salary alone, and moved his family to the largest, richest mansion in central Florida.

Now, it's all gone.

All the money, the mansion - even the loving family unit.

Fielder is in hiding, with process servers stalking him. He is not in contact with his family, and many attempts by The Detroit News to reach him failed.


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I won't spoil the hook, but suffice it to say that Donald Trump figures prominently...

Via: SportsBlog


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Comments (8)

Woah!My wife and I... (Below threshold)


My wife and I would feel like we had let each other down if we foolishly spent $500 without discussing it first!

Kinda puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Damn shame. Cecil was one o... (Below threshold)

Damn shame. Cecil was one of the nice guys in his playing days.

He was a super nice guy. W... (Below threshold)

He was a super nice guy. When he lived here in Texas, he would cruise around in his '57 Chevy convertable.

He would stop and talk to my son all the time.


I hate to hit a good man wh... (Below threshold)

I hate to hit a good man when he's down, but that news piece doesn't at all explain where Fielder's money went. It tells a partial story of those who say Fielder owes them something, but what's with all the loans, and where exactly are the assets? Plus, considering that the bankruptcy homestead exemption laws in Florida are exteremely generous, why hasn't he declared bankruptcy? The news story raises many more questions than answers, while apprently attempting to lay the cause of Fielder's woes at the feet of Gambling.

I don't think gambling was ... (Below threshold)

I don't think gambling was Cecil's main problem it was more like he was bad at it. That was his problem

To drop 27 large in a casio in under a half an hour he was chasing his losing bets. Probally playing blackjack, Cecil doesn't look like a bacaract type of player.

I can just picture him splitting the aces at 10k a pop when the dealer has a face card showing. or hitting on a soft 13 while the dealer is showing a deuce.

Or even worse playing roulette, a suckers game.

what a sad story. as a fan... (Below threshold)

what a sad story. as a fan of the Tigers and Sparky Anderson, i guess Cecil and Pete Rose both need to have a talk with coach.

You guys don't understand; ... (Below threshold)

You guys don't understand; this man is a compulsive gambler. It's the same disease as alcoholism or drug addiction - just a different "drug."

If he's still alive, he can get help for his illness - which is exactly what he has. And it's one hell of a horrible disease...... so I hope that he is able to get help before it kills him.

That is a sad story. I look... (Below threshold)

That is a sad story. I look forward to hearing about the story of Cecil Fielder's redemption.






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