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Wizbang Poll Tracker

As a service to our readers, Wizbang is going to track the latest poll numbers at the top of the site from now until election day. The six sites tracked are all linked, so you can go dig into the details.

All credit goes to Paul for the execution and planning of this service.

PAUL ADDS: I did the html last night and used the then current numbers. I emailed it to Kevin who installed it. I have not updated the numbers this morning yet, so if they are behind, gimme about 40 minutes, I'm on a conference call. Thanks (of course you can click on the name of the pollster to see the latest yourself).

Update: I've added a Javascript feed if you want to show the table yourself (from our source file). The table is 400 px wide. Here's the code:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://wizbangblog.com/pollsyndicate.php"></script>


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Comments (11)

Hey, that's neat. You just... (Below threshold)

Hey, that's neat. You just saved me 15 minutes a day.

Is that a script of some kind, or is it done manually?

While it would be possible ... (Below threshold)

While it would be possible to write a script, it would not be worth the effort for 2 weeks. I do it by hand.

Glad you like it.

How about making the frontr... (Below threshold)

How about making the frontrunner number in each poll bold? This would make it easier to scan the numbers in order to see who they think the leaders are. E.g.: E-V being contrary to everyone else this week.

Well thats helpful . Thank ... (Below threshold)

Well thats helpful . Thank you.

EP only updates weekly unle... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

EP only updates weekly unless you pay $20, so it's seriously stale. Suggest replacement with this or this. As Den Beste said there is a lot of noise out there. It is not at all clear that this thing is properly wrapped up as the RCP EV toss ups show. Something that gets into this last 100 ECV is the key.

Thanks for adding the links, the more information the beter.

Looks like you did the same... (Below threshold)

Looks like you did the same thing I did: Link to a static version of the Slate update. He's not updatingthat one anymore--he has had new numbers at least twice since then, including one for today.

Nice! Good job - thanks.</... (Below threshold)

Nice! Good job - thanks.

James, thanks for the heads... (Below threshold)

James, thanks for the heads up, it's fixed now. Mrs. Davis we'll take a look at your suggestion.

Fox News released their Dyn... (Below threshold)

Fox News released their Dynamics Opinion poll this afternoon. It's the first in two weeks.
Bush 49%
Kerry 42%

In addition, the internals show a widening shift in support. For instance, among independents it's Bush 52% Kerry 38%. It's still a close race, but all you have to do is listen to Kerry and his minions' rhetoric. Today, for instance, in Florida Kerry decided to switch the topic of his speech to terrorism. It was almost comical hearing Kerry trying to sound butch. LOL

Hey, Paul/Kevin, thanks for... (Below threshold)

Hey, Paul/Kevin, thanks for that script...I'll go include it now!

Still redesigning my blog site with MovableType but will use it in the interim and even after with the redesign. Thanks, again!

Awesome awesome awesome. Th... (Below threshold)

Awesome awesome awesome. This is exactly what I needed to satiate my daily need for polls. Wunderbar!






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