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Frightened Candidate Walks Off Debate

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - 10News.com -- A northeastern Indiana congressional candidate said she abruptly ended a debate because she got stage fright.

Democrat Maria Parra walked off a television stage Thursday, ending what would have been her only debate with incumbent Republican Mark Souder in the 3rd District congressional race.

"I'm not used to being in front of the camera. ... I couldn't get my words out. I was just overwhelmed," she said after the aborted debate, which was being filmed at a Fort Wayne TV station and would have been aired this weekend. The matchup has not been rescheduled and is not likely to be, The Journal Gazette reported Friday.

Perhaps the big mean Republican scared the poor little Democratic lady?

Actually, Souder was supportive of Parra's knowledge of the issues in his remarks afterward.


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Comments (12)

Still, wouldn't she have to... (Below threshold)

Still, wouldn't she have to eventually...oh, I don't know, speak in front of cameras in the House?

Soo...why was this not aire... (Below threshold)

Soo...why was this not aired? If she walks out early, thats her decision.

Since she's a Democrat, I'm... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

Since she's a Democrat, I'm surprised she didn't start ranting and rip the set apart. There seems to be a lot of anger and violence on the Democrat side these days.

Actually, Kevin, I wouldn't... (Below threshold)

Actually, Kevin, I wouldn't be surprised if she DID feel intimidated by the Big Bad Incumbent. Indiana Republicans on the national tickets have been mainly leading the polls by large margins since the first of the year. I would bet money that the pressure on her from the Democratic machine to match the polling success of Dem Gubernatorial candidate Evan Bayh (the one exception to a Republican sweep) must be ENORMOUS. "I feel her pain..." I really do.

I empathize with her, but i... (Below threshold)

I empathize with her, but it is a public job with lots of public speaking.

It's also weird to me that she is the one who 'pushed' for the debate.

It is quite apparent after watching the debate that Ms. Parra should seek a different line of work; like Mark Souder said "you have to be able to communicate."

It's funny about this debat... (Below threshold)

It's funny about this debate...

She actually walked off twice. The second time, she had gone through her opening statement where she accuse Sauder of being incompetent and insensitive. THEN she walked off.

Personally, to me, it seemed like a stunt. Why would you go on this 90 seconds tirade where she didn't sound nervous and then say "I can't do this" afterwards?

Public service employment m... (Below threshold)

Public service employment means you have to interact to a modicum of a degree with your employer. That'd be the public. Answer questions, state your name and positions and intentions, basic things like that.

I think this woman now exempifies the latest Democrat behavior: "vote for (Demo candidate)" based upon no presentation.

Much as does this woman epitomize many who are enlisted by the DNC to "run" for office (that'd be, to be employed by the DNC to occupy a position, if the trend continues): they find unqualified people who fit some mold of generalizations and then campaign for them based upon the generalizations and typecasting. In this case, it's (1.) gender politics and (2.) immigrant politics.

Same thing takes place in CA over and over and over again, thus ensuring that the DNC can maintain it's exploitation of and about (1.) gender politics and (2.) immigrant politics.

Why, oh why, did we give wo... (Below threshold)

Why, oh why, did we give women the vote?

oh boy, no dinner for you M... (Below threshold)

oh boy, no dinner for you McCain...

WTF, she just did a three m... (Below threshold)

WTF, she just did a three minute tirade on Mark Sauder (the incumbant Republican) on WPTA 21. What happened to her stage fright?

Well, she indeed may have o... (Below threshold)

Well, she indeed may have orchestrated the whole thing. A ploy for sympathy, etc.

But to humiliate your self on TV like that purposely? That's deep man...

It got her national attenti... (Below threshold)

It got her national attention...hell, it was even on the Drudge Report. $50 she going to pull a few more votes with that stunt.






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