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Do You Have Questions For John O'Neill?

I've arranged to interview John O'Neill, the founder of Swift Boat Veterans For Truth this afternoon. If there's a question you want to ask him, leave it in the comment section. I'll try to ask a few of the suggested questions.

You can download the brand new epilogue to Unfit For Command here (right click "Save As").

Update: Thanks for the questions. The interview has started, so no more questions are necessary.

Update 2: The interview is done. You can read it here.


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Comments (30)

I would like to know if the... (Below threshold)

I would like to know if the Swift Boat Vets group intends to stay active if Kerry is elected President. Obviously, if Bush is re-elected, they will go away; however, I know particular anti-Kerry groups or movements will not go away if he becomes President. I was wondering if they've got any post-election plans.

Mr. O'Neill:Do you... (Below threshold)

Mr. O'Neill:

Do you believe that your efforts at illuminating John Kerry's past are bearing fruit?

If yes, what would lead you to that indication?

Do you regret the efforts you and the Swifties have made, would you do it again?

Do you think that you should have stepped up/been more vehement in your initial statements?

When the mainstream media has reflexively branded your efforts as marginal, unsubstantiated, or rebutted, have you attempted to correct the record, or are you content/intending to hoist the MSM on their petard?

Has your view of the MSM changed as a result of the Swift Vets actions, the MSM reactions, and how they have treated/viewed yourself personally, and your group?

Have you made any changes in your political viewpoint as a result of the Swift Vets campaign, it's effect, and the reactions it has engendered?

Question:Do you th... (Below threshold)
Michael Angier:


Do you think that John Kerry's activities in 1971 in Paris and before the Senate were sufficient "aid and comfort" to an enemy of the United States to make his holding office a violation of the 14th Amendment (Section 3)?

Michael Angier
Raleigh, NC

I write this as a supporter... (Below threshold)
Ron Weiner:

I write this as a supporter of John O'Neill, not a critic: Your detractors claim that you were "chosen" by the Nixon administration in 1971 to take on John Kerry. Can you explain how you came to debate him on the Dick Cavett show?

Mr. O'Neill,What p... (Below threshold)

Mr. O'Neill,

What possible reason could there be for Kerry's discharge to be dated 1978 when he should have completed his 6 year commitment in 1972 (well after he'd begun protesting the war)? Is there any evidence that Kerry's original discharge was other than honorable? Did he benefit from the Carter era amnesty for draft dodgers and other anti-war activists?

- If O'Neill is in contact ... (Below threshold)

- If O'Neill is in contact with the Sinclair producers I would hope that at least some portion of the broadcast would openly challenge Kerry to sign that form 180 to release those missing pages from his service record, as well as the Navy department official version of his form DD214 discharge papers including any attachments...Not a mention in passing but an "in your face" challenge...

- If Kerry gets away with avoiding that disclosure through the election it will be a total scam on the voting public....

Have you any more ads comin... (Below threshold)

Have you any more ads coming out? I was wondering if the Lipscomb observation regarding the questions surrounding Kerry's discharge will ever be explored more. I realize you are far more aware of any legal implications; however, if Kerry is ever going to sign Form 180 now is the time to pressure him to do so. I have been wondering if this issue might be easier to publicize. Another blogger who deeply respects you refers to some of the nuances of your effort as very well documented but almost to the level of MEGO..."my eyes glass over"...the discharge issue would involve fewer sources and Kerry certainly can't dispute the source--he posted it on his own website.

Is your wife responding pos... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Is your wife responding positively to the kidney you donated to her recently?

Is there a book or books you would recommend that give a fair and balanced examination of the Vietnam war as a whole?

Do you think Brinkley is acting as a Kerry surrogate when he threatened to smear Adm. Hoffman the other night?

Please ask Mr. OíNeill how ... (Below threshold)
Manny De Pau:

Please ask Mr. OíNeill how he is able to remain cool. I have watched him in several news programs where he is constantly attacked and ambushed during the interview. I have much admiration for his calmness and his ability to methodically rebut every attack

-- "Do you think Brinkley i... (Below threshold)

-- "Do you think Brinkley is acting as a Kerry surrogate when he threatened to smear Adm. Hoffman the other night?"

