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A Note About The Comment Section At Wizbang

One of my goals at Wizbang is to be open to readers and commenters of all political, religious, ethnic, etc. persuasions. The increase in readership has lead to an increase in participation, which overall is a good thing.

Consider the Wizbang comment community just like any other virtual group or forum. Those who have proven track records are afforded more latitude and leeway than newbies. In the year and a half since this site started there have been over 25,000 comments, and the number of people banned can be counted on one hand. The few that have been banned typically start off with heated personal attacks directed at me and then quickly devolve into other trollish behavior. When possible I try to warn them of their path toward the killfile, but some never get the message.

The reason I bring this up is that lately some new readers think that merely by showing up and commenting they deserve the full latitude afforded to those (regardless of their politics) with a history of comments at Wizbang. I'm sorry but it just doesn't work that way, not here, not anywhere. You earn your stripes in the comment section by establishing a reputation over time. You don't, as a complete stranger, barge in the door demanding things or flame-baiting.

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Not that I have anywhere ne... (Below threshold)

Not that I have anywhere near your readership, but I set some very basic rules of commenting -- be civil. If you can't have a reasoned debate without devolving into name-calling and cheap shots, the jig is up.

Something happens to some people when commenting -- common courtesy goes out the window.

This is normally when I dem... (Below threshold)

This is normally when I demand something outrageous, but I'm fairly content at the moment.

So, how about a Scotsman on a horse?

Who the hell do you think y... (Below threshold)

Who the hell do you think you are?!?! I have a first amendment right you know buddy.

I demand that you.. um... f... (Below threshold)

I demand that you.. um... fuck.. nevermind.

Who the hell do you thin... (Below threshold)

Who the hell do you think you are?!?! I have a first amendment right you know buddy.

Oh the lack of education these days. Your First Amendment right is that the government will not abridge your freedom of speech. Last I checked this blog was private property. Rules of conduct can be applied and you, me, or anyone Mr. Aylward wants to ban for life really don't have much recourse.

You see, when a private citizen restricts your free speech in a private forum set up by the aforementioned private citizen, it is not a violation of your First Amendment rights.

So there.

Sean, calm down. "Newbie'... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Sean, calm down. "Newbie's" comment was a joke

I think (hope) newbie was b... (Below threshold)

I think (hope) newbie was being sarcastic.

How many entries in the comments section are required in order to "earn stripes?" Not that I'm planning on abusing the comment section with anything worse than typo's.

- For anyone who missed out... (Below threshold)

- For anyone who missed out on the dustup Kevin is handing out free beer chits...

"newbie" looks suspiciously... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"newbie" looks suspiciously like Paul, but I could be mistaken.

oh crap..being a newbie (li... (Below threshold)

oh crap..being a newbie (literally 3 months old here) I'm all paranoid.
I enjoy this site and I sometimes interject....I hope to continue to add my 2 cents worth when I feel compelled to type if that's ok...
Maybe I should just be a "reader"???

And lets all join hands and... (Below threshold)

And lets all join hands and pat ourselves on the back and keep on telling each other positive stories that reinforce our beliefs.

That way we do not need to get uncomfortable with alternative opinions.

Raise your glasses together and say "cheers" as you drink the Kool Aid.

Dave (the other one)

Dave,I don't think... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:


I don't think a variance of opinions is the problem. Rather I think those whose sole response to opinions other than their own is to call others (expletive deleted) is the problem.

I agree with your policy, g... (Below threshold)

I agree with your policy, guys. Because freedom (to post) ain't free--it costs a buck-oh-five.

Au' Contrair, in providing ... (Below threshold)

Au' Contrair, in providing alternative (e.g. not conservative Republican) opinions I have been called names, told to shut up, told not to post here anymore and called a traitor.

I still believe in all of those hate-filled peoples 1st ammendment rights to their opinions and I wish them well.

Dave (the other one)

Theres been alot of this go... (Below threshold)

Theres been alot of this going on lately. I did the same recently and posted a note on my blog about this new phenomenon and the resultant new policy here:


We are guests here...house ... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

We are guests here...house rules apply; why would anyone question that?

Not on point, but where is Allahpundit? No posts on his site for more than a week. Did I miss something? Thanks.

Yes, Paul's trademark [email protected] (Below threshold)
Bill k:

Yes, Paul's trademark [email protected] is all over Newbie's sarcastic comment.

Uh, you're talking about al... (Below threshold)

Uh, you're talking about all those OTHER new posters, right?

'Cause I've been nothing but sweet and kind and totally brilliant.

Dave,Silence, trai... (Below threshold)


Silence, traitor!

I can't stop humming the th... (Below threshold)

I can't stop humming the theme song, "America, Fuck Yeah!"

Dave, you know you love it.... (Below threshold)

Dave, you know you love it.

Newby:There are al... (Below threshold)


There are always the "humor impaired" on every board. You might want to get a name or e-mail address that helps them figure it out.

It has worked for me in most cases.

I demand a $20 gift certifi... (Below threshold)

I demand a $20 gift certificate to Amazon for my token lefty status. Immediately. Perhaps Mac could use one as well.

In addition, I'd like a gigantic link to my blog right at the top of this page. And some ego-stroking.

I think that's enough.

Dave, my point was that var... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Dave, my point was that varied opinions don't necessarily get you locked out from posting, else by your own statement, you would probably be prohibited at this point.

Making ONLY insults and negative remarks without any substantive point, MAY get you locked out from commenting. Obviously the threshold of where and when that might occur is a point for concern to some.

I don't expect, (my expectations not necessarily Kevin's) that some name calling or rude comments won't occur during a heated discussion. The problem I see is when comments degrade to this level all the time.

