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The Real John Kerry

Here's your BIG STORY...

Isn't it amazing that ESPN manages to catch the real John Kerry in the scope of one 10 question interview?

Kerry seems to have a pathological need to insert himself into famous events or situations, a la Forrest Gump, regardless of whether he will later be called to account for the inconsistency of his statements.

According to an ESPN interview, Sen. John Kerry claimed to be just "30 yards away" from Bill Buckner's infamous error in game 6 of the 1986 World Series. That fateful game was held at Shea Stadium in New York on October 25, 1986.

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire reports that a Boston Globe article places Kerry in Boston that night at a banquet.

No record of Kerry ever running the Boston Marathon has ever been found, and you can be assured plenty of people have been looking all summer...

Update: The Kerry camp has assured ESPN that he was in both Boston and New York that evening. Their track record (see Christmas In Cambodia) is exceptional in these matters and should, of course, be given the proper level credence...


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Comments (9)

Whenever Kerry opens his mo... (Below threshold)

Whenever Kerry opens his mouth to talk about sports (or any other "regular guy" activity) I shudder in embarrassment for him. Peter Gammons of ESPN took him to town earlier this year for wrongly naming "his favorite Red Sox" was Eddie Yost who never even played for the Sox and for referring to David Ortiz as "Manny Ortiz"... I hope Sox fans don't let him attach himself to their win (you know he'll try, he's shameless)

Between the Lambert Field screw up, and the Buckeyes comment in MI, and the goofy football photos I'd say Kerry knows less about sports than your typical American male. Nothing wrong with that, just don't try an' tell us you do.

Honestly, this guy is just ... (Below threshold)

Honestly, this guy is just one more divorce away from walking around South Beach wearing nothing but a George Hamilton tan, Speedos, and a heavy gold chain, trying to pick up well-tanned divorcees by mentioning his time "as a stunt pilot" and making "cockpit" jokes.

Joel said "I'd say Kerry kn... (Below threshold)

Joel said "I'd say Kerry knows less about sports than your typical American male. "

Joel, I think Kerry knows less about sports than your typical American female, let alone male!

I think his answer about Pe... (Below threshold)

I think his answer about Pedro says more about him than anything else.

He's a great player, we should hold on to him, but maybe possibly not at all costs or something. Let me ask my pollsters.

It's like he's Forrest Gump... (Below threshold)

It's like he's Forrest Gump!

oops...I should have read t... (Below threshold)

oops...I should have read the whole post before I commented:)

A navy officer takes his sw... (Below threshold)
David D:

A navy officer takes his swift boat up a Vietnamese river in late 1968, carrying a government agent with an unknown mission. Although the US was not officially involved in Cambodia, that's where they went. It was a dangerous trip, nearly coming under friendly fire from Christians, and losing their mascot dog after being hit by a mine. . .

JFKerry? No, that's the movie Apocolypse Now.

What an inspiration Mr Kerry must be. This is even better than being the role model for a novel about a Love Story.

Kerry wouldn't know Bill Bu... (Below threshold)

Kerry wouldn't know Bill Buckner if he tripped over him. After his earlier comical sports gaffes, I wonder how much time his staff has had to waste prepping him on which teams play football and which teams play baseball (and what the difference is). Moon bat.

I'm just wondering... did E... (Below threshold)

I'm just wondering... did ESPN do a "10 Questions" with the President? Or would that be asking too much?






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