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Rebutting Kerry Endorsements

University of Chicago Political Science Associate Professor Daniel Drezner and columnist Andrew Sullivan have decided to support John Kerry. Since they are both well read bloggers associated with the right side of the blogosphere this may seem a big shock to some. Those who have been reading them for an extended period know that it is hardly a surprise at all.

The rationale provided by each man centers on President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq.

The Global War On Terror - Where We Stand series was written as a rebuttal to endorsements of Mr. Drezner and Mr. Sullivan.

Update: Since the target audience for the article is wider than just those who are familiar with Drezner and Sullivan, the main navigation post for the series has moved.


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Comments (21)

I quit reading Sullied mont... (Below threshold)

I quit reading Sullied months ago but the fact that he supported Kerry for any other reason than gay marriage just insults my intelligence.

He is welcome to be a single issue voter whose issue is gay marriage... just don't try to claim it is anything else.

Didn't Sullivan decide not ... (Below threshold)

Didn't Sullivan decide not to support Bush based on same sex marriage? But he doesn't mention that as one of Bush's "failures."

Or is it — *gasp* — something he's ashamed of saying?

Didn't Sullivan decide not ... (Below threshold)

Didn't Sullivan decide not to support Bush based on same sex marriage? But he doesn't mention that as one of Bush's "failures."

Or is it — *gasp* — something he's ashamed of saying?

Grrr...sorry for the double... (Below threshold)

Grrr...sorry for the double post.

...stinkin' Internet...

Sully is silly: He... (Below threshold)

Sully is silly:

He'd rather Kerry was elected and pray he BECOMES a hawk,

than see Bush re-elected, and feel secure in the knowledge that Bush will counter-attack the Jihadaterrorists on every front - NO MATTER WHO IT PISSES OFF -

and have to fight the GOP on gay rights.


(1) Sully will have to take on the GOP on gay rights no matter who is elected president,

and (2) trusting that a Left-wing Dove like Kerry
might be converted into a hawk

Sully's priorities and his beliefs about Kerry are effed up.

DREZNER just wanted tenure. He is as cowardly as Kerry, and deserves to be shunned by all patriots of all parties. I for one am a Democrat in NYC who makes a kliving in the arts.

I have been OSTRACIZED by the Bohemiam Lefties here (Chomskyites and lib's damaged by BDS), but I am willing to pay the price to stand up for what I believe in. Drezner isn't.

Sully and Drez must each make WILDLY complicated arguments in order to come out for Kerry.

Supporting Bush is simple.

9//1 changed Bush, and transformed his foreign policy.


Kerry is a 9/11 dove in a 9/11 world.
And not ready for the Oavl Office - GOD FORBID!

Sully has no intellectual h... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

Sully has no intellectual honesty or credibility left. If he were honest, he would just admit that the gay marriage issue trumps everything else, and quit trying to parse his words and pretend otherwise.

The funny thing is this: when Sullivan was honest on national security issues, and made them his priority, he probably did a lot more to establish credibility for gays, especially with conservatives. Now he has thrown all that out of the window, and is just another marginalized leftie.

Note to the commentors: Dan... (Below threshold)

Note to the commentors: Dan Drezner is neither silly nor, as far as I know, gay.
Bashing Andrew Sullivan does not do anything to answer Daniel Drezner (who has done some excellent analyses on this war, by the way).

I'm supporting Bush but it's ONLY because I am old enough to remember Vietnam and what Kerry did there. If Vietnam were 'history' to me, I would not have truly understood what he did there and why it makes him even less of a choice than President Bush.

Even now that could change if Kerry would admit his mistakes and apologize for them. And yes, I know that's exactly what the Dems are demanding of Bush. What's good for the goose is good for the gander...

You all can say all you wan... (Below threshold)

You all can say all you want about endorsements and rebut them but the reality is that GWB had a many more endorsements in 2000 than he did this time.

Newspaper endorsements are a pretty good indicator and are not all liberal, in fact many Republican national candidates recieved a majority of newspaper endorsements and went on to win elections.

GWB is going down, don't let the Whitehouse door hit him on the...

Dave (the other one)

On the Andrew Sullivan endo... (Below threshold)

On the Andrew Sullivan endorsement, he points out the obvious GWB flip-flop on the issue of civil unions that he blasted while Howard Dean was still in contention for the nomination.

I guess even GWB and Karl Rove can't even add up enough Social/Religous Conservatives to put him over the top and he needs to pander to the Log Cabin Republicans, especially due to their high numbers of voters in South Florida.

Dave (the other one)

Flippity-Floppity - GWB You Are Going to be an Ex-President very soon and will have plenty of time for vacationing.

