Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

Here are the much delayed results for weeks Weekend Caption Contest™. Things got kind of hectic around here Sunday night, and have pretty much stayed that way since. Rodney Dill agreed to pick a list of winners (whose order I rearranged a bit). For his valiant service to the contest he is awarded an honorary winners slot (since it wouldn't have been fair for him to select his own entries).

Here are the winning captions for following photo:

John Kerry with Dana Reeve, widow of actor Christopher Reeve, in Columbus, Ohio before the start of Kerry's speech about technology and innovation.

1) (trappedinmn) - "[Dana Reeves thought bubble]: First I have to deal with a guy paralyzed from the neck down, now I've got to deal with this one who's paralyzed from the neck up..."

2) (jmaster) - "Kerry's Plan to Win the Piece"

3) (MahaRichie) - "The Senator and Dana Reeve display their approval and admiration at a screening of Senator Edwards hair combing video."

Honorary Winner (Rodney Dill) - "It's a bird, no it's a plane (er.. a plan) no it's Waffleman"

Honorable Mention

4) (Newshound) - "Kerry caught blocking American ingenuity and innovation!"

5) (OhioanForBush) - "Kerry's support for stem cell research was more than altruistic after learning that researchers are also looking into political spine reconstruction."

6) (Steve Lance) - "Carville can't mock me any more now. I had her and Clinton could only score a chunky intern."

Until next Friday...

Comments (8)

trappedinmn, I think your ... (Below threshold)

trappedinmn, I think your comment was over the edge and un called for in any forum

Alfonzo - that's why it won... (Below threshold)

Alfonzo - that's why it won.

Funny how Alfonzo thinks a caption is over the edge, but Kerry using Reeves for political purposes isn't.... go figure.

Fine job, guys.

If more people had a sense ... (Below threshold)

If more people had a sense of humor about human physical issues, we'd have less trauma and social insult associated WITH human physical issues.

I don't find that caption at all, AT ALL, offensive or insulting nor anything...it's funny! Good selection of a winner, although I'm partial to Rodney Dill's WAFFLEMAN nomer.

The only bah moment I had with this caption contest is that I never, as in never, win. *sniff.*

Something about that look o... (Below threshold)

Something about that look on Kerry's face...it's like...it's like he's...remembering Paris...or...his magic hat...or considering alliances...or...his manicure...or...Ho Chi Minh...

Looks to me like he is thin... (Below threshold)

Looks to me like he is thinking that Bill got away with it..why can't he.

Hmm. I wasn’t even thinkin... (Below threshold)

Hmm. I wasn’t even thinking of that one of mine as an “official” entry. It was more of an observation on the trackback link title.

But, hey, I’ll take whatever I can get! Uh oh, does that automatically make me a Democrat?

Thanks Rodney!

An abomination. This fine ... (Below threshold)

An abomination. This fine contest has lowered itself by putting the inmates in charge of the zoo with predicatable results. The monkeys prefer tirds to caviar. Thank you for sparing me the embarrassment of a winning entry.

Yo McCain:What's th... (Below threshold)

Yo McCain:What's the deal?You are starting to sound like me.Get your own schtik.Just kidding.
If you folks would start thinking 'Quality'and not 'Quantity'you may be surprised at the results.
jmaster won 2 weeks ago and last week finished second.The problem is he let it go to his head and started submitting some not very well thought out captions.All of a sudden he is a 'prolific genius'!
Brainstorm,work your thoughts, and then re-work them.There are very few people on Earth that can write from "Divine Inspiration"including 'yours truly'.






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