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John Kerry agrees with you

If you can't make up your mind in this election, it might help you to listen to this radio ad to learn that "John Kerry agrees with you." via an indirect link at Spoons


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I've heard the parady ad a ... (Below threshold)

I've heard the parady ad a few times. It's by WABC radio's Mark Simone. It's hilarious because he uses John Kerry soundbites to make his point in the guise of a pro-Kerry campaign ad. Also, Mark Levin of WABC has another hysterically funny ad advocating Liberals, Marxists, Democrats and other boycott the vote. He calls it the Mark Levine Suppress the Vote and at the end in his own very male voice he says, "I'm Hillary Rodham Clinton and I endorse this ad." LOL. Two funny Marks -- Simone and Levin.






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