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Republicans Caught Trying to Suppress Vote

The Democrats got this one right.

Ohio Provisional Ballot Ruling Reversed

CINCINNATI (AP) - A federal appeals court ruled Saturday that provisional ballots Ohio voters cast outside their own precincts should not be counted, throwing out a lower-court decision that said such ballots are valid as long as they are cast in the correct county.

The ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals supports an order issued by Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. Democrats contend the Republican official's rules are too restrictive and allege they are intended to suppress the vote.

This may surprise many of my regular readers but the Democrats are right on this one. The Republicans are absolutely trying to suppress votes.

The way the Democrats wanted the ruling, people could vote in as many precincts as they could drive to in one day. As one analyst put it, "Democrats wanted it so a person could drive to 12 or 13 polling places before lunch and potentially have all their votes count." Not surprisingly, Republicans disagreed.

Republicans wanted people to only be able to vote once and the Democrats wanted people to be able to vote as many times as they wanted. So yes, we've been caught, the Republicans did want to suppress votes. Guilty as charged.

And if you needed more proof that the Dems were just trying to set up voter fraud...

Democrats said Saturday they were disappointed by the ruling but were ready to move on with election preparations.

"To avoid any confusion, we are not going to appeal this ruling," David Sullivan, voter protection coordinator for the Ohio Democratic Party, said in a statement. "That way we can ensure that voters and election officials understand that voters must be in the proper polling place before casting a vote."

Suddenly the party with thousands of lawyers decided to give it a pass. What happened to their concern for the voters? What about the minorities? Why give this up so easily?

Because they do not want to go to the Supreme Court in an obvious attempt to steal the election before it even starts. It would be a PR disaster that would cost them the election. People would see thru the scam and take it out on Kerry in the voting booth.

If they thought they had the moral high-ground (or could spin it so they did) they would be appealing the ruling and whining on CNN about how Republicans are trying to disenfranchise people. Instead, they tried to set it up so they could steal the election then skulked away when they got caught.


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Comments (16)

Just what is the time limit... (Below threshold)

Just what is the time limit on the decision to appeal? Does it have to be done instantly, or can they wait a couple weeks?

If there's a 14-day or more period to file for appeal, I suspect they'll file on November 3.

Robert: The dems can apply... (Below threshold)

Robert: The dems can apply for an order shortening the time constraints.

Rebublicans got caught??? W... (Below threshold)

Rebublicans got caught??? Who the heck are you kidding. The only suppressing going on here is fraud supression. You got idiots out there registering multiple times in multiple locations, people paying others with crack to register and vote, and tons of other fraud going on, and you think being against being able to cast provisional ballots in the wrong precinct (thus making it easier for nuts to go vote in multiple places and hope that some of them get counted) is voter supression.

Give me a break.

If I had it my way, the voting roles would be all trashed and we'd all have to reregister with a national database so that people cant register in multiple states.

With early voting, late registration, easy access to absentee ballots, you have a recipe for fraud, fraud, and more fraud. It used to be a joke in Chicago - vote early and vote often - but now its no longer a joke!

Sorry. Read the whole thing... (Below threshold)

Sorry. Read the whole thing now. Just started boiling over when I read that Rebublicans were trying to surpress legal votes.

"TRUTH,JUSTICE, and... (Below threshold)


A meaningful quote, that I have faith will prevail throughout the election process

Hey, I agree with the Dems.... (Below threshold)

Hey, I agree with the Dems. Let's see which party can get their people to vote the most times. And you know what -- the GOP would still win because most Dems are too stupid to live. Even the Dems know they're stupid. How else to explain their allegation that a dummy like George Bush stole the election from them. LOL. Do we really want doofuses who can't even hold on to an election to be in power? LOL. Too bad the media are in the tank for the Donks. If they were really non-partisan they'd be rolling on the floors laughing at every Kerry-Edwards rally.

BTW, I see the MSM are avoi... (Below threshold)

BTW, I see the MSM are avoiding the Cocaine-for-Votes story. Perhaps we've found the true reason for their partisanship. I've always thought most reporters and editors were stoned on something. LOL.

When you're given any right... (Below threshold)

When you're given any right you get at least one responsibility that goes with it. Voting has several, and one of the least stressful should be finding out where you're supposed to do it. If you're too lazy to do that you shouldn't mind being sent to the correct precinct's polling place. If that's too much trouble then you have no business voting. It's pretty easy to see why so many don't even bother trying to find out the truth about the candidates and so easily swallow the line that sounds like what they want and disregard their duty in that matter. The worst thing about these people that are advocating allowing voters to shirk even the simple responsibility of finding out where to vote legally is blaming the fact that they don't on their race or income. The democrats that are supporting allowing voters to be less than responsible are saying that if you aren't white and rich you are by nature lazy and irresposible and it's too mentally challenging for you to be expected to handle this very simple task. Could they possibly be more insulting to their constituents? Is there any more bigoted statement the could make about minorities and the poor, the very people they claim to be the ones their particular party is looking out for? If i was a member of either group they are enabling to be irresponsible I'd be extremely pissed, but then we all know if they really aren't doing that they are setting things up for people to vote illegally, in more than one precinct, it's surely one or the other or a combination of the two. After all, they'd be admitting that lazy, irresponsible idiots vote democrat otherwise, and if you ask any democrat only the uninformed vote republican, those in the know vote Kerry. Yeah right......

