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Army of Ansar al-Sunnah Behead Iraqi on Video, Endorse Kerry

Rusty Shackleford does the blogosphere and dare I said it, the world, a great service by keeping an eye on the radical Islamic websites.

Today he reports that the Army of Ansar al-Sunnah beheaded another Iraqi and of course, took video.


And in case you missed it, these endearing folks endorsed John Kerry yesterday.


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Comments (3)

Hey, maybe they'll hang a p... (Below threshold)

Hey, maybe they'll hang a picture of Kerry in their Islamist Jihad Museum just like the North Vietnamese did. Kerry is an honored man -- honored by our enemies who know him better than almost 50 percent of Americans. Sh*t, fanatical and insane as they are, they know a spineless traitor when they see one.

Iran supports Bush, so what... (Below threshold)

Iran supports Bush, so what's your point? Osama wanted a war in the middle east. Bush walked right into one. What a silly post.


Well here we go again, Paul... (Below threshold)

Well here we go again, Paul. The terrorists endorse Kerry and then behead someone just as if the blood were on his hands, too. Is this the face of democracy? Is this the kind of president we want? A president who's endorsed by the most barbaric evil of this world? I THINK NOT.

Tell American to WAKE UP please!!!







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