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Damn You Cindy Adams...

How could she go and get me all excited about the sheer audacity of this bit of gossip:

PUBLIC AFFAIRS is publishing the pa perback original "Election 2004: How Kerry Won and What You Can Expect in the Future." They're calling it "A behind-the-scenes look at the Kerry-Edwards presidential victory." Authors are four of Newsweek's top political reporters. Commissioned over a year ago, it has already been sold abroad. Even audio rights have already been sold. Whether there's a title change on Nov. 3, this I don't know.
When it turns out to be only half right...
Election 2004 How [kerry/bush] Won And What You Can Expect In The Future

A full year before the presidential election, four Newsweek reporters are detached from the magazine to work fulltime on getting inside the campaigns of the Republican and Democratic candidates. Because Newsweek promises not to reveal any information until after the votes are cast, the reporters receive highly unusual access.

The New York Post needs to take her out behind the barn and "Old Yeller" her...

Update: Bill at INDC Journal wrote the post I had that I was thinking of writing, then had to retract.

Update 2: Glenn Reynolds points to the Amazon listing for the book that mentions Evan Thomas (who even the books publishers don't list). The strange thing is that the Amazon listing was not showing up in searches at Amazon this morning. Here are the two sentences that are different than the publishers site.

An extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the 2004 Kerry presidential victory reported by Newsweek's premier political reporters, including bestselling biographer Evan Thomas.

Evan Thomas has been the writer for this project for the last three elections, and each time, he has brilliantly woven together an award-winning narrative of the campaign, based on the reporting of the Newsweek team.

Maybe Bill was on to something, maybe it's just sloppy copy editing...

So what's the real story - incompetence or conspiracy?

Update 4: I hadn't bothered looking at the How To Order link at the publisher site. There's the offending text.

An extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the 2004 Kerry presidential victory reported by Newsweek's premier political reporters, including bestselling biographer Evan Thomas. ...
Oddly the book details link leads back to the description that has no mention of Thomas or the a Kerry victory.

Update5: The LLama Butchers had photos of the dual book covers (from the promotional material) a few weeks ago. Of course this just proves that Cindy Adams is a talentless hack, just like Evan Thomas...


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Comments (7)

- Kevin she's a "gossip" co... (Below threshold)

- Kevin she's a "gossip" columnist....since when did they require accuracy....

- Besides I don't think the tick hounds of america would give her a second sniff.....

Amazing that Cindy Adams wo... (Below threshold)

Amazing that Cindy Adams would write such a slant piece.

Call me synical but....

I'm really beginning to question the motives of the media. They might not be as non-partisan as I once thought.

I'm also starting to think that there might be a connection with Catholic priests and young boys.

I'm also seriously doubting the existence of Santa Clause.

How can they possibly write... (Below threshold)

How can they possibly write and publish such a book? HE HASN'T WON AND WILL NOT WIN. What is wrong with people??



DBub, the mass media is all... (Below threshold)

DBub, the mass media is all over Kerry, like the newspapers endorsing them instead of writing OBJECTIVELY, honestly - reporting.. you decide ethical so that people who aren't online can make informed decisions. Not only do they slant, they bend over backwards for Kerry. It's sickening to read any paper on online news or tv news knowing that each one is slanted towards Kerry. It certainly has changed my respect for these institutions which is why I dont want it anymore. This is where I come for news and it will be the only place I come for news - on the blogosphere. Sure you have slanted ones here too but most are not and most give you equal air play. Most people who are realistic understand exactly what is going to happen if by some "colossal misjudgement" and "Miscalculation" Kerry gets elected, we are going to be in it shit deep and that alone sends fear down my already destroyed spine. I don't think I've ever been so afraid when it comes to the morph and his wife ever living in the white house with eddy boy who's reputation and senate seat is precarious as is his career.

It behooves us all to be very careful about our vote.


Kerry wins in the same fant... (Below threshold)
15 Point Shot:

Kerry wins in the same fantasy world that delivers up Evan Thomas' 15 points' worth of media bias.

Two problems with Thomas' fantasyland:

1. People aren't stupid.

They can take their 15 points and lucky CIA hat and fake turkey (that turns out to be real) and "real" memos (that turn out to be fake) and feed it to the moonbats ... they're the only ones who will eat that pile of horseshit.

The Evan Thomas thing is to... (Below threshold)
Peter Fee:

The Evan Thomas thing is too weird and "inside baseball" for me. But it appears to be in the same league with the snuffing out of free speech in the USA that occurred this paswt week with the Sinclair "Stolen Honor" horror.

This is Clintonism and the thuggery that he and she employed and now has unleashed into our country. They controlled things so well when in power that they did not need to get as crazy as they are now. The first instance of what was unleashed was the unprecedented phony uproar adn demands for recounts in Florida in 2000. Now this "teams of thousands of lawyers and the phony voter registrations and the provisional voting and this Sinclair snuffing; it may be time to think hard about what is coming. If Kerry "wins" it will be fraudulent. I used to live in a country which had free elections. We are approaching Mexico much quicker than I relaized.

Thanks!... (Below threshold)
Steve the LB:







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