Brinkley has gone from historian to real-time advocate. He's forfeited any presumption of objectivity one might normally ascribe to an academic.

Then again, didn't Doris Kearns Goodwin pave the way on that?

First I would thank him for... (Below threshold)

First I would thank him for his service to our country during the Vietnam war and his continuing service in trying to prevent a disaster for us this election. The SwiftVets still serve their country while John Kerry serves only himself. I consider my donations to the SwiftVets the best investment I ever made.

There is a new commercial called "WHY", in which questions are asked of John Kerry by SwiftVets and POWs. Had the following question been considered for this ad:

Why do you refuse to sign DD - 180 authorizing release of ALL your military records? Your opponent signed it. Just what is in those records that you are trying to hide?

Perhaps some of the people who have been snookered by his claim, often repeated in the partisan media, that he has released all his records will wake up and realize he hasn't been truthful.


Kevin, prehaps you could as... (Below threshold)

Kevin, prehaps you could ask him about his feelings on the mainstream media's helping Kerry. For example, Ted Koppel sending a camera crew to Vietnam to interview former Viet Cong in order to prove Kerry is a hero.

Jim Kouri

Mr. Oneill-Of... (Below threshold)
Mike Lee:

Mr. Oneill
Of all the concerns that various people had about John Kerry's fitness to lead... I would like to hear you comments on something that no one has much discussed.

That is in several instances where it has been mentioned that John Kerry boat (under his command) supposely RAN away up or down river when encountering problems such as the mines, enemy fire etc.

How much of this is a concern? It seems strange, especially considering that in other reported cases he supposely went into harms way as in chasing down the vc teenager.

My concern is was it an operational tactic on his part.. or was he simply not a person that the other boat commanders could depend on when things got dicey in combat????
--- To me this question concerns the integrity of the man as a honorable commander.

Like John O'Neill, I am als... (Below threshold)
John Burkholder:

Like John O'Neill, I am also a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Class of 1973. I don't know what his class was, but it was probably around 1965. Regardless, those years were tough - for many reasons.

For John, I wonder whether those USNA years set the same indelible mark on his life thereafter as it did mine.

Ask him whether wearing that ring daily reminds him of the traditions, sacrifices, and honor of being an Academy graduate. Thank you.

Kevin: No questions, but if... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

Kevin: No questions, but if you don't thank him for his service to our country, both in Nam and especially now, I'll track you down and kick your ass.

Kevin: Please give John O'... (Below threshold)

Kevin: Please give John O'Neill the salute he so richly deserves, from all of us grateful Americans, for the service he has so generously donated to his country, and to its citizens.

1) I am confused by the iss... (Below threshold)
Brian Macker:

1) I am confused by the issue of the three bullet holes in Thurlow's boat during the bronze star incident. I have read that Thurlow's boat recieved these hole on a prior incident. I also read somewhere some boats were in for repair that day and Thurlow may not have been on his own boat. That is the boat with the three bullet holes may not have even been there. As you can see I am confused. I would like to know specifically which boats were at the bronze star incident with the fishing wier and the single mine. I want to know which boat Thurlow was on when it took the three bullet holes, and which boat he was on when the mine detonated. I would also like to know which boats were together at the three bullet holes incident and what damage they took. Also clarify any documentation that is available to back up your statements. I know this is a long set of questions so you provide it in whole to Mr. O'Niell so he can cover all my points but only ask the summary question "Where did the three bullet holes during the bronze star incident come from?".

I would also like to know h... (Below threshold)
Brian Macker:

I would also like to know how we know that the three bullet holes came from the prior day. What substantiating evidence is there.

How does it feel to be a pi... (Below threshold)

How does it feel to be a pimp for the Texas Oil mafia Mr. O'Neil? You and your swiftboat liars are fooling nobody. Shame on you.

Could you ask O'Neill to li... (Below threshold)
Brian Macker:

Could you ask O'Neill to list all the substantial issues that Kerr has had to backtrack on? Answer the same for the Swift Vets.

For instance has Thurlow backtracked on his claim on Matthews that he learned of the first purple heart incident from Steve Garder. As per this article: http://www.dailyhowler.com/dh082004.shtml

Clarification for my prior ... (Below threshold)
Brian Macker:

Clarification for my prior question: The implication in the article is that Steve Gardner was in a position to know about the first purple heart. Has he backed off on this?

