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Colorado Acts To Prevent Vote Fraud

Colorado, like many other states, has a problem - the zeal to register new voters has been marred by significant numbers of fraudulent registrations. The Rocky Mountain News reports on the states efforts to clean up the mess:

State officials tried to reassure Colorado voters Sunday that the Nov. 2 election will be free and fair, despite allegations that hundreds of people have fraudulently tried to register.

"We want people to vote. We do not want people to be fearful they cannot vote," Adams County Clerk Carol Snyder told about 100 people packed into a hearing room at the state Capitol to get details on emergency voting regulations published Friday.

Secretary of State Donetta Davidson said the emergency rules were necessary after her office discovered 6,352 possible voter registration matches for felons. Under Colorado law, felons are allowed to vote only if they are no longer in prison and are not on parole.

County clerks also have discovered multiple registrations for dozens of people, and other cases where people signed up in voter registration drives and their records disappeared.

One woman has told a Denver television station she registered to vote 25 times and signed up several friends up to 40 times each to help her boyfriend, who was being paid by a community group to register new voters.

Denver's ABC 7 has a summary of the Emergency Voter Regulations, which given the many problems the state has identified seem pretty fair.

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Here's an idea: Let's pick ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Here's an idea: Let's pick one day to have an election and a deadline to be registered for that election. If you want to vote, vote. If you don't want to vote, don't vote. Let's not waste money by letting people vote weeks before an election (except reasonable absentee votes) or bribing people to vote.
If you are too goddam lazy, ignorant or stupid to register, then you shouldn't vote.
I personally don't want 'every' person to vote. I only want legal citizens who show a modicum of responsibility to vote. The others can take note and get their act together for the next election.

(I'm sure what I just said is 'voter intimidation' and 'racism' to the Lefties.)

Is it only me who sees a la... (Below threshold)

Is it only me who sees a large scale attack on the integrity of our electoral system? The Dems are show their true stripes -- their hatred of Bush is only part of it. Many of them -- the left-wing which owns the party now -- hate America. Once in a while it slips out in their rhetoric, such as when former Clinton secretary of state Albright told Europeans she was very concerned over America's enormous power. Hmmmm.

Les, amen to that!... (Below threshold)

Les, amen to that!

I believe the CO voter frau... (Below threshold)

I believe the CO voter fraud may now be in the thousands, not hundreds. And the CO governor is doing all he can to obstruct investigation and prosecution of same - wonder why? Why do the Dems support Motor-Voter (felons and illegals) and resist any attempt to have state and nation-wide registration rolls? How do these prevent or suppress the vote of legal citizens? I believe the Dems subversion of our democratic principles are clear to any objective person.

Um, isn't the governor of C... (Below threshold)

Um, isn't the governor of Colorado a Republican?

Let's destroy the ACLU. The... (Below threshold)

Let's destroy the ACLU. The ACLU protects the liberties of felons and criminals while ignoring the liberties and rights of the average American citizen.






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