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Busch Scares Kerry

Attention Karl Rove.. get your guy to Busch Stadium, pronto!


John Kerry's love of the Boston Red Sox only goes so far.

Kerry told a crowd in Pueblo, Colorado, that someone asked whether he would attend a World Series game if he were campaigning in St. Louis.

Kerry says for the next ten days he's "not going in a place called Busch Stadium."

Kerry hasn't campaigned in Missouri for some time. The state, once considered a battleground, now appears safely in President Bush's column.

Kerry also ruled out going to Boston's Fenway Park for a game, saying he doesn't have the time.

Even Fenway scares Kerry. Bush should try for a Fenway appearance ...

John Kerry and his staff must not talk much, because the Boston Herald reports that Kerry's staff is still debating the wisdom of a surprise visit to Fenway. Kerry at Fenway? What could go wrong [Video]....

Update: Why does Kerry throw like a girl? (See below for answer)...

Look who taught him to throw...

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Update 2: Powerline has another picture of an errant Kerry runway toss...

Comments (7)

That would be sooooooooo co... (Below threshold)

That would be sooooooooo cool if BUSH showed up in both theatres to watch the game. I'd love to see him throw out the first pitch. Last time he did that, he threw a strike...........totally unlike the klutz who can't even catch a football but bends over really well.

Have fun tonight - I know I well GO SOX GO


Wow, that had to make the A... (Below threshold)

Wow, that had to make the A. Busch/Budweiser people really happy.

As a Sox fan (from Boston) ... (Below threshold)

As a Sox fan (from Boston) and a Bush supporter, I would love to see Bush at Fenway. Just to show up that lovely junior senator of ours.

If John Kerry is not planni... (Below threshold)

If John Kerry is not planning to attend at least one game at Fenway, he is even more of an idiot than I thought he was. In fact, I was wondering why Fox wasn't saying anything about whether he was there tonight until I read this item. This is preposterous. The most important sporting event to happen to Boston in decades, and he's not there? PLEASE!

Maybe <a href="http://respu... (Below threshold)

Maybe this is also why Kerry won't come to Busch. Go Cards!

I suppose it would be too m... (Below threshold)

I suppose it would be too much to ask that this cost him Massachusetts?

Not only does Kerry throw l... (Below threshold)

Not only does Kerry throw like a girl, but according to Ann Coulter most Lib men throw like girls.






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