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It's Also Where White Castle Burgers Come From...

In 2002, Chuck Shepard's News of the Weird mentioned a Wall Street Journal dispatch from Cuba, suggesting that Fidel Castro's 1987 vision of "apartment cows" was still a ways off. (Castro had pushed farmers to breed small cows, not much larger than dogs, that families could keep in small homes and that would supply their minimum daily quantities of milk.) Two months after that story ran, a farmer in Rockwell, Iowa, said he had bred such miniature cows but that they were not good milk producers. Cut to September 2004: An Associated Press dispatch from San Juan Y Martinez, Cuba, touted rancher Raul Hernandez, who has now apparently successfully created a small herd of 28-inch-high cows that can deliver about five quarts of high-quality milk.


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Comments (9)

Another progressive idea wh... (Below threshold)

Another progressive idea whose time has come! Why didn't we think of this?

Can they be house-trained?<... (Below threshold)

Can they be house-trained?

Will they loudly moo if a b... (Below threshold)
The Old Coot:

Will they loudly moo if a burglar approaches?

"What's that comrade? Seri... (Below threshold)

"What's that comrade? Seriously? They managed to engineer those mini-c... whoa, whoa WHOA!" ***crash***

They can't even build good ... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

They can't even build good stages in Cuba; otherwis Fidel would still have his knee and elbow intact.

This story rates with the one that "Fidel was carrying on with state business over the phone while his knee was being attended to." He was probably issuing the tortue order for the stage builder!

Do they make stools that sm... (Below threshold)

Do they make stools that small?

Are the cow pies small enough to fit in a lunch box?

Will the advertising tagline, "all beef burger" take on new meaning?

How many pint sized cows will fit on an innertube raft?

"deliver up to 5 quarts of ... (Below threshold)

"deliver up to 5 quarts of milk"

over their lifetime... maybe 5 quarts.

Seriously? ... (Below threshold)


Marc,Not as... (Below threshold)


Not as many as will fit into an amphibious pickup truck.






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