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Kerry Commie Story Thoughts

First, we need an easier phrase than "Kerry Commie Story" -- Quick somebody invent a -gate. commiegate?

Second... MAN I've only skimmed this but it has Bill Burkett written all over it. What I mean by that is 30 year old documents (No, there are no th's) magically appeared that proved exactly what all of Kerry's critics suspected. You know the left is going to go ultrahypermootbatonspeedwhacky trying to prove they are bogus.

So let's learn a lesson from this weekend and let it grow. More thoughts will be posted here after I finish reading it. I'm leaving the original post strictly as a mirror.

Third: If this is true.. It will have much wider implications than one presidential candidate. If the commies were directly using the protester's as "useful idiots" the whole way we as a culture look at the 1960's and 70's will change. I haven't figured out how, but it will change. (Deep thoughts for 3am.)

BTW for the background on this post go here.

More thoughts below the fold...

OK The Docs apparently have some weight so far...

Swift Boat Vets and POWs for Truth dispatched two researchers to Texas Tech University's Vietnam-era archive in Lubbock, which has more than 2 million documents, and "see if there was anything there," Corsi said.

Many of the documents are in Vietnamese and have not been translated yet.

The documents were found in boxes containing documents from antiwar activities during 1971-72, but they also turned out to be posted in an Internet database, which enabled further verification.

If they were on the Texas Tech website greater than (say) 12 months ago, I'm going to be real close to being a believer.

I have a cookie for the first person who can google them up.

But I still have some questions....

If these had to be translated, (recently?) why are we looking at 5th generation looking copies? Seems like we could be looking at a clean copy?

OK So I can't read Vietnamese but why not post the original docs in Vietnamese???

I dunno, I have some doubts but nothing that makes me not believe it yet... but I gotta sleep.


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Comments (51)

You could try Stalingate or... (Below threshold)

You could try Stalingate or Leningate. That might work for now.

Hanoigate is enough! "Hano... (Below threshold)

Hanoigate is enough! "Hanoi John"? Not invented by the VRWC!

Realistically, wouldn't a d... (Below threshold)

Realistically, wouldn't a document dump answer any critics?

(Not that the critics will be interested in the truth, mind you....)

Hanoigate is enough! "Hano... (Below threshold)

Hanoigate is enough! "Hanoi John"? Not invented by the VRWC!

NOW WHY won't he sign the g-ddamned SF180????

The plot thickens...

How about "John Kerry Sc... (Below threshold)

How about "John Kerry Screwed By Paris Hanoi Hilton Documents"?

Or just simply "General GiapGate"?

B.C. I might have to find a... (Below threshold)

B.C. I might have to find an extra cookie for you. That was funny.

SCREWGATE.KERRY'S ... (Below threshold)





How about, THEGENERALPUBLIC... (Below threshold)
Bill K:


JOHNCOMMUNISTKERRY... (Below threshold)




....I think it's a more pervasive influence than just John Kerry, although he is a great place to start. The DNC chosing Kerry for a candidate and some very high profile Senators who have also been endorsing him and for quite a while, indicates a seriously shared influence and an acceptance of Kerry as their representative..so, given Kerry's proven track record endorsing and being advised by communism, not limited to just "Hanoi" (because "Hanoi" was just 'influenced' by others -- not like Hanoi was it's own movement, is what I mean), it indicates to me a greater involvement in communism by other Democrats.

Which is the real problem, when you think about it, why they are and why they aren't talking about it, and why people who try to talk about it are dismissed, and the leftwingmedia denigration begins, targeting critics.

Because, what the DNC HAS m... (Below threshold)

Because, what the DNC HAS managed to achieve, if that's a good word for it (maybe not), is that they're "for the people" and those who are enthused about that and have taken the bait are also attracted to the "for the people" line-o-propoganda. Meaning, the socialist appeal of communism is what the DNC has managed to sell well to those who are committed to it. Just read the internet.

