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Mary Poppins Registers To Vote

How did they break the crackman scandal?

DEFIANCE, Ohio - Elections officials knew something was wrong when they got voter registration cards for Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy, Michael Jordan and George Foreman.

They notified the Defiance County sheriff, who arrested Chad Staton on Monday on a felony charge of submitting phony voter registration forms. Investigators also were looking into allegations that he was paid with cocaine in exchange for his efforts.


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Comments (17)

Let's see:Sca... (Below threshold)

Let's see:
Scaring the hell out of the elderly in Florida...Pimping volunteers to cheat with cocaine as a reward....lying about his service record....flip flopping around like a fish out of water...paying less taxes than anyone...oh but hey...all the pretty medals!!!!!!
Yep..he's my President!!

How does it feel being a sh... (Below threshold)

How does it feel being a shill and a whore for the Texas oil crowd. Shame on you.

Shill??? Ok...I'll wear tha... (Below threshold)

Shill??? Ok...I'll wear that title. No problem here. I promote my party readily and without hanging my head is disgrace. I am a PROUD conservative.
As for being a whore for the Texas oil crowd...
Let's just say that if it keeps your candidate out of office then pimp away buddy...Pimp away.
(As long as you don't ask me to bend over)

oh..and GlennK....Bite my c... (Below threshold)

oh..and GlennK....Bite my conservative ass.
(sorry Kevin..)

How "on topic" that was. I... (Below threshold)

How "on topic" that was. I will follow suit.

Oil companies import and refine oil which allows people of all political persuasion to travel to and from work. They also enable commerce as most goods are transported using fuel (be it aircraft, truck or train). Most of the food we eat is in our refrigerator because of the efforts of oil companies. There are also thousands of employees and contractors and investors who make a living from the profits realized by oil companies. I, for one, appreciate their risk to fill a market need and thusly make a profit.

paying volunteers to regist... (Below threshold)

paying volunteers to register people to vote was a dangerous idea with failure written all over it.
(on topic fo sure)
What did we expect? That everyone would be honest and above reproach?

- Repost (since everyone th... (Below threshold)

- Repost (since everyone that was "there" is over "here" now)

- Kerry is back at it with his "chicken in every pot" Hoover speech this morning...even mentioning the "depression president by name.....As usual his message is that Bush, like Hoover did everything bad for America...Even as he promises governmental give-aways in such Hoover like pronouncements...Does any of his "advisors" ever stop to consider the conflicts in his proposals....

- More dividing of America with the "Middle class versus the evil rich".... This from a guy who owns five mansions and 11 automobiles and with his wife makes 7+ million a year and pays a low rate of tax... Last night a leftie made the comment "that the trouble with conservatives is they never see the "ironies" in this election...

- If a candidate, who's income is in the upper 1% of the country, who continually attacks people for the "crime" of working hard and being successful, and tries to turn others against them for the sake of getting elected isn't an irony then I am missing something here.....

- Note to Deb: I'm loving this election cycle...Liberals are deeply burried in angst since even if Kerry wins they end up with a candidate they hate....must be a bitch....let them suffer....

This is an excellent DNC id... (Below threshold)

This is an excellent DNC idea: The Cocaine-For-Votes Program. I think most Liberals are on coke or PCP or perhaps they're on some sort of hallucinogenic concoction. That's why many of them watch MSLSD Cable News Network.

Hunter...I couldn't agree m... (Below threshold)

Hunter...I couldn't agree more.
~off topic again...~
I attended (in protest with fellow repub's) the first JK/JE rally in Raleigh right after it was announced the JE was the running mate of choice. The entire four hours we were there not one JK/JE supporter could muster anything intellectual. They would walk by and yell obscenities and call me a war monger all afternoon long but as many times as I tried to speak intelligently about issues I was met with a "F%$& you" or a "Go screw yourself"
Most liberals I have had the misfortune to run across are an angry bunch that can't for the life of themselves figure out how to articulate WHY...
~off Topic~

I guess GlennK doesn't driv... (Below threshold)

I guess GlennK doesn't drive or heat his home.

The "Coke for Votes" strate... (Below threshold)

The "Coke for Votes" strategy has a long, noble history, though during the time of the British rotten borough system, it was generally alcohol used to buy off voters. More specifically, agents for those standing for parliament would round up a bunch of voters, lock em up in a tavern and get them stinking drunk, and then wheel them to the polling place (no secret ballots, then, either). You can read about this great, traditional system in Charles Dickens's =The Pickwick Papers=.

Sorry off subject,... (Below threshold)

Sorry off subject,

but anyone heard from allahpundit? Is he okay? He seems to have just disappeared...

just wondering

This sadly exemplifies the ... (Below threshold)

This sadly exemplifies the "pro drug" think by Liberals and especially by Kerry: "don't worry about the details, take this pill instead -- which we'll get someone else to pay for -- or maybe try these raisins -- which we'll get someone else to pay for -- and vote for me because we'll get someone else to pay for that, too."

It's the "take the pill and be just fine" hokey-dokey-cokey of the DNC! Oh, fair game, Cheney's daughter, oil shills! And Castro's a hero!

