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Campaign Humor

Not quite in the league of Allah's Dean-o series, but this John Kerry Interperetive Campaign Site is very funny. I didn't find the Bush Interperetive Campaign Site quite as funny as the Kerry one, but your mileage may vary...

Via: Stephen Green


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Comments (8)

A nice lighter side of thin... (Below threshold)

A nice lighter side of things.
Thank you
It's so much easier to see the humor in Kerry...Almost too easy really.

Kerry's so frickin' boring ... (Below threshold)

Kerry's so frickin' boring even the jokes about him are pretty lame (except for the one about his penis).

The W ones were better, in IMHO. I especially liked "Dubya supports squeezing babies to find which ones are "the stem-celliest""

I thought the "stem cellies... (Below threshold)

I thought the "stem celliest" was one of the only funny Dubya jokes. I thought pretty much all the Kerry jokes were funny.

I strung together 14 pics f... (Below threshold)

I strung together 14 pics for JFumbleKerry(D):

href="http://www.danegerus.com/weblog/JFutbol.htm">Futbol pictorial

Oops...<a href="ht... (Below threshold)
John Kerry supports making ... (Below threshold)

John Kerry supports making a joke that only one dude knows is racist.

haha i love that

STOLEN HONOR: WATCH IT FREE... (Below threshold)
thanks for the link!<... (Below threshold)

thanks for the link!

i'll admit that i didn't bring my A-game with the bush jokes, but hey...






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