Today's most active "Democrats" are also today's most active endorsers and enthusiasts for and about American communism. They've just managed to dodge the word, "communism" and apply the word, "Democrat" instead but the premise and plans and appeals are the same.

Well, if we have to apply a... (Below threshold)

Well, if we have to apply a "something-gate" name to this, I'd suggest "Useful-Idiot-gate."

What's truly amazing is tha... (Below threshold)

What's truly amazing is that we're less than a week from the election, and John Kerry has never even been seriously questioned once by any interviewer on his hob-nobbing with two enemy delegations while in uniform, in the middle of a war, and while leading an organization that had to vote to decide whether assassinating and/or kidnapping members of Congress might be going a little too far.

Compare to the four years of breathless media masturbation over the Bush TANG story, which even if the most scandalous and hare-brained theories were 100% accurate, would be a mere footnote compared to this...

For the name, I suggest "Tour of Treason"

"If your Johnnie is a commi... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

"If your Johnnie is a commie, you gotta turn him in."

Paul:I searched ar... (Below threshold)


I searched around the web, and so far have managed to find a likely site where one would find the info... at the very least it gives contact info for reproductions from the CDEC archives:


Type in CDEC and you'll get the info that you need. Basically, it's stored as microfiche, and includes data from between 1965 and 1973.

CDEC stands for Combined Documentation Exploitation Center - we've got the document number from the first link on winter soldier, you could contact them and perhaps ask for a repro of that document:

Here's what they say when you click to view:

"Due to copyright and/or donor restrictions, this item is not currently available online in a digital format. The record of the item is provided to inform researchers of the item's availability in the Vietnam Archive. Most items can be viewed in person at the Vietnam Archive, or other arrangements can be made. For more information about viewing this item, please contact us by phone at (806) xxx-xxxx, [number clip by editor- If you want it, you have to dig] or by email at [email protected] When contacting us, please provide the item's title, collection, media format, and item number."


A further thought: <p... (Below threshold)

A further thought:

The link above indicates that the archive is at Texas Tech university - perhaps some arrangement might be made for a reader here who's local to the University to drop by and do the (if) necessary legwork.

Clearly Treasongate is the ... (Below threshold)
Karl Rotstan:

Clearly Treasongate is the most appropriate name here

Wow! What a story!!! I'm sh... (Below threshold)

Wow! What a story!!! I'm shocked!!! A Liberal consorting with communists. First of all, why do we call those people Liberals. At best they're leftists, at worst they're communists or neo-Marxists. Do we call those Montana militia-folks conservatives? No. We call them extremist right-wingers. People like actor Ron Silver or former mayor Ed Koch are Liberals. People like Kerry are traitors.

Here's the Lipscomb article... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

Here's the Lipscomb article:


Hanoi Approved of Role Played By Anti-War Vets

BY THOMAS LIPSCOMB - Special to the Sun
October 26, 2004

Call it JFKommiegate.... (Below threshold)

Call it JFKommiegate.

Geezzz . . . If Kerry gets elected I can see it now . . . 4 years of JFKommiegate . . . the Republicans trying to impeach Kerry for treason.

Hanoi Jane was a useful idiot . . . she appologized. Of course, Jane was a pseudo-ultraleft-intellectual with ties to the SDS and the Black Panthers who dreamed one day of marrying a billionaire, then becoming a video workout queen.

I'm not so sure Kerry was a useful idiot given the lying his group did at Senate hearings. Kerry was a propagandist . . . with ties to a communist government. And he knew damn well he was lying to the Senate too -- that's why he never apologized . . . he would be confessing to perjury.

So Kerry's still a propagandist . . . he just more nuanced now.

In fact, this guy's so damn nuanced, you can't tell what political or economic system he believes in . . . or can you?

