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CBS Wears "Kick Me" Sign, Again

Remember that todays New York Times article was made possible by tips from the fine folks at CBS's 60 Minutes. Since we all know how solid their research is, and how unbiased the New York Times is, I for one am shocked that NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reports from first hand knowledge the the Times/CBS team was just flat ass wrong...

All the details at The Kerry Spot.

Update: Drudge has the siren out for this one...

Semi Related Update: Truth, Lies & Common Sense reports that Scarborough Country guest host Pat Buchanan apologized for Lawrence O'Donnell's breakdown on the show last Friday.


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Comments (14)

That sound you hear is libe... (Below threshold)

That sound you hear is liberal bloggers everywhere gasping for air.

yes,the same sound t... (Below threshold)

the same sound that was heard when people reported
that Kerry had cheated during the debate.

Remember the Video?
The 'Pen' ?

Different Question:

Where is Osama Bin Laden?
Why is he still at large?

Let's see... now Joe Lockha... (Below threshold)

Let's see... now Joe Lockhart and crew will be saying:

1) we should have let inspectors stay and guard the facility.

2) we should have gone to the French, told them to buy the explosives with the money they received from the Oil-for-Food program, and then donate the explosives to Bashar al-Assad, thereby saving Saddam the transportation costs.

3) we should have invaded Iraq sooner.

Let's see what option they choose.

Where is Osama Bin Laden... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Where is Osama Bin Laden?

He's dead. That is why you haven't seen or heard form him since December of 2001.

- I am absolutely lovin it.... (Below threshold)

- I am absolutely lovin it....

- Aparently the MSM forgot to tell the DNC that "float and grab" for "headline talking points only works if you bother with "nuances" like facts.....and we can't deal with accuracy"....

- All the Democraps jumped on this and there are endless TV soundbites....

- This has Karl's fingerprints all over it ( thought I'd save the moonbats the trouble and go ahead and say it for them....)

- BWWWAAAAHHHhhahahahahahahahahah

So people believing Iraq, t... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

So people believing Iraq, the UN, the NYT, and the IAEA are stupid?

The point remains, even if NBC is right, we are missing multiple hundreds of tons of dangerous material. I will be happy if it isn't because the US failed to guard it, but it doesn't make the problem any less worse.

And, Paul, having a Bush admin f'up story be incorrect does not leave the left gasping for air. It leaves the right breathing a sigh of relief.

The most telling part of th... (Below threshold)

The most telling part of this story is not the collection of facts and how Kerry ran with the story or how horrible the NYT is, 'cause none of that is news to us. No, the best part is that NBC HAD to run with the correct story even though you knew they wanted to try an burry it. Yet, they knew they couldn't because eventually someone (blogger probably???) would have dug it up and NBC would have been eating dung with the rest of them. This was their chance to try and distance themselves from their "rivals" and the "liberal" tag.


Nope, the Whitehouse said i... (Below threshold)

Nope, the Whitehouse said it was gone before we got there. You guys called them liars. Turns out they were right.

Any apologies from the left?

I have called them liars mu... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I have called them liars multiple times, but not in this instance.

Kerry is now claiming that ... (Below threshold)

Kerry is now claiming that the NBC report was a coverup.

Is there even a quote befor... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Is there even a quote before the NBC article from the White House saying that this happened before the invasion?

This is what Kerry deserves... (Below threshold)

This is what Kerry deserves for not listening to good advice:

Third Presidential Debate [October 13, 2004]
BUSH: In all due respect, I'm not so sure it's credible to quote leading news organizations about -- oh, nevermind.

Yes, the LLL are gasping for air because Kerry just took the headlines and ran; accusing Bush of "unbelievable incompetence" that he "failed to guard those stockpiles". Kerry never bothered to verify, not a trait I want to see in my President.

It's a childish debating tactic, and gullible. Two months in politics teaches you the press isn't to be trusted; after 20 years Kerry either doesn't learn, or doesn't care whether he tells the truth or not.

I like the explanation that... (Below threshold)

I like the explanation that the NBC report was fake. I guess 18 months ago they knew that CBS and the Times were going to run a story about missing explosives so they went ahead and faked a report in 2003 so that they could drag it out at election time to prove NYT wrong...this is the most absurd thing they have said yet. NYT and the rest of the lefty media said the US was responsible, actually that Bush was. We were not there when it went away. Left was wrong, Bush was right. Lefties who can't see how biased the media is and how many lies they have told just in the last few months need to have a reality check.

This is how I see it. Bush ... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

This is how I see it. Bush is being blamed for the incompetence of the United Nations and the IAEA. I'm supposed to feel confident in the UN and it's sanctions and inspection regimes when all they do is put a fancy plasitic tag on dangerous weapons and think that is a detterent. Kind of like a letter of protection that a beaten wife gets against her husband. We all know how well that works. If this material can be used in nuclear bombs as I'm told it can be then is this not evidence of Sadamms existing WMD program. Why was he allowed to keep it at all. Dual use material is not going to cut it with me. Second it is my understanding from a report I just saw on CNN newsnight that there was a question of some missing 30k tons??? between 1998 and 2003. Why are we still arguing about wether or not Sadamm was a threat worth disposing of? It's obvious that the MSM is going to continue to say that Bush was irresponsible to have let this stuff get loose. The guy on CNN seemed to suggest the millitary probably just didn't look hard enough and may have overlooked it....kind of like Kerry and his crew back in Vietnam during the silver star incident were they missed the weapons buried under the ladies garden. Amazing expression of self loathing blame America first syndrome.






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