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Please Don't Muzzle Teresa

She's so good at making news for all the wrong reasons...

Teresa Heinz Kerry on Laura Bush in the USA Today.

Well, you know, I don't know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good. But I don't know that she's ever had a real job - I mean, since she's been grown up.
Mrs. Bush was a public school teacher and librarian in the Houston, Dallas and Austin school systems [bio]. When you inherit billions from your dead husband it's amazing how quickly you adopt the values of your peers in looking down on the "little people."

Update: Jim Geraghty reports there's been a quick apology.


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Comments (32)

What a thoroughly disgustin... (Below threshold)

What a thoroughly disgusting woman...

well...well.. so the ole w... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

well...well.. so the ole white-raisin-soaked-in-gin can make an apology. You have to give her credit for that. I guess her husband can't do the same unless his staff gives it the thumbs up.

This is in no way a threat.... (Below threshold)

This is in no way a threat. The last thing I need is a bitch with the Secret Service. But, if Kerry is elected, it may well be the first time in our history where some wacko decides to take out the First Lady and leave the President alone.

I mean, this lady is too much. If the country elects these two, we might as well just start letting Jerry Springer moderate all future debates and coordinate the inaugural with a WWF cage match portion of the program. She may have money ... but she has absolutely no class at all.

During John Glenn's first a... (Below threshold)

During John Glenn's first attempt at the Senate Howard Metzenbaum made a similar comment about Glenn since Glenn had spent his entire adult life in the military. Glenn's response was an incredibly strong smack down.
There are hundreds of hits on the internet for the speech. Here is one I found on Google

offtopic but #2: the raisin... (Below threshold)

offtopic but #2: the raisins and gin never fails to amuse me. i seriously imagine her and her husband teaming up and saying "they're going to take away your raisins and gin!"

I didn't think there could be anything worse than Bill's Hillary problem, looks like Teresa sure set me straight.

Funny, reading the whole ar... (Below threshold)
Scott Stark:

Funny, reading the whole article she basically says she's wiser because she's older. I thought the wiser person would've been cordial and spoken from knowledge, rather than from the hip.

Nothing worse than someone who thinks they are smarter because they are older and brags about it. That's a contradiction in it's own right.

Why were Glenn and Metzenba... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Why were Glenn and Metzenbaum going at each other? They're both Democrats (or socialists).

Hmmm ... nice to see she ap... (Below threshold)

Hmmm ... nice to see she apologized quickly (after all, she couldn't diss the profession that incorporates one of the most rabidly Democratic unions) but this illustrates just how out-of-touch Miss Tuh-ray-zuh is with everyday Americans.

Imagine the kind of damage control problems that she would cause for a Kerry White House. Between Jean-Francois's flip-flops and nuances and Tuh-ray-zah's gaffes, a Kerry White House would make the Clintons seem organized.

And I wonder how often she has considered the fact that life in the White House would be a HUGE step down from the pampered life of a billionaire socialite. No more flitting around from mansion to mansion in her private LearJet. That would be really awful.

Teresa is as ugly and she i... (Below threshold)

Teresa is as ugly and she is stupid. Life is definitely not fair. Here are two slugs -- Kerry and Momma T -- living off the wealth of a dead Republican.

Ha! You stole my thunder, M... (Below threshold)

Ha! You stole my thunder, Mike. Hewitt & Steyn were talking about Theresa treating the job of First Lady as a step down from what ever the hell she does.

Master of None, ... (Below threshold)

Master of None,

It was in a Dem primary. Metzenbaum beat Glenn and then two years later Glenn won the other seat. Metzenbaum is from the borderline Communist end of the party.
Glenn is from the my family was always Dem wing. Glenn is not the worst of the bunch. But he has hung out with Kerry lately showing he has no clue about Kerry.

If Kerry is elected, sooner... (Below threshold)

If Kerry is elected, sooner or later Teresa Kerry will be the biggest embarassment this country has ever had as a first lady. Both her ignorance and arrogance are already showing . . . but I have this gut feeling there's a whole lot more ugly inside this woman we haven't seen.

Um...at the risk of appeari... (Below threshold)
proud mom of four:

Um...at the risk of appearing totally retro and UNfeminist...

Laura has also been "working" as a mother raising her children.

I keep waiting for the announcement that there is proof that Teresa is an alcoholic or taking drugs. That would at least explain her behavior. As things stand, she really just seems unbalanced.

Hey, Michael Moore is sched... (Below threshold)

Hey, Michael Moore is scheduled to speak at my school in one hour, does anyone think he'll be offended if I offer him a Bush/Cheney sticker? Or how much trouble I'll get in if I put one on his car?


Anne - too bad you only hav... (Below threshold)

Anne - too bad you only have 1 hour and 1 sticker.

A little organization, calling a few hundred close personal friends, a couple hundred bumper stickers and a whistle.

20 seconds after the whistle goes off, one gift wrapped car. 10 minutes later (after everyone is gone), the press is called to come take pictures.

Ah, the memories. I never should have graduated from college. ;-)

- Back a while ago the unth... (Below threshold)

- Back a while ago the unthinkable Molly Heintz was visiting a clinic in the midwest peddling her husbands disasterous health plan...She adressed a group of seniors and staff nurses...During her talk she said:

- "[Back] where I come from you just learned not to get sick. So we didn't. Everyone has to take charge of their lives and do whats neccessary at times and not depend on the system to save us when its not neccessary...."

- One of the senior nurses commented afterwards ..."Hell its easy for her to say....She has 800 million reasons why she'll never have to worry about being "saved"..."

- Todays dustup arising from her intemperate comments concerning the first lady were the typical "up yours...I got mine"... of the terminally snobbish rich peeking trough the veneer....