Is this site going te expen... (Below threshold)

Is this site going te expend the same amount of energy looking at fonts and kerning that they did with the faked Texas Air National Guard memos? It might be a good idea, these documents might be a plant, you know, Rather's Revenge.

Traitorgate.... (Below threshold)


Maybe I'm missing something... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm missing something. Is there anything in this that we didn't already know? I thought it has been out in the news for years that the various protest groups were funded by communist front groups like Ed Asner's group ANSWER.

I think that it's always be... (Below threshold)

I think that it's always been alleged, and alleged in a broad sense, not in this specific circumstance.

On another note - to speak to Paul's question about how long these have been online:

I think that it's safe to say that the reference I found is the one referred to in the WorldNet article; and since the online reference is to a microfiche collection, it's probably very safe to say that the documents are genuine. The NY Sun article includes the confirmation that would have been cool to get here first :( but oh well!

Can I still get a cookie? :D hehe...

How about Communigate?... (Below threshold)

How about Communigate?

REDGATEthis... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:



- With the shameless aplumb... (Below threshold)

- With the shameless aplumb that the MSM has shilled for Kerry in this election cycle you'd get no argument from me if you called it MediaGate....

- If the blackout continues on inclusion of the NBC embedded reporters account in the "Amazing disappearing weapons stockpole", so far even on the NBC site, and gets re-inforced by more of the same on HanoiGate, then I'd say the question of MSM complicity in this whole election long mess at least equals in importance Kerry's anti-American activities....

- I liked the Elder Bush's joke on Imus that Kerry is leading 100% to 0 among "likely to vote" New York Times repoters....

This has to be the most red... (Below threshold)

This has to be the most rediculous and desperate attempt to tar the next president of the United States ... John F. Kerry

Dave (the other one)

The documents have been ver... (Below threshold)

The documents have been verified by the the schools arcivist, I don't have his name, but they have been on the net for some time. Problem was they were in vietnamise and had not been translated. I only hope the fellow travelers NBC, CBS,ABC and CNN don't do a cover up as usual. People that are for kerry must be brain dead paraphasing joe biteing

Puppetgate... (Below threshold)


I was going to suggest Pupp... (Below threshold)

I was going to suggest PuppetGate but now all I can do is second the motion. That's going to be hard to top.

Chuck: The documents' authe... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

Chuck: The documents' authenticity was confirmed by Stephen Maxner, archivist at the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech in Lubbock.

- Maybe the best thing to c... (Below threshold)

- Maybe the best thing to come out of this election, aside from a re-election of W, is the "outing" of the new brand of leftist National socialists that have infested the Democrap party. Maybe we could dub them the "Commucans". Communist American's. Except I hate to use the two words in conjunction no matter how accurate it is.....

'Hanoi's Stooge'Ou... (Below threshold)
McWert Deglieb:

'Hanoi's Stooge'

Our enemies have always loved him

I have PDF's of the documen... (Below threshold)

I have PDF's of the documents in question here.

I've been paranoid that eve... (Below threshold)

I've been paranoid that ever since Rathergate, the media is looking for the blogging community to overreact to a story or readily accept any story which will be later disproven. This gives them the ammo to discredit blogging.

I'm giving this warning, because if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Gee, I guess Kerry really i... (Below threshold)

Gee, I guess Kerry really is a "Reds" fan after all.

I couldn't think of a prope... (Below threshold)

I couldn't think of a proper-gate type title for it, having used up my creative juices for Synch-Gate (Ashlee Simpson). However, I did entitle my blog post "John Forbes Kommie". best I could do at short notice :)

I agree with you in that this story has implications reaching far, far, beyond John Kerry. I wrote:

"If this is true, then this should be a huge blow, not just to Kerry, but to the entire 70's anti-war movement. The fact that the NV Communist Gov't was directly controlling anti-war groups here in America raises a question about every single activity. It raises doubts as to their motives, their stated goals, their professed purpose - everything. Is this the magic bullet that will shatter, once and for all, the illusions around the Viet Nam war? Will those veterans finally have a chance to regain their honor?"

