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Halloween Banned By PC School District

Puyallup School District (near Seattle, Washington) is banning Halloween parties because children dressed up as witches might be offensive to real witches.

What's next? Easter, Christmas?

Who am I kidding, they've probably already banned then too...


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Comments (21)

Wouldn't want any la... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Wouldn't want any lawsuits from witches...

An alternative is to let the kids dress up like lawyers and other ghouls. That should be even scarier than dressing up like witches.

Schools in the Bible Belt a... (Below threshold)

Schools in the Bible Belt are doing a collective " D'oh,
That is how we can get rid of that October bacchanalia and not appear bible thumping rednecks."

I'd be more afraid of curse... (Below threshold)

I'd be more afraid of curses and spells from offended "real" witches.

So, Hillary's pissed huh?</... (Below threshold)
Bud Tugley:

So, Hillary's pissed huh?

Ha Ha hillary's pissed, tha... (Below threshold)

Ha Ha hillary's pissed, thats not only funny but so true

Maybe the real witches will... (Below threshold)

Maybe the real witches will get John Edwards to bring a class action suit (with a 1/3 contingency fee, of course)

Don't get mad, get even. <... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Don't get mad, get even.

Don't know if the school board is up for reelection in November. If they are, vote them out. Get in touch with others, e-mail is a great force multiplier.

Idiotic policies deserve a response. The school board will get the message. VOTE!

Corky Boyd
Sanibel FL

There's about as much conne... (Below threshold)

There's about as much connection between modern wicca and the mythical witches portrayed at Halloween as there is between the guy wearing the cowboy hat in the Village People and Wild Bill Hickok. Modern witches are silly to be offended. The school district is silly to dignify it.

Not PC but that's the way I feel.

Someone should interview th... (Below threshold)

Someone should interview the lead singer of Godsmack what he feels. He's into wicca.

If the Wiccans had a sense ... (Below threshold)

If the Wiccans had a sense of humor, they'd just balance things out by sending their kids to the party in a Jesus costume.

Please, you can't do anythi... (Below threshold)

Please, you can't do anything fun in a school anymore. If someone isn't busy being offended, then someone else can't bear anyone else to have any fun because they aren't allowed to celebrate. One principal at a school I worked in celebrate anything and wouldn't come in the room if you were giving a party for a colleague's wedding/birthday/baby. But guess who would creep in after and eat the cake? The cheap bastard never chipped in either.

This stuff has long ago rea... (Below threshold)

This stuff has long ago reached the level of absurdity.

Give all the kids Bozo the ... (Below threshold)

Give all the kids Bozo the Clown costumes with a sign saying 'School District Committee' and call it freedom of speech.

So, is MacBeth going to be ... (Below threshold)

So, is MacBeth going to be banned, too? And the Wizard of Oz?

The lawyers have made us al... (Below threshold)

The lawyers have made us all afraid of each other.

When that woman poured hot coffee on herself and then found an attorney to sue McDonalds we began to sink into legal chaos.

The motto of Our Times may turn out to be: "Sue somebody. It's just good business."

Just a reminder: Halloween ... (Below threshold)

Just a reminder: Halloween is an extention of All Hallows Eve, the eve of All Saints Day. They are both Catholic Church holidays. Which religion's holidays do you want moved into the schools next?

On the other hand, parents who fight to let their kids celebrate Halloween in school, (on Friday one would assume), are asking for two extra days of sugar induced hyperactivity.

I say a group of parents sh... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I say a group of parents should let the kids go dressed up anyway...

If any kids are hassled for dressing up like witches, how is ol' teach supposed to know if they aren't stepping on those children's rights to observe their Wiccan religion?

A kid going as a ghost could be exercising (exOrcising? get it?... never mind) his right to mourn the loss of a family member...

As for the kid wearing the Nixon mask - Better not interfere with his/her political beliefs, or "lawsuit"!

(It could just be a coincidence that kids did this en masse, around October 31st, and also brought orange cupcakes to school).

PC can work against ya too. ;)


Should anyone be interested... (Below threshold)

Should anyone be interested in expressing their appreciation to the Puyallup School District regarding their sensitivity to fictional witches, I found this e-mail address on the web:

Karen Hansen
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
email: [email protected]

They banned it where I live... (Below threshold)

They banned it where I lived years ago but for the safety of the kids not some stupid reason as being an insult to witches. I hated the ban, it meant my kids couldn't go trick or treating which was dynamite fun when I was a kid; my youngest has no idea what it's like to go trick or treating and I believe he missed out. But this??? this is assinnine.

No halloween-- how PC can y... (Below threshold)

No halloween-- how PC can you be--letall just sit around and eat WHITE bread {small dose of sarcasm)

Ahem, this from a Wi... (Below threshold)

Ahem, this from a Witch...
Gerald Gardner, who is thought to have founded the modern religion of Wicca in the early 1950s, said to a reporter once that he found Witchcraft to be great fun!
From its beginnings Wicca has attracted many fun-loving folks. We love to dress up on Halloween as much as anyone else. The day just happens to hold a profound religious significance for us as well.

I've been to a number of witchy websites that are talking about this event in WA state and everyone seems to agree that Wiccans are not likely to be responsible for the ban at all! Hey, you want to ban Halloween, think its all about the devil, why not ban Halloween and say you're doing it to avoid hurting Wiccan feelings? That way you get to ban that wicked day and turn peoples' minds against those evil "satanist" freaks!
It makes me sick! The poor kids must be crushed! I just hope that the local Pagan community gets together to let the kids know that it's really a great thing to have fun! Most, if not all, Wiccans would not be at all afraid to dress up as the most absurdly stereotypical witch and head off to a party and parade along side those kids.

We Witches will have to work some pretty powerful mojo to keep our religion from becoming a favourite excuse for calling in the fun cops!

Blessed Be,






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