Can't help you....maybe you... (Below threshold)

Can't help you....maybe you should push them into a ditch. They will then definitely meet other people. I think it translates to loving the Germans and French....ie, kissing their butts. Why? They are looking after their interests (Iraqi oil). We, on the other hand, are looked down on for looking after our own interests. My .02, if you love 'em so much, MOVE THERE!

First, thisis a diffeent Da... (Below threshold)

First, thisis a diffeent Dan from just above there. ha
Now, to be accurate. I am totally against this provisional balloting crap and the next great fight for the blogosphere after the election is going to be weighing in on voting reform. America needs it NOW. But, the rulings in question would NOT have permitted multiple votes by one individual. That's untrue. What it could do is delay a final clear result and otherwise blur a close election.

With provisional voting the provisional vote would still be tracked back to the appropriate precinct and registered there. This could have taken weeks - but the vote would NOT be counted until this happened and as there would only be ONE precinct record, once an individual voted anywhere in the state and the vote was recorded, they could not vote again. In fact, they would likely be prosecuted for even trying.

Among the most ludicrous 'o... (Below threshold)

Among the most ludicrous 'outcries' from the Demos I've yet to hear/read was a statement made yesterday in Ohio by the DNC there, about the judge's ruling for Ohio (limiting provisional ballots to being recorded only in respective locales to the registration)...

The DNC actually says that the ruling "discriminates against the poor and minorities...because they move around a lot (more than others in society)."

I agree with previous comments and that is that, along with the right to vote come a few very basic responsibilities: you have to understand the how-to's and the why's involved with voting.

Just as with, hopefully, obtaining a driver's license, in most areas, you have to pass a few test questions first as to capability and understanding of what it is you are applying to be licensed for. With voting, it seems to be implied that you can and will find out where your voting place is and if you can't make it there, to be able to make arrangements so that you can still vote, or vote otherwise.

There's this argument in CA that is still ongoing whereby some people want voters to be required at voting places to show I.D. inorder to vote. The Demos continue to cry "discrimination against minorities" with this, as they're trying to do in Ohio, saying that people will be discouraged from voting if they are required to show an I.D. before voting.

Absurd! The voting process IS CONTINGENT UPON IDENTIFICATION, so why not be required to present it inorder to present your ballot? The Demos say that "minorities" will be discouraged because they are more likely than others to be afraid of anyone asking for their I.D. or by any process that requires I.D. (suggesting that many among the "minorities" are undocumented and shouldn't be voting anyway, and would be discovered if their I.D. was required, so they are being "discriminated" against by the I.D. process when they aren't legally viable as voters to begin with! Yes, discrimination but discrimination against unlawful ballots and voter involvement, if that's the case, if that Demo argument can be taken seriously).

More substantiation that the Demos rely on irregularities in voting and decry any efforts to make voting process more secure and organized...and legitimate.

The way the Democrats w... (Below threshold)

The way the Democrats wanted the ruling, people could vote in as many precincts as they could drive to in one day. As one analyst put it, "Democrats wanted it so a person could drive to 12 or 13 polling places before lunch and potentially have all their votes count."

actually, this is what the GOP wants people to do. The Dems wanted people to be able to vote ONCE, and have it counted even if they were in the wrong precinct. The GOP, which has been engaged in voter registration fraud (see the RNC and Sproul associates) wants people to be handed provisional ballots in every precinct a person goes to, and force that person to visit as many precincts as possible to make sure that at least one of their votes is cast in the correct precinct.

Thank you, Paul Lielikeasac... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Paul Lielikeasack.

I'm actually glad to know a... (Below threshold)

I'm actually glad to know a few moonbats read wizbang.

What's point of preaching to the choir?

Color me cynical, but the d... (Below threshold)

Color me cynical, but the decision not to appeal tells me that Democrats either know they cannot win the appeal or that they will not win Ohio regardless.

My guess is that they are preparing a post-election legal challenge to the Ohio results, with this latest ruling part of their ammunition for trying to shoot down what I expect to be Bush's win in the state.

More at http://www.murdoconline.net/archives/001655.html if interested.

It's come to this: Democrat... (Below threshold)

It's come to this: Democrats in Ohio are rigging the ballots. Take a close look at this Democrat-designed ballot and tell me itís not intended to deceive Bush voters.


Note that the arrows for Kerry and Badnarik line up to the correct box, while the arrows for Bush (surprise!) do not. Also, the correct # for Bush is "4" while the arrow points to "14", a small difference an unobservant voter might easily miss.






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