Point Taken Rodney:<p... (Below threshold)

Point Taken Rodney:

For the record you are all patriotic Americans in my book (albiet a little confused on how to be patriotic).

I believe that most Americans are patriotic (Democrats & Republicans) we just have very different views on how to make our country great.

Dave (the other one)

I think I need a hug (sniff... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I think I need a hug (sniff)

I thought so Master, but I ... (Below threshold)

I thought so Master, but I thought at the time I would just pre-empt the real complaints about being able to post whatever you wanted on here because of some misconception over First Amendment rights. Kinda like Dave seems to have.

Being fairly new here myself, I'm unfamiliar with Paul's satiric "[email protected]" e-mail address.

oh beeyooteeful for spaciou... (Below threshold)

oh beeyooteeful for spacious skies la la la la la la!!
For purple mountains majesty LA LA LA LA LA LA
America...America God let me say my piece. And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

Not a problem Sean. Someti... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Not a problem Sean. Sometimes the batteries in my satire detector run a little low.

Now if we can just get these moonbats and other America Haters out of here, we can drink our Kool-Aid in peace.

DO: say things like "Based ... (Below threshold)

DO: say things like "Based on what I've read at [cite source] I believe that you're mistaken in your analysis of the situation."

DON'T: say things like "Only a retarded goat-felching monkey-humper like you could actually believe that crap you spew"

Well it could be worse - ch... (Below threshold)

Well it could be worse - check out the "policy" at "TalkLeft". Talk about a full time job :)


- Kerry is back at it with ... (Below threshold)

- Kerry is back at it with his "chicken in every pot" Hoover speech this morning...even mentioning the "depression president by name.....As usual his message is that Bush, like Hoover did everything bad for America...Even as he promises governmental give-aways in such Hoover like pronouncements...Does any of his "advisors" ever stop to consider the conflicts in his proposals....

- More dividing of America with the "Middle class versus the evil rich".... This from a guy who owns five mansions and 11 automobiles and with his wife makes 7+ million a year and pays a low rate of tax... Last night a leftie made the comment "that the trouble with conservatives is they never see the "ironies" in this election...

- If a candidate, who's income is in the upper 1% of the country, who continually attacks people for the "crime" of working hard and being successful, and tries to turn others against them for the sake of getting elected isn't an irony then I am missing something here.....

I'm with the Old Coot here ... (Below threshold)

I'm with the Old Coot here -- where's Allah? I know various people have been putting comments in various blogs where Allah has been known to be linked or comment himself...

Maybe it's just the playoffs (he is a fellow New Yorker). Hmmm. In any case, this is off-topic, but it would be nice to know he's still alive, if not blogging.

Kevin . . . or anyone kind ... (Below threshold)
Terry Moeller:

Kevin . . . or anyone kind enough to answer my question,

I am new to all this. Please tell me how to follow the ONeil
interview. Will it be posted in its entirety afterwards, or can it be viewed in progress? How does one communicate directly w/any webmaster? (Below : Permalink -Site News -Comments and Trackbacks don't get there). The reason I ask is that I have something to submit to blog sites, but do not know what the proper protocal is.

Thanks in advance,



I don't comment much and I ... (Below threshold)

I don't comment much and I trackback once in a while I hope i haven't made any demands of anyone.

Love the blog Take it easy!

I MIGHT BE mistaken, but, a... (Below threshold)

I MIGHT BE mistaken, but, as both comment upon and reaction to the following, I think that Dave (the other one) is baiting, as follows:

Au' Contrair, in providing alternative (e.g. not conservative Republican) opinions I have been called names, told to shut up, told not to post here anymore and called a traitor.

I still believe in all of those hate-filled peoples 1st ammendment rights to their opinions and I wish them well.

Dave (the other one)

Posted by: Dave at October 19, 2004 12:24 PM

AND, I THINK this is what Kevin/Wizbang are cautioning against...trying to be helpful here, creative and constructive (and that also includes you, Dave [the other one]), when you pronounce a denigrating reality to and about a site such as you have, you are inviting, directly or indirectly, a flame or "retaliation" in kind.

So, someone tries to write, "no, I've never called you any names or written that you were a traitor" and then you respond, "yeah, but, you are a ....." and then the discussion on whatever respective thread is lost due to mire down in impossible to establish personal pejoratives.

There's a skill to sharing a perspective of your own, when compared to denigrating the perspective of others instead. If you aren't a traitor, then write about what your patriotism is, things like that, or better yet, don't respond when someone calls YOU a traitor. But, probably, someone wrote their own opinion and may have used the word, as is suggested, "traitor" but not "called" anyone one particularly, and it's perceived otherwise.

My two cents. I love Wizbang and find it among the most newsie, informative and fair places on the internet for to discuss and learn about our political and social doings. I don't object to a correction by the site, and in my experience, so far, the site is immensely tolerant of a wide variety of perspectives.

So, just share what your perspectives are. Let others write theirs. Simple.

Meep & Old Coot:I ... (Below threshold)

Meep & Old Coot:

I had heard early on that Allah was in full Yankee mode. He also mentioned giving up blogging after the election. He certainly out did himself during the month of September. Maybe, he just needs a break before the final countdown. What ever the reason(s) I hope he is enjoying himself. And yes, if he was going to go down to the drugstore for a pack of cigarettes and never return, he could have left a note. :-)

Geeze, what do regular c... (Below threshold)

Geeze, what do regular commenters get here? Free candybars or something?

If so, I'll be here every day and I like snickers...;-)

I'd like a cookieI... (Below threshold)

I'd like a cookie

I'm sort of a regular now?






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