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The 5 Spot

Proving once again that I'm at least half the blogger Kevin is, I give you 5 things that you should see.

Venomous Kate has a message for the whole world that is not to be missed.

Jeff Quinton Has a strong stomach and hates his readers.

Steven Taylor is making toast again.

Fox News is reporting that a top level aide to Al-Zarqawi was killed by an air strike... link

And last but not least, our friend Pavel is having an Electoral Vote Count Contest. It looks like lots of fun and you can make 50 bucks for the charity of your choice. I should have mentioned it last week so help make up for me forgetting to post this by giving him a visit and taking a guess.. BTW Pavel put me down for Bush with 300 votes


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Wizbang is #37 blog based o... (Below threshold)

Wizbang is #37 blog based on traffic



Thanks mucho for the link, ... (Below threshold)

Thanks mucho for the link, Paul!

The October surprise will (... (Below threshold)

The October surprise will (hopefully) be Al-Zarqawi's head on a stick.

I'm predicting 342 Electoral votes for Bush. Watch the polls come down off the fence over the next few days. They've done all they can to help Kerry but in the end they will want to protect their credibility by being close to final vote.






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