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Every cloud has a silver lining

There used to be a nice little Italian family restaurant in Salem, NH called "F. G. Sarducci's." It was a decent place; I ate there a few times, and wanted to go back. They did unspeakably wonderful things with veal, and some nights they had a live piano player for entertainment. The staff was friendly, and the place was cozy and comfortable without being too dark, like some other places I've been.

Alas, they only lasted about a year. Restaurants, I've noticed, either last about a year or indefinitely.

But I couldn't get too broken up about it, when the Sarducci's sign came down...

And up went a "COMING SOON -- HOOTERS!" sign.

I think I'll manage to adjust...


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"F. G. Sarducci's"?<p... (Below threshold)

"F. G. Sarducci's"?

Father Guido Sarducci's?

You do know their motto, ri... (Below threshold)

You do know their motto, right? More than a mouthful...

I've gotta get my eyes fixe... (Below threshold)

I've gotta get my eyes fixed. I thought there was a line in there that said "the veal was cozy".

Although at Hooters, that might be a possibility...

Funny stuff...and I didn't ... (Below threshold)

Funny stuff...and I didn't catch the reference to Father Guido in the restaurant name. A Hooters in Salem, NH? Hell, they don't even have one in Boston that I know of.

Remember when getting a McD... (Below threshold)

Remember when getting a McDonald's put your "town on the map"?

Man...have times changed or what?

WHEN ARE THEY OPENING THOUG... (Below threshold)

WHEN ARE THEY OPENING THOUGH! My Mancheter Hooter Girls are leaving me for Salem, but I cant figure out when I can visit them.

As for Boston, Its a block from the Fleet Center

There IS a Hooters in Bosto... (Below threshold)

There IS a Hooters in Boston - it's near the Fleet Center/North End - The neighborhood was up in arms when it went in a couple of years ago - but really...who minds if there's a friendly neighborhood Hooters around the corner? I know I don't.






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