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Dems launch character assassination in Ohio

This is what's known in the business as "Setting the Stage."

On the wind-swept plaza outside his Columbus offices, a group of Democrats gathered to assail Ken Blackwell, Ohio's elections chief, as "the next Katherine Harris."

They brandished fliers featuring a grainy and clownish photo of Harris, lambasted for her role as secretary of state in the 2000 Florida election debacle, beside the contorted, bespectacled face of Blackwell, another Republican with an equals sign between them.

Democrats condemned Blackwell's directives on election rules, spoke conspiratorially of his role as an honorary co-chair of the Bush- Cheney '04 committee in Ohio, and accused him of trying to "cook" the presidential election.

So who is this Republican? -- This spawn of Karl Rove.

(Update below fold)

Blackwell is, on most days, a pariah within his own state party.

He was not always a Bush backer and, in fact, there was a time he wasn't even a Republican. ...

Raised by proud, hard-working parents in the Laurel Homes housing project in Cincinnati's West End, Blackwell recalls that his dad wanted to see him box his way out of poverty.

The family had already had some success in sports. Blackwell's grandfather had played baseball in the Negro Leagues and his uncle won an Olympic gold medal in the long jump in 1924. But after taking one particularly nasty blow, Blackwell likes to say, "I decided to pursue a more scholarly career." ...

Cleveland attorney and former Ohio congressman Dennis Eckart, a college classmate, recalls the college-age Blackwell as "an afro-wearing, black power saluting, dashiki-dressed student leader" in the late 1960s at Cincinnati's Xavier University, where he was president of the black student association. ...

Blackwell's wife of 36 years, Rosa, said she doesn't think her husband has changed "in any way in terms of his principles" since those days.

"We all evolve and mature in whatever we do," she said. "I don't think his core beliefs have changed." ...

Just in the past year, Blackwell championed a highly visible, though unsuccessful campaign to repeal a penny sales-tax hike that set him at odds with Ohio Republican Chairman Bob Bennett, Republican Gov. Bob Taft, GOP House Speaker Larry Householder and most of the Republicans in the state legislature.

Householder aides responded by drafting a secret plan to destroy Blackwell's state political career - which they called "a 10-year-long Lincoln Day dinner of rhetoric and conservative red meat - without results." They theorized that launching the tax- repeal effort was "all about his political future."

Blackwell later unleashed his investigators - to the chagrin, again, of the Republican mainstream - on alleged improprieties in Householder's fund-raising practices.

"Ken's a lone ranger," Bob Bennett said. "He marches to the beat of his own drummer." ...

So the Democrats are protesting and calling him Katherine Harris with over a week to go before election day! They are setting the stage to protest the vote in Ohio when they lose... Just like their handbook said they would.

Get a head of the curve and read this biographical piece. At the rate things are going, you'll be hearing the name Ken Blackwell for months if not years.

UPDATE: The guy that the Democrats are busy slandering might be responsible for giving the state to Kerry.

In ordering Mr. Nader off the ballot in response to a challenge from Democrats, Mr. Blackwell sided with his assistant elections counsel, who ruled that 2,756 of the Nader petition signatures should be invalidated because the person who signed the petition did not circulate it, the circulator was not an Ohio resident, or several other irregularities occurred.

If he were such a partisan hack, he'd want Nader on the ballot.


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Comments (17)

What is Harris' status toda... (Below threshold)

What is Harris' status today. It seems to me she is more highly respected than she ever was and she has been vindicated. Take a lesson - never back down from what is right.

Even more troubling to me i... (Below threshold)

Even more troubling to me is the quote in the story from a Cincinnati Democrat about Blackwell being accused of "disenfranchising" blacks. Coupled with Liz Edwards' line about there not being riots if the Democrats win, it sounds to me like someone's laying the ground work for some post-election mayhem.

Looks like another bizarre ... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Looks like another bizarre case of a man living the American dream being pulled back into the muck by Democrats.

I've already decided that I am not voting for any Democrat whatsoever before 2008. This is in spite of the fact that where I live the NRA is endorsing some of the Dems. The Dems have gone way beyond what is acceptable in an established democracy/republic. I won't call them anti-American or unpatriotic, but I will say that they are so pro Democrat Party that I find nothing in their actions that remind me of the great history of this great country.

Hey-Came across yo... (Below threshold)


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http://collegeball.blogspot.com. I'd very much appreciate a link on your site.

And would gladly return the favor, adding you to my blogroll.


Yoni Cohen, http://collegeball.blogspot.com
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Hey-Came across yo... (Below threshold)


Came across your blog today. Noticed your post about Cecil at SportsBlog.org.

Hoping you're a big sports fan and could add a Blogroll link to my "College Basketball Blog,"
http://collegeball.blogspot.com. I'd very much appreciate a link on your site.

