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A slightly confusing bumper sticker

The other day I saw a bumper sticker on a car that left me a smidgen confused, but a bit miffed. I've seen it a couple more times since then:

But I think we should start seeing other people"

Can anyone give an interpretation of that sticker that would keep me from wanting to run them into the ditch?


UPDATE: I probably should have added that the first car I saw with this sticker was covered with well over a dozen other moonbat-themed stickers, including one that really, REALLY made my blood boil:

...the world"

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We should offer trial seper... (Below threshold)

We should offer trial seperations for people who aren't sure they want to be citizens. It works for the Amish.

"Can anyone give an inte... (Below threshold)

"Can anyone give an interpretation of that sticker that would keep me from wanting to run them into the ditch?"

Sorry, can't help ya.

It may not be too bad. It ... (Below threshold)

It may not be too bad. It may just be regretting that (in their opinion) Bush has been too parochial, has not seen other countries' points-of-view, etc.

So, "we should start seeing other people."

It may not be a call for divorce/treason/exile.

I can't help myself. I kno... (Below threshold)

I can't help myself. I know the driver of that car was probably an idiot, but I gotta say I think that's a pretty funny, clever bumper sticker.

You can still run him off the road, though.

- The Democrap liberals wan... (Below threshold)

- The Democrap liberals want to de-Americanize the country. An alternative they'll take only in their worst nightmares is to go to one of "those" other "someones" permenently and then they wouldn't have to worry about it....

- Variety may be nice when you're just dating...But alliegence means "faithful". Apparently some people confuse their sex habits with their duties as a citizen, just like those same people tend to confuse their inner personal issues with their politics....

- Sometimes it appears that conservatives are "too" senitive to the feelings of the left. Theres an old saw from india...."When you meet the Cobra calling him Mr. Cobra will gain you some respect....Then he'll eat you anyway...."...

- Is the statements about "there was no WMD's and Bush lied about Iraq" really code for "I love living here and taking advantage of everything America has to offer but I sure as hell don't want to put my ass on the line for my country".....You think?...

As Kerry's rhetoric proves:... (Below threshold)

As Kerry's rhetoric proves:

any simple declarative clause which is positive


must be followed by a "BUT"

and this means that this bumper sticker must be a Left-wing statement.

It seems like a lam... (Below threshold)

It seems like a lame "Al Franken type" attempt at being clever.
If Country=Spouse,perhaps they would be content to have a no limit 'open marriage',and, who the hell cares what the kids (American People)think!

Swinger? Possibly.. Patriot... (Below threshold)

Swinger? Possibly.. Patriot? No.. Open eyed view that there are "wolves" that want America to become a world slave? No, but don't rush to run him in the ditch because if he/she ever got a taste of that such world then that bumper sticker would read "I loved my country! Why did I have to go off and screw it up?"

Don't run them into a ditch... (Below threshold)

Don't run them into a ditch...stitch their driver's side window with gunfire! Might as well use the the Second Amendment while we still have it.

All enemies, foreign and domestic.... :)

Long ago I thought that we ... (Below threshold)

Long ago I thought that we — you know, the royal we — should start a 501(c)(3) dedicated to making sure that people who don't want to be here have the means to get the hell out.

Anybody want to sign up?

Check the fine print at the... (Below threshold)

Check the fine print at the bottom of sticker. This one comes from a Minnesota (D) novelty outfit. Seems to be a subtile defeat Bush statement.


I'm guessing it means "Like... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing it means "Like Kerry says, we can be patriotic and multilateral." Daniel is right... would anyone but a donkey be nuanced enough to put "but" after "I love my country?"

Due to the amazing generos... (Below threshold)

Due to the amazing generosity of my rich Uncle, Sam, I got to spend several years of my young manhood 'seeing other people'. It absolutely convinced me that everyone in my family tree that left their respective 'old countries' were absolutely right.

What Peter said.An... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

What Peter said.

And Cowboy, I know you were saying it tongue-in-cheek, but I hope you rethink your comment. It's something a rightwing or leftwing moonbat would say. It's not something the Founding Fathers would agree with.

It may be intended j... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

It may be intended just as a smartass remark like "Give me ambiguity... or give me something else!"

In a male/female relationsh... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

In a male/female relationship, it usually means I want out, but I'm too chicken to say it, OR Iwant to start seeing other eople, but I still want to hang onto you until I find something better.

I think the borders are open to anyone who wants to leave. Although, they'll be looking for a LONG time to find anything better.

Remy's comment to Peter:</p... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

Remy's comment to Peter:

I think Peter was saying that he was in the Military (or some other Government program), and got to travel the world and see other people and countries.

He is affirming their decision to come to this country, having seen theirs.

Right Peter?

rather interesting that a b... (Below threshold)

rather interesting that a bumper sticker that says that the US doesn't run the world would get your blood boiling...

here's a clue....the US is powerful enough to destroy the world, but no where near powerful enough to control it. And if the wingnuts like yourself don't join the "reality based community" soon, you will all find out exactly how little control over its own fate the USA has (hint....our economy is at the mercy of the Chinese and the oil producing states.....)

P LukasiakYou've g... (Below threshold)

P Lukasiak

You've got it all wrong. They don't have to adjust, they just have to find everyone who disagrees with them and kill them with their cars.

Lielikeasack, who do you th... (Below threshold)

Lielikeasack, who do you think's going to win this election? (speaking of joining the "reality based" community...)

Actually, Lukasiak and Cras... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Actually, Lukasiak and Crash both have it wrong. It boiled my blood because the presumption behind it is that the people who put up the "These colors don't run" original sticker (without the footnote) either think America runs the world or want it to. It's that assumption that annoyed me, not the actual sentiment behind it.


"I love my country"T... (Below threshold)

"I love my country"
I love being able to say whatever I want, no matter how nosensical, without having to lift a finger to support free speech, or take any personal responsibility for my words.

"But I think we should start seeing other people"
In this spirit, the people should have everything handed to them by those who work for a living, Viva Fidel Castro!

"THESE COLORS DON'T RUN...<... (Below threshold)

...the world"

Yet :-)

I believe it's the new quot... (Below threshold)

I believe it's the new quote from Alec Baldwin....he realizes he shouldn't have actually been so forceful in proclaiming that he would move to Paris if Bush won.

So, just in case Bush wins again, Baldwin in couching his opinion in LIBERALISE.

Anti-patriotism has become ... (Below threshold)

Anti-patriotism has become the new form of anti-religion for liberals. The symbols this country stands for - the promotion of freedom, especially - have become the equivalent of religious relics for them to mock.

Can't help you there Jay - ... (Below threshold)

Can't help you there Jay - run the guy off in a ditch where he belongs.

Have no clue as to what it means either but I can feel my blood presssure rising.


It's obviously an insult to... (Below threshold)

It's obviously an insult to our country, to our administration, to our government but mostly an insult to our country; these people shouldn't be allowed to live here if they feel that way so run the SOB off the road.


Reckon you'll want to run '... (Below threshold)

Reckon you'll want to run 'em into a ditch anyway.

That's one of the reasons for the sentiment.






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