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The 10 Spot - Election Gossip Edition

Ten things mildly election related you might not have seen on the wondrous Internets...

  1. According to RedState The Washington Times has a bombshell waiting for John Kerry in the Monday edition. Since the sun rarely sets on Wizbang we'll have it for you Sunday night -late.

  2. Does the Red Sox advance to the World Series hurt John Kerry? Boston DJ Scott Allen Miller thinks so.

  3. Jim Geraghty at The Kerry Spot passes along this rumor - "Keep your eyes open for a story about MTV employees being caught in anti-Bush demonstrations as part of a Rock The Vote event. There's video, I hear"

  4. In case the proclamations of Teresa Heinz Kerry aren't enough to convince you that Democrats think Republican voters are idiots, their supporters are making cartoons to that effect...

  5. The Ann Coulter pie-throwing incident was caught on tape. IFilm has it.

  6. The film the Kerry camp doesn't want you to see - Stolen Honor - is available in a low res version free on the Internet. It's only a 12MB download.

  7. Bill at INDC Journal catches the UK Guardian rooting for the assasins.

  8. James Webb at Opinion Journal says the GOP's secret weapon is the Scots-Irish vote.

  9. Rob of Say Anything says that if you type "French pussies" into the Google image search John Kerry's picture is the first one that comes up. It seems to only be true if you have "safe search" ON. If it's off you get these two drunk chicks.

  10. Bush has pulled even with Kerry in Hawaii. Blogger Venomous Kate is moving from Hawaii to Missouri so, given that the Hawaii is back in play, she better not forget to vote!
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Comments (5)

Does anyone have an idea as... (Below threshold)

Does anyone have an idea as to what's in the Washington Times story that can hurt Kerry? Nothing seems to hurt him -- not his treason, his lies, his flip-flopping, his senate record (or lack thereof), etc. Nothing sticks to him, thanks to his PR people, the American press.

Any chance the Swift Boat V... (Below threshold)
Mike G in San Diego:

Any chance the Swift Boat Vets can buy some TV ad time in Hawaii? I'm inclined to believe that their last couple of ads would influence the retired-military vote ...

i was thinking it has somet... (Below threshold)

i was thinking it has something to do with the oil for food scandal. either that or kerry in paris, but that doesnt seem to have much of an effect anymore.

I loved the way Ann Coulter... (Below threshold)

I loved the way Ann Coulter said the guys who tossed pies at her threw like girls. LOL. She also said it shows how dumb the left is: throwing pies at her in a room full of Republican men. Coulter also said that if the Libs want a real war, bring it on. We've got the men and the guns. All the Libs have is hot air. LOL

The coulter video was cool,... (Below threshold)

The coulter video was cool, but triumph at the debates had me laughing my ass off..

he went after begala and lockhart pretty hard, and even threw some insults at Rove.. gotta love it..






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