For the record, Sully can't... (Below threshold)

For the record, Sully can't vote. He's not an American citizen. After the Mizzzou and Louisiana votes on a gay marriage, Sully knows the only way gay marriage will ever happen in this country is through the judiciary. Thus his support for Kerry.

Earlier tonight, Tony Snow ... (Below threshold)

Earlier tonight, Tony Snow said the Kerry campaign has given up on Florida(campaign has very bad internals) and is going to make its last stand in Wisconsin, Penn, and Ohio.

Excellent read... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Excellent read

Bush is going down? Dave (t... (Below threshold)

Bush is going down? Dave (the other one) seems to think what idiots at the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. say will have an affect on anyone other than leftists and a few dimwitted moderates. Bush was endorsed by the largest police organization (union) in the nation (BTW, unlike the International Fireighters Union, the FOP actually polled their almost 400,000 members before endorsing Bush). He was endorsed by the NY City firefighters and all of the NYC unions representing cops. Polls show over 70% of military personnel will vote for Bush. An Army Times poll shows almost 75% of our soldiers, sailers and marines will vote for Bush. Does Dave (the other one) think anyone with half a brain cares what a bunch of elitist assholes in the MSM media think about Bush or Kerry?

Well, I just don't think it... (Below threshold)
Pauline K.:

Well, I just don't think it's possible for Bush to win. After all, everyone I know is voting for Kerry.

"The author and the editor ... (Below threshold)

"The author and the editor (me) encourge you to point friends to this post as a launch point to reading the whole series."

Kevin -

If I wanted to print out this essay to show to a few liberal friends without internet access, how should I credit the source? And, more importantly, would the author allow that?

- Kieth

He wants it widely read, so... (Below threshold)

He wants it widely read, so the answer would be yes - so long as it's not republished elsewhere, of course.

As for the source, just make it Wizbang. You have to give them the URL too, OK :-).

"He wants it widely read, s... (Below threshold)

"He wants it widely read, so the answer would be yes - so long as it's not republished elsewhere, of course."

Personal use only - gotcha ;)

"As for the source, just make it Wizbang. You have to give them the URL too"


Thanks Kevin.

You got a picture of some Iraqi kids headed to your mailbox, btw.

- Kieth

"Bush will counter-attack t... (Below threshold)

"Bush will counter-attack the Jihadaterrorists on every front - NO MATTER WHO IT PISSES OFF -"

That is why Saudi Arabia is still funding terrorism around the world?

I'll be blunt: Andrew Sull... (Below threshold)

I'll be blunt: Andrew Sullivan is a gay man who supports Kerry for obvious reasons.

No surprise to me, none at all, that he'd endorse Kerry. I mean, I'd have been shocked had he endorsed President Bush.

I've never understood the fascination people have with Sullivan's blog. I read it once and it was embarrassing. How the guy squeaks donations out of his readers...well...

And, about that, there is a... (Below threshold)

And, about that, there is a theme in the country that is pushed forward boasting Kerry by the homosexual community. Democrats can banter and rewrite the very Bible (most of them do at their convenience -- Gore, Clinton, Kerry, Edwards...) but they despise people who confront them as individuals about their own character.

I've heard several advisors to Kerry on television (males) (homosexual males based upon their presentations) who laud themselves as "Catholics" and always make their history in "the Church" known...let's see, it's usually something like this: "I was raised in the church, I was an alter boy, I attended Catholic schools, I was a member of the Knights of Columbus for xcx years..."

And then they continue on to encourage a humanistic concept of "religion" that defies the Catholic Church and indicates that they find the social brag involved to be adequate with what they need to rationalize what. The Church speaks about character of individuals, it doesn't speak about "legislation" and "governments" in any specific sense...

Such that, measuring an individual is what is significant, how a person manifests and comprises character. Anyone touting their social membership(s) as sufficient to sorta "pass" a muster test is without contact with Christianity in the context of the Catholic Church, as does Kerry, as do people who say that they can belong to the Church and yet endorse and support principles that defy what Christianity requires.

And that includes anyone who engages in homosexuality and abortion, murder, several other mortal sins...

It goes against what is socially trendy today, yes, but the Church isn't about social trendiness, despite what the Democrats are bastardizing Catholicism as being, with these horrible "Democrat advisors" and such affiliated with Kerry, as does Kerry himself.

Manifest and own those sins, behaviors, but don't lie about who you are, is the point. Be a legislator who embraces abortion, homosexuality, all of that, but don't try to be a representative of the Church, don't dare to call yourself a member of it. That's the point about Kerry's character, and people like him...

And the entire point about why homosexuals truly hate President Bush and "conservatives." The homosexual thing is a real motivator toward hating and demeaning anyone who represents otherwise.

excellent read. I have a c... (Below threshold)

excellent read. I have a compilation of the responses to sullivan's endorsement on my site and placed this at the top of it. well done indeed.






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