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Crazy Lesbian Goes Insane At A Kerry Rally

Sometimes I have to blog things just for the headline.

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O'Donnell only had 38 peopl... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

O'Donnell only had 38 people show, but she got NATIONAL coverage of her comments on Drudge, and any other blog that links to Drudge.

Stop giving the fringe such coverage. Now instead of 38 people hearing her rant, 38 million have!

I saw this on drudge. As s... (Below threshold)

I saw this on drudge. As soon as she said that, I knew either you or imao would use it as a headline :). That's why I read Wizbang!

I'm kinda glad she got snubbed. She really treated Magnum PI badly on her show a few years ago, just because his opinion on guns differed from hers. I really don't like her, even though she is a lesbian.

So this ridiculous dyke sla... (Below threshold)
David Gillies:

So this ridiculous dyke slams Bush for not passing any tests. The guy's got two Ivy League degrees and qualified to fly fighter planes. What are Rosie O'Donnell's educational qualifications?

Democrats, especially the more unhinged, love to think that they're the intellectual superiors of Republicans and Libertarians, basically by fiat. They don't seem to realise you can be three sigmas out from the mean and still not be a Democrat.

As for that last paragraph: they call Bush inarticulate?

Hi Pat:I think it's ... (Below threshold)

Hi Pat:I think it's great that 38 Mil.read about her silly rant.The fact that NOBODY is showing up at these appearances speaks volumes.The majority of clear thinking Americans don't buy their schtik and apparently their own crowd doesn't either.Imagine their mindset after Bush wins re-election.I say,'Poetic Justice' shall prevail.

Rosie has gotten a whole lo... (Below threshold)

Rosie has gotten a whole lot of mileage out of being a homosexual. As do a few others in media.

But, other than that she's a lesbian, what else is there? An obnoxious person, in my viewing and reading experience. I don't get where her homosexuality gives her license to "lead" or otherwise promote much of anything, and that's a lot of why I and a lot of other people find her to be offensive.

I agree with that comment about O'Donnell truly being terrible to "Magnum, P.I." (Tom Selleck) when he appeared on O'Donnell's show...it was then that Rosie lost any affiliation with comedy for me and I stopped tuning in on my once-a-year-stop to her broadcast. I thought it was incredibly brave of Selleck to make a visit, despite me never figuring out why he'd bother.

The all-time money shot wou... (Below threshold)

The all-time money shot would be a photo of the look on Rosie O's face if Bush wins because the House of Representatives settles the election after a 269-269 tie following a scenario (which is entirely plausible) in which Kerry wins Colorado, but only gets 5 of the 9 electoral votes because his campaign's attempt to steal 4 votes was a success.

Granted, it would be much better for the country if either of these gentlemen won with a majority of the popular vote (no pluralities, please) and a clear electoral majority (300+ EVs). But just for the look on Rosie O's face... the above scenario... What can I say? It would be delicious.






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