I guess Kerry's last ditch strategy here is to get people as drug induced or at least drug crazed as possible ("drugs! get your DNC druggsss!", per the West Palm Beach handout of drug snapons to the elderly, among whom were some very, very grabbing hands in the photo, sad), and hammer home how unhappy they are and how their unhappiness can just all go away if they vote for Kerry. It's the sales pitch of the Snake Oil Salesmen...um, the Raisin and Gin Salesmen/women.

About the voter irregularity, there are a number of stories in even the MSM about this sort of thing...one from Colorado was disturbing to my read...and they'er all by Democrats, voter registration fraud to 'benefit' Kerry. I guess this is more of his "I lied about the Police Assocition endorcement so I might as well lie about who votes for me and how they do that" strategy.

It will be interesting to deconstruct the ruse that is the DNC and John Kerry the man in the months ahead. I'm looking forward to reading all about his charade and seeing just what all that money has bought him. Oh, yeah, "the Swiftvets lied!" I think that's also one of those Liberal/DNC/Kerry screeds that they want everyone to believe, however hideously. Talk about the No-Shame Campaign, the Kerry/Edwards one is it.

Hunter: I was watching/lis... (Below threshold)

Hunter: I was watching/listening to that speech by Kerry, also and finally stopped writing down quotes moments before FOX thankfully cut away (poor people had to stay and listen to it, however, as audience).

Kerry gives away his entire person with this one line alone: "I just met with...workers downstage...these are folks -- YOUR neighbors...anybody ever done anything with the healthcare plans in two days?!?"

So, let's see: he meets with "workers" "DOWNstage" and they are, well, "folks" but they're THE NEIGHBORS OF THE AUDIENCE, NOT KERRY's (ha! can't resist his separation of income and social strata here)...then the launch into the healtcare plans and that "two days" dismissal, well, I'm one lone consumer right here and now who gets a lot done in "two days," with and without "healthcare plans."

In Kerry's lofty world, he's up there, everyone else is down there (but he'll "champion" you!) and he's going to be sitting in the White House, processing healthcare claims in less than two days for all of America, right after he provides healthcare coverage to everyone in the country on his first day in the Presidency...

*cough* *cought* *hack* *aaack*

I also noticed that Kerry just cannot bring himself to say "PRESIDENT George Bush," and continues to say "George Bush" instead.

So, my conclusion is that Kerry's appeal, such as it is, to those who find him believable, is that they consider themselves tiny, helpless, hapless individuals without abilities and that there's this thing that they're going to bring about instead from that position of lack o' power, and that is to instigate some KING OF AMERICA, someone who will just take it all away, dispense pills, remove costs for most things to what Kerry calls "the middle class" but it's a misnomer, and...

Then he says he's "clear" and "has been clear" and...if Kerry was or is "clear," then he'd be making clear cut sense to everyone, but, he makes little to no sense and what sense he makes is suspect or is proven to be inaccurate if not dishonest in content, so...I just hope all those old folks in FL can think this through better than it appears Kerry/Edwards assume that they cannot.

ABC/WP Poll: Bush 51% Kerry... (Below threshold)

ABC/WP Poll: Bush 51% Kerry 46%
Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll: Bush 49% Kerry 42%

The message must get out to Reagan Democrats, Moderates, and clear thinking Liberals like NYC's former mayor Ed Koch: In the middle of a war against an enemy that wants us dead, why in God's name would you elect a anti-war activist?

- S - after trying for more... (Below threshold)

- S - after trying for more than a year to find a way to play to both sides of his base and at the same time flimflam the undecided block as well as the "women" block, and the "black" block, and the "elderly" bock, and the young "darft-age" block, having failed that, defeatism, outright scare tatics, phoney non-issue media campaigns, trumped up voting irregularities, and attacks on Bush is all Kerry has left in his water pistol....

- Even as he does this the negative approach is falling short, most recent polling showing that Bush is slowly but steadily gaining in every one of those blocks. If anything the liberal MSM is being very kind to Kerry by understating Bush's upticks since the mind boggling gaffe on Mary Cheney....

- Worse everyday brings new issues to Kerry's camp, whether its one of his wifes mindless statements or one of his own, more revelations on the senators checked past, undesired endorsements by foreign extremist leaders, attacks on RNC headquarters, real voter fraud, on and on...

- It appears at this point that Bush has the helm and will be best served just letting the franetic DNC moves and mis-speaks all around burry Kerry deeper and deeper....

- All the pundits agree Kerry moved too soon on the high points of his Bush bashing, leaving the RNC plenty of time to reply and insuring they will be largly "non-issues" by election day. Really Kerry has no other choices left since he got a dissapointingly small bounce from the debates, which just underscores the difficulty of unseating a popular war time president....

- If the liberals think they can tie up the final election results with an army of lawyers they will find they are wrong. At some point after enough screwing around the courts will just read the results as final and then we can be prepared to listen to another 4 years of sour-grape loser whining.....

Um, I thought Ed Koch has a... (Below threshold)

Um, I thought Ed Koch has already said he's voting for Bush.






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