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World Series Game One - Open Thread

What's your take?

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Its been an ugly-ish game. ... (Below threshold)

Its been an ugly-ish game. Rameriez is a boob. But at least its entertaining.

I'm British, and we tend to... (Below threshold)

I'm British, and we tend to watch baseball with an odd sort of bemused expression. I can't tell a good game from a bad game, but at 5am on a Sunday morning that doesn't even matter.

Kevin Millar allowing the C... (Below threshold)

Kevin Millar allowing the Cardinals to get two runs on a throwing error - One lamp.

Bronson Arroyo throwing the ball into the dugout - One lamp and a window.

Manny Ramirez making two consecutive errors - One Television Set

Winning the game anyway - Priceless. There are some things vandalism cannot avenge. For everything else, there is victory.

St Louis in six. Boston wi... (Below threshold)

St Louis in six. Boston will win Game 2 and then get swept.

Sortapundit, the British ar... (Below threshold)

Sortapundit, the British aren't the only ones who watch baseball with a "bemused expression." Personally I love the game and love October for this reason.

As far as tonight's game goes, I'm rooting for the Cardinals because as a Cubs fan, I don't want any other team's curse removed before the Curse of the Billygoat.

To tell you the truth, I ha... (Below threshold)

To tell you the truth, I have decided who I want to win...

You're all English.G... (Below threshold)

You're all English.
Go whack a wicket.

"World series,F*%k y... (Below threshold)

"World series,
F*%k yeah,
comin' again
to entertain the f%&$in' world"

Damn I can't get that song out of my head

I'm fairly neutral (though ... (Below threshold)

I'm fairly neutral (though the only good thing I can think of coming from a Red Sox win is that the fans will shut up about being 'cursed'), I can't help thinking that:

A) The whole All-Star game homefield advantage bonus is the worst idea in the history of just about anything. Even when home field rotated back and forth between leagues it was pretty shitty, but to say that the Cards can kick the snot out of the NL all year, then they have to give up home field to the AL wild card team just because of an exhibition game in July is bogus.

(Though at least its not the WNBA where they play full series until the finals where it becomes a one game winner take all.)

and B) Any team that has a foul pole less than 320 feet from home plate doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs.

living outside of Boston it... (Below threshold)

living outside of Boston it's been good entertainment watching the Red Sox not win it all over the years. I just want my Fox TV shows back and for people to start to talk about the important things... like the Patriots.

TC - you're funny - go swin... (Below threshold)

TC - you're funny - go swing a cricket. Love it.

Sox will win in 7 if not less. But they have got to stop being butterfingers. Maybe once they get to St Louis where it's 70 degrees, they can play like they play in the summer. Cardinals are afraid of Ortiz, they keep walking him so he won't hit a home run. Once they are on home ground, I hope the Sox wipe them with a full loss; they deserve it - our homeboys. :-)


PS Haven't missed a game, and I won't till it's over.
GO SOX!!!!!






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