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A New Generation Of Band Aid

BBC reports that Do They Know It's Christmas, the 1984 charity single is being re-recorded for a new generation. English stars of today are set to record the Band Aid song, which launched Live Aid and imitations like "We Are The World", to putting the focus back on Africa and the problem of famine.

The new lineup is ever changing, but acts like Coldplay, The Darkness, Travis, Robbie Williams and Dido are expected to be part of the recording.

Related - The child who inspired Band Aid, twenty years later.

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I remember at the time thin... (Below threshold)

I remember at the time thinking of the philosophical difference between the two songs (ignoring other qualities of the songs) which is apparent just in the titles... the difference between viewing "We" versus "They." I'm not so sure now that it has much implications, or maybe I just look at things differently...

This is what they should do... (Below threshold)

This is what they should do: Shut up and sing.

True Jim.great lin... (Below threshold)

True Jim.

great link tho to the story behind it all. This is supposed to be for charity, not who did what and when and so on. Let's just hope there's less politics and a lot more fund raising.

I hate that song "We are the world" once it gets into your head, you can't get rid of it. I should know, it's there now - thanks a bunch, guys. :-)

I have memories of drinking... (Below threshold)

I have memories of drinking in my college bar and then one of those 2 played-to-death Band-aid songs would come on and one of us would go up and give the jukebox a hard shove and send the record screetching to the end. The barman would shoot us a look but deep down he knew it was the right thing to do....

20 years old, that freaking... (Below threshold)

20 years old, that freaking song is 20 years old. That makes me feel old, not that it really matters.

Curious to see what happens with it, does anyone still care.

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


Not more pretentious talentless hacks preening about their generousity while actually doing nothing worthwhile, then inflicting the results on helpless millions?







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