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The 10 Spot - Around The World Edition

Ten things you might not have seen on the Internets...

  1. Simon of Simon World has a very interesting recap of pollster John Zogby's lecture to a Hong Kong audience.

  2. A view of the Red Sox - Yankees series from Iraq.

  3. What's the funniest thing headline of the last 24 hours? From Fark - Red Sox win game 6. Now one game from gut-wrenching heartbreak. Thanks to Charles for reminding me of it.

  4. Sean Hackbarth notes that prisoners are voting in Wisconsin.

  5. Kelley says, "So, goodbye yellow brick road. The peaceful and orderly American vote is a thing of the past, and we sure as hell aren't in Kansas any more."

  6. Lauren asks, "Is liberalism weakened politically by our need to be inclusive of all, even those with whom we virulently disagree?"

  7. Michele says the new 527 ad Ashley's Story is powerful and moving. Spoons has a different take.

  8. Heros For Bush is NZ Bear's "blogburst" where bloggers will channel their favorite characters of TV, movies, and fiction showing their support for President Bush's re-election. Have a look.

  9. Christian Grantham, a liberal Democrat, urges John Kerry to apologize to the Cheney's.

  10. Mike at Cold Fury is channeling the AWOL Allah in Another Crackhead For Kerry.

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Speaking of whom, where is ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of whom, where is the Creator of Worlds?

"Internets"Heh.</p... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:



I've been wondering where A... (Below threshold)

I've been wondering where Allah is too, anybody know?

"I've been wondering where ... (Below threshold)

"I've been wondering where Allah is too, anybody know?"

What with all the terrorist scum we've been "martyring" in Iraq, I believe he has a huge backlog of Virgins to interview, train and assign.

I miss Allah :(... (Below threshold)

I miss Allah :(

Kevin, I have a piece I res... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I have a piece I researched about suppressing the black vote you might be interested in. La Shawn Barber linked it.






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