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UK anti-Bush letters spark outrage

At the risk of wearing out the "Dumbasses" label... This one was easy to see coming.

UK anti-Bush letters spark outrage

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- A pro-Kerry letter-writing campaign by Britain's left-leaning Guardian newspaper, targeting undecided U.S. voters, has provoked outrage across the Atlantic.

The paper has encouraged its readers to express their opinions on the November 2 presidential election to voters in the key swing state of Ohio -- to the fury of Clark County, about 45 miles west of Columbus, the state capital.

"Hey England, Scotland and Wales, mind your own business. We don't need weenie-spined Limeys meddling in our presidential election," was one of the e-mail reactions to the campaign.

I can't wait to see polling numbers from Clark Country.


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Comments (12)

I'm sorry, but did the Guar... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, but did the Guardian SERIOUSLY think this was a good idea? When I first heard it, I honestly thought it was a spoof.

All undecided voters in Clark County, please forward your mail to:

110 Flattened St, Bullet-Ridden Hole #2
Fallujah, Iraq 9224-00000-CRAP

Letter-writing, hm. Wonderful tactic. No idea why we didn't try that instead of pre-emptive strikes.

Ha, this Guardian idea is t... (Below threshold)

Ha, this Guardian idea is the "you'll like a dictator who provides you with grim public healthcare" idea of influence.

Something tells me that Europe just has a huge chip on it's shoulder where Americans are concerned, at least those who have a different concept of America than do some others (the "European America" concept, I guess, or else it's the "Fidel's America" Plan); thus, the European snearing use of the word, "cowboy!" which seems to mean something terrible to some in Europe. Elsewhere, particularly in the U.S., it's a compliment.

Yeehaw, Europe!

When I first heard about th... (Below threshold)

When I first heard about this I sent an e-mail to the Guardian encouraging them to "go for it". I knew full well that it would backfire. The European Left just don't get Americans.

Swede, that is a major un... (Below threshold)

Swede, that is a major understatement!

It's amusing to watch tho.

I hear next up is a letter-... (Below threshold)

I hear next up is a letter-writing campaign to Osama, Kim Jong Il, and Ayatollah Khamanei.

Oh, wait, those people are REAL problems. Maybe not.

Does Karl Rove own The Guar... (Below threshold)

Does Karl Rove own The Guardian?

No, Karl Rove does n... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

No, Karl Rove does not own the Guardian. Conspiracy theories are not called for. The Left REALLY IS that stupid. They don't understand human beings and human nature at all. Not at all.

I believe the Guardian want... (Below threshold)

I believe the Guardian wanted the e-mail response so they could tell their readers how crass and uncivilized those Yanks are. And we've got to stop calling folks like the staff at the Guardian "Liberals." Tony Blair is a Liberal. The Guardian staff are Neo-Marxists.

Sorry, folks, I can't stop ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, folks, I can't stop giggling over the ninnies at the Guardian. The only less effective campaign possible would be for the most flamboyant members of the gay community to hold a parade in that Ohio county complete with leather thongs and "Queens for Kerry" signs.

Not that there's anything WRONG with that...

Or perhaps the French could telemarket those Ohioans at 4:00 in the morning using only the most heavily accented among them to try to explain what a steupid cowboy GWB is.

Thank goodness for tin ears.

Speaking of outrage, Jimmy ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of outrage, Jimmy Carter says the American Revolution was an unnecessary, illegal war! (I didn't even know he worked for the Guardian now.)

"Does Karl Rove own The Gua... (Below threshold)

"Does Karl Rove own The Guardian?"


Sean, I heard that. Carter ... (Below threshold)

Sean, I heard that. Carter said it on MSLSD's Hardball with Chris Matthews and WizBang covered it. The guy is a real wackjob. Actually both of them are wackjobs. And perhaps there's a couple of others. The two people who still watch MSLSD.






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