- Karen Hughes wasn't buying it firing back after ketchup ladies apology ..."She was right to point out her bad jusgement on the first ladies employment history but then turned around and compounded the error by, in effect, minimizing her position as housewife and homemaker, an oversight I don't think American woman and their husbands who have families will take to kindly to..."

- Apparently in spite of the circle of DNC advisors that have been duct tapped to Teresa's mouth she still finds ways in daily insert foot....

I am totally disgusted with... (Below threshold)

I am totally disgusted with this woman! How DARE she say that I, as a full time mother, don't have a 'real job' and at the same time later say that being a teacher IS a 'real' job? Who the HELL does she think does the majority of teaching the children in this country??? The NANNIES??!!! I work 20+ hours per day, nonstop 7days a week with no vacation time and no sick leave...She doesn't even wash her own underwear!

Twelve years ago Hillary wa... (Below threshold)

Twelve years ago Hillary was playing defense because she WAS a working mother, and the fallout from her derisive "baking cookies" comment.

It's astonishing that now Tuh-RAY-Zah thinks that NOT being a working mother is something to criticize. What a tin ear.

Oh, and I'll take cookies over gin-soaked raisins any day.

Ms. Heinz is much more poli... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

Ms. Heinz is much more politically astute than her concubine. He should have apologized for the Cheney daughter slight, post haste.

I also have a feeling why Mr. Kerry feels the need to get confirmation from someone else before he makes a decision, or takes a position. He's been conditioned by two women who held the purse strings. Wrong move, and you're poor!

Mrs. Bush is just "little p... (Below threshold)

Mrs. Bush is just "little people", you know the kind that Teresa and John just can't understand or relate to. And of course, teaching is just one of those "little people" jobs. Mrs. T. H. Kerry did apology, but it continues to show her strong and wrong opinions about things that she does not understand about us common folk.

I say let her keep on going... (Below threshold)

I say let her keep on going! Let's not put a gag order on her yet. If going for the female vote is as important as it has been recently we should be paying her to open her fat mouth. God but this is priceless. JK must be squirming so bad after this.
While Momma K continues to unravel her stash of "stupid statements" the JK/JE campaign minions are running out of ways to effectively disperse damage control.
Thank you Tuh-Ray-Zah..

-Anne- sure wish I had more notice...I would have come to join you.

Gotta agree with Debra on t... (Below threshold)
Bucky Katt:

Gotta agree with Debra on this- Let Step-Money
shoot her mouth off all she wants. Besides all the scrambling damage control it causes, I happen to find a great deal of humor in each of these "foot-in-mouth" episodes.

Pat- Loved that line: "Ms. Heinz is much more politically astute than her concubine." Haha! John F. Kerry..the kept man! :-)

Sugar Mama deserves a "job-... (Below threshold)

Sugar Mama deserves a "job-well-done" in my book. It's worth all the stash in both my personal investment account AND 401K here at work.
I'd gladly give it all up to keep her going.
hey...is it too late for me to pick another role model?
At 48 I thought I knew who I wanted to be years ago but I think I change my mind. I want to be someone who can say anything incredibly STUPID and insensitive and be forgiven because I have money. Doesn't this fall under the more "sensitive America" campaign slogan?

I've said it before and I'l... (Below threshold)

I've said it before and I'll say it again... that woman should never open her stupid mouth.

will finish later... firsrt day I've felt good in a month.


Why be upset? It was a thou... (Below threshold)

Why be upset? It was a thoughtless remark....from a very thoughtless woman.

I can't believe peolpe stil... (Below threshold)

I can't believe peolpe still want to vote for this family...

It just goes to show you ho... (Below threshold)

It just goes to show you how incredibly deluded the moonbats are.
Let's not forget that she's doing us a favor here.
Please speak up THK....Please..... tell us everything.
I'll listen. It will be the best comic routine I've heard in a long time.

I think the apology was wor... (Below threshold)

I think the apology was worse than the initial statement. You have to figure they "teamed" the apology before releasing it-- and it excluded Laura's job as mother.

Why is that even mildly significant? Because it shows the Kerry team's tin ear-- that apology wasn't for Laura Bush, or homemakers-- it was for the teacher's union!

And if anyone thinks that the First Lady "position" is without significance, may I remind you of the furor caused throughout the middle East when Lady Hillary kissed and praised Arafat's wife after she had just defamed Israel? Does it matter as much as the Presidency--obviously not. But it matters.

Edwards would be a heart be away, but Teresa would only be a pillow's width!

You all missed the qualifie... (Below threshold)

You all missed the qualifier "since she's been grown up"

Since everything GWB did before 40 is considered to be "in his youth", maybe the same rule applies to Ms. Bush. In which case, Has she had a job since she's been a grown-up?

Would be expect anything le... (Below threshold)

Would be expect anything less from someone as gracious as Laura Bush? She took the high road and said that there was no need to aplologize!!!

She's a much better person than me.
I owuld have slapped her senseless (accent and all)

It seems that no one on the... (Below threshold)

It seems that no one on the right has noticed that THK started her answer with "I don't know..."

So let be get this right, you're all over her case because she didn't know the details of The First Lady's employment history?

That's fair.

What's fair is actually THI... (Below threshold)

What's fair is actually THINKING before you open your mouth. Something most of us seem to master at a much younger age than she. Were this the first and only time THK has spouted off and come out looking stupid it might be a different story. I shudder to think of this woman acting as a representative of our nation. I can hear it now...
Starting off her rediculous statement with "I don't know" should have been her cue to SHUT THE HELL UP if she didn;t know what she was talking about.






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