And would gladly return the favor, adding you to my blogroll.


Yoni Cohen, http://collegeball.blogspot.com
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Spamming is rude enough....... (Below threshold)

Spamming is rude enough.... But twice?

this is JUST the opening ro... (Below threshold)

this is JUST the opening round. the final round will be DNC/moveon sponsored riots

Election riots? Sounds like... (Below threshold)

Election riots? Sounds like terrorism to me.

I have never understood the... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I have never understood the people who fondly look back at the 60s and early 70s and relish the thought of taking down the man. It wasn't a good time. I hope that Kerry is the last gasp of this generation of fools. The 2008 election is still too early for Gen X to take over the reigns, so I'm hoping some tail-end baby boomers rise to the top of the parties in the next few years.

I don't keep up much with politics (other than this presidential thingy we go through every now and then), but God help us if in 2008 all the Dems have to offer is Gephardt, Gore, Lieberman, Kerry, Pelosi, and Clinton.

Hey Paul, who are you hoping to see run in 2008?

Funny that comparing someon... (Below threshold)

Funny that comparing someone to another Republican counts as "character assasination." Well, not so much funny as true. At this point to support this adminstration, there have to be some screws loose.


This election looks a lot l... (Below threshold)

This election looks a lot like the 1932 German election, as far as the activities taking place, with a few new twists thrown in for good measure. Hitler didn't have to deal with an independent Internet, and the US hasn't managed to take away EVERYONE'S firearms yet, so it may not turn out quite the same way.

Once we are through this election, there has to be some SERIOUS work done to eliminate voter fraud. It's too late to do anything about half of the crap this time, but this has to be the LAST time. Any politician that stands in the way needs to be sent to one of Saddam's spider-holes. It's also time to stop pretending that our neighbors to the north and south are friends, and to start dealing with them in a strong, business-like manner. If they don't like it, or if their citizens feel "put upon", maybe they should taste the working end of the 3rd Armored Division.

Our politicians have done far too much to leave us vulnerable to a dozen threats, for THEIR BENEFIT, and the shoe fits for both parties. There's a time for a house-cleaning, and I think that time has come.

Is anyone surprised the the... (Below threshold)

Is anyone surprised the the Left is trying to undermine and denigrate the election process? I saw a poll that shows 48% of Americans believe the election will be a fraud. That's because the Lefties in the MSM have been pounding that message into the national psyche. The idea is to deconstruct all of the institutions of our nation including national elections. Everything the Left touches turns to sh*t. Remember what the Left's main man Karl Marx once said, "Accuse others of what you do."

REV. JORDAN AT CINCINNATI A... (Below threshold)

REV. JORDAN AT CINCINNATI AME: "We are asking you to support him. I'm not worried about a 501 (c) (3) doctrine. We are asking you to support him."


Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) organizations (including churches) are "absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office." (IRS Pub.1828)

As it did in 1992, 1996 and 2000, the IRS issued an election year advisory this past April reminding 501(c)(3) organizations of this prohibition. In its recent advisory letter, the IRS referenced a case, Branch Ministries vs. Rossotti. 211 F.3d 137 (D.C. Cir. 2000). In this case an appeals court upheld the revocation of a church's tax-exempt status because the church engaged in political activities. Just prior to the 1992 presidential election, the church published newspaper ads titled "Christians Beware" and asserted that then-Governor Clinton's positions on abortion, homosexuality, and the distribution of condoms to teenagers in schools violated Christian teaching. The court found that the church's political activity violated the Internal Revenue Code's prohibition on intervening in political campaigns.

In 2000 the Dems claimed th... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

In 2000 the Dems claimed that they are allowed to do this because Black churches are de facto community centers and that prohibiting political speech in these places is akin to racism. The Clinton administration did make it very clear that they would go after white churches who exercised the black church's rights to free speech.

This illegal politicking in Black churches is never going to go away because the Republicans aren't able to bring legal action at a Federal level. It comes down to Racism trumps the Law.

Have I ever mentioned that I think Democrats are pussies who can't win on a level playing field?

Paul,That's not a ... (Below threshold)


That's not a double spam... you see they have this thing attached so when it pops up, it's like whatever you posted didn't exist, so you hit the post button again only to find it twice and sometimes 3 times. I know, It's happened to me.

OK, Cindy, so he's not a st... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

OK, Cindy, so he's not a stuttering spammer, but still a spammer. He oughta be whacked over the head.

Much like that guy who keeps posting the bit about the church and the 501(c)(3) thing in in every thread, even when it's not political...


Oh yeah. Katherine Harris, ... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

Oh yeah. Katherine Harris, the 2000 election lightning rod? The voters were so pissed at her that they elected her to Congress. But, I suppose you could argue for that being a demotion.






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