There are claims that some ... (Below threshold)
Brian Macker:

There are claims that some of the Swift Vets were supporting Kerry in the past and have switched sides (with implications they are recieving money). Is it true that any of the members of the Swift Vets were supporters of Kerry? I know about two of them fending off a false charge that Kerry was a war criminal by shooting the VC with the RPG and do not consider that political support. Are there any others that have actively campaigned for Kerry to your knowledge?

Will the MSM ever grasp the... (Below threshold)

Will the MSM ever grasp the "facts" that you've presented? I suppose that at this point, it would be pretty embarrassing for them to suddenly see the light and give your charges fair billing. Probably not so embarrassing as the DNC having to admit that they picked such a loser though.

I wonder how many of the "Swifties" and/or Kerry's "Band of Brothers" spent the time that Kerry did photo/video documenting his antics in the "war"?

PLEASE ASK THIS QUESTION. I... (Below threshold)
Joe in Ohio:

PLEASE ASK THIS QUESTION. It has been killing me for months!

In his 1971 testimony before the Senate, discussing ways in which Congress could force the president to end the war, John Kerry stated "I am talking about a vote here in Congress to cut off the funds (for the Vietnam War)..."

In light of his vote against the $87 billion, in effect abandoning the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, why was more attention not paid to his advocation of cutting the funding for the troops still fighting in Vietnam as the betrayal that it was?

It definitely shows a pattern of betrayal and abandonment.

Question:Concerning ... (Below threshold)
Terry Moeller:

Concerning the Nixon tapes where you said that you were in Cambodia, then acknowledged that you were actually on the border. That is a major difference. Can you refer me to an article where this issue is addressed in detail? How do you address the allegation that you made essentially the same exaggaration that Kerry did?
You said that you spent 3 months on the Cambodian border.
Was this before or after you took over command of Kerry's

Question:Concerning ... (Below threshold)
Terry Moeller:

Concerning the Nixon tapes where you said that you were in Cambodia, then acknowledged that you were actually on the border. That is a major difference. Can you refer me to an article where this issue is addressed in detail? How do you address the allegation that you made essentially the same exaggaration that Kerry did?
You said that you spent 3 months on the Cambodian border.
Was this before or after you took over command of Kerry's

What will the Swift Boat Ve... (Below threshold)

What will the Swift Boat Veterans and POW's have to say about the millions of South Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians who died after the Communists took over those countries? About those who were displaced? You live in Houston, why are there nine pages of Ngyuen's in the telephone directory?

Would you like a rib eye or... (Below threshold)

Would you like a rib eye or a nice t-bone?
BarBQ, my house, November 3rd.
I cannot express my admiration and respect for all the Swifties in mere words. I figure meat and beer ought to do it.

What response or comments d... (Below threshold)

What response or comments does O'Neill have about Douglas Brinkley, Ph. D., who said on FOX's O'Reily show yesterday that one or a few of the Swiftvets are, for lack of a better paraphrasement here, nuts?

Brinkley devoted a great deal of effort to systematically dismissing the Swiftvets as "dishonest" and/or whose stories lack merit, claiming instead that John Kerry is supported "by all but one" of those he "served with."

Um...I don't believe Brinkley, I certainly don't believe Kerry, but I do believe O'Neill and the Swiftvets as per what I read and reread in their well done book.

So, anyway, as to Brinkley's statements yesterday on O'Reilly/FOX, what can O'Neill contribute to the discussion about Brinkley suggesting that the Swiftvets are not legitimate?

As many others have also wr... (Below threshold)

As many others have also written here -- I realize the Question time period has ended by this time -- but I just want to state my appreciation and gratitude for John O'Neill's and so many others' immense sacrifice and service on behalf of others. And, a special wonderful statement of gratitude for the Swiftvets, whose stories and book and videos have been heroic efforts to contribute information where otherwise we'd find John Kerry's deceit instead.

For the record here, I do not understand how John Kerry, given his history, was qualified to be a member of the U.S. Senate, and particularly, potentially viable as someone to accept the Presidential Oath of Office...I mean, I can't see how anyone could begin to believe he'd be reputable and qualified to do so (obviously, I haven't voted for John Kerry and never will).






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