If the docs are true, then this story is bigger than just about anything else this year, and its effects will be felt far beyond 2004.

Lyle's TraitorGate h... (Below threshold)

Lyle's TraitorGate has the best ring of all the ones so far.

And it's the most appropriate.

I was going to suggest a play on Winter Soldier, but that one is pithy and to the point.

"DupeGate"Is what ... (Below threshold)


Is what I'm calling it.

[Earlier](http://www.opinionatedbastard.com/archives/000161.html) I wrote about whether Kerry's anti-war activities disqualified him for public office.

Does this new information make Kerry ineligible?

Looking at the documents, its pretty clear that Kerry was a Communist _Dupe_ not a Communist _Stooge_. Being a Stooge would invalidate him, being a Dupe won't, except perhaps in the eyes of the voters.

I was under the impression ... (Below threshold)

I was under the impression that it has been long known that the communists in general, and Soviets specifically, took advantage of the lefty peaceniks to undermine this country, as useful idiots and probably more at times. To me this is no big deal unless it truly identifies that it was more and Kerry ought have known it.

Kerry did know that Al Hubb... (Below threshold)

Kerry did know that Al Hubbard (founder of VVAW) wasn't a Vietnam Vet, and that he was a member of the communist party.

Kerry BihnLaden -gate... (Below threshold)

Kerry BihnLaden -gate

How about The JaneMyLai sto... (Below threshold)

How about The JaneMyLai story?

Ummm..... I thought it was ... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Ummm..... I thought it was already common knowlege that various communist governments had associations with various groups in the US, including parts of the anti-war movement.

Why is this news?

Oh, c'mon guys. Simple and ... (Below threshold)

Oh, c'mon guys. Simple and catchy does it.


Though I'm afraid that Bill K's "THEGENERALPUBLICISNTGOINGTOCAREGATE?" is far more accurate.

Traitorgate is easy to spit... (Below threshold)

Traitorgate is easy to spit out and wins over other suggestions in meaning.

Kerry was no dupe. Even if he were just meeting with NVN & Cong for political padding for his anti-war movement, he knew damn well they were communists and was collaborating with them against the law on the books at the time. He belongs in jail, certainly not anywhere near the White House or Capitol.

It's all so ironic. According to CBS, it's not important whether the documents are authentic, since we all know that the "substance" of their content is what matters....:-)

Traitorgate... (Below threshold)


If these had to be transl... (Below threshold)

If these had to be translated, (recently?) why are we looking at 5th generation looking copies? Seems like we could be looking at a clean copy?

The documents Corsi presented had been translated some time ago. There are many, many documents that have yet to be translated is what he meant. Which means there is more, much more informatin and I'm sure there are lots of Vietnamese refugees here who would cheerfully offer to help with that task.

Manchurian CandiGate... (Below threshold)

Manchurian CandiGate

All the -gates above are ve... (Below threshold)

All the -gates above are very descriptive, but my favorite is Traitorgate. His actions were knowing and willing when he met with the enemy in Paris.

(It may be old news to some who paid in attention in 1971, but the younger generation also needs to know about it now.)

Also, see on VVAW's (Vietnam Vets Against War) own site a letter praising VVAW's past and continuing work for communist Vietnam, from its President Le Duc Anh in 1995.

What pisses me off is that ... (Below threshold)

What pisses me off is that this is still a "non-existent" story to the press. I've emailed several talk shows, Paul Harvey, Bill O'Rielly and others and I have yet to hear one word from a 'major' news source on this. In the meantime they are showing sat photos of the weapons being moved by the Russians (!!!! what the he|| are they doing there !!!) days before the invasion and Kerry and every aide he has is still spouting that it's Bush's fault the weapons are gone.
How many times can you repeat the same lie??
Oh ... how silly of me ... that's how the left works!






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