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Cadaver Propels Red Sox

The Red Sox historic comeback from down 0-3 in the ALCS was aided in part by an anonymous dead guy...

NEW YORK (AP) - Somewhere on a slab in Boston is a citizen of Red Sox Nation who actually gave his body to the cause.

With the team's future increasingly dependent on Curt Schilling's right leg, doctors decided to try an apparently unprecedented procedure to keep a tendon from slipping around in his ankle. But first, they wanted to test it out.

So they used a cadaver. No way to know if it was a Red Sox fan.

Schilling hurt the ankle near the end of the regular season and tried to pitch with the injury for Game 1 of the series against the New York Yankees. Unable to push off the mound with full force, he allowed six runs in three innings - his worst postseason performance since 1993.

The Red Sox training staff thought of various ways to keep the tendon in place. Special high-top shoes didn't work, and they hit upon the idea of sewing skin in Schilling's leg to the tissue underneath, creating a wall that would keep the tendon in place.

"It seems extreme. We couldn't find a case of it ever being done before," GM Theo Epstein said. "It was the best way to allow him to have his normal mechanics."

Talk about taking one for the team, he actually took 3 (stitches) for the team...

Update: There's been an Allah sighting! Alert the media.

Update 2: WWJDD?


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Comments (10)

I'm not a Schilling fan, bu... (Below threshold)

I'm not a Schilling fan, but that was one of the most gutsy performances since Willis Reid. And I understand that when Dan Patrick asked him if he thought that A-Rod's swat play last night was "bush league," he said "no, it was Kerry-league." I have newfound respect for Schilling over the past 24 hours.

The Yankees have to be sick... (Below threshold)

The Yankees have to be sick to their stomachs right now. To go up 3-0 and then lose in 4 straight is just horrible. But you know they'll be back there next year after they spend $200 million on their roster.

The level of depravity in t... (Below threshold)

The level of depravity in their souls .... isn't O'Neil referring to the Yankees??

Absolutely John Adams!!! Th... (Below threshold)

Absolutely John Adams!!! The man just glowed during the press conference after the game. And it was an exciting game to boot!!!! He's about the happiest guy in the world now. They sewed that area with wire the morning he pitched. He couldn't wear the high tops because they got in the way, so he put on his regular sneakers. What a guy. Actually they all did fabulously and we are off to the world Series on Saturday!!

Great sites ;)<br ... (Below threshold)

Great sites ;)

EPIC does not come close to describing what the Red Sox accomplished last night!!

OK, now we have to make J... (Below threshold)

OK, now we have to make Jay eat his words regarding the article he wrote about the Red Sox for putting them down. They showed mettle and he had no respect for them, especially after their 3 game loss streakin the beginning. Goes to show you how great a team they are by coming from behind and winnng the Pennant and now we're off to the world serious.........November sure is cold for playing baseball but let's give them all our support to win the next several battles.

Wasn't that grand slam and 2 run homer by Johnny Damon just grand??? Loved it.


BOO Jay!!!! He of little faith.

Curt Schilling is going to ... (Below threshold)

Curt Schilling is going to go through that same surgery the morning of any day that he plays in the upcoming world series for however it lasts. Now that's giving your all and I love him for it. He's so thrilled.

I want to hear from Jay and... (Below threshold)

I want to hear from Jay and the gobble of his words!! hehehehehe :-) You know I love you Jay - maybe you putting them down made them play so hard and win 4 really difficult straight games but jay you have to realize by now that a team that can do that, can do anything.

WEll the SOX broke another ... (Below threshold)

WEll the SOX broke another record and wiped out the NYY, now tonight they start the World Series against ST Louis Cardinals - game one.

Just thought I'd tell you that anytime Curt Schilling pitches, they'll do that same surgery on the morning he's sceduled to pitch. Now that's a man who's more than willing to give it his all. God Bless Him.


Kevin,You listed s... (Below threshold)


You listed someone who was posting the game from Iraq - can I have that site please?







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