Wizbang and The Bullpen on the Case

Chad Evans is a Texas Tech alum who has first had knowledge of the document archive the "John Kerry worked with the commies" papers came from. (I'm still looking for a name as you can tell.)

He pulled some strings and got a brief interview with the archivist in charge of the collection. Chad and I worked on a set of questions for him. Here are the results.

"I just got off the phone with Steven Maxner, Director of the Vietnam Archive, and he answered a few questions for me.

How any member of the mainstream media contacted the Vietnam Archive in
relation to this story? No. Not the New York Times, the Washington Post or
any other major newspaper

Have you personally seen the documents in question? Yes I have. Can you vouch for the authenticity of the reports? Of course. These documents came from the the Douglas Pike Archive. Douglas Pike worked for the State Department and these documents came from our intelligence.

When did the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth visit the archives? Were they
able to find the documents right away or did they have to search for a
while? I cannot disclose personal information concerning any of our patrons
just as any library couldn't disclose personal information. The guys were
here sometime last week, though I was not here so I do not know what day
they came. It's my understanding they were here for a good portion of the
day so it they probably had to search for the documents and didn't know
where to find them when they came in.

You can read the rest of Chad's coverage including this latest update here.

I was surprised they found them in a single day but the archivist seemed surprised it took them that long so maybe that does not mean much. I really wonder what 5 people working for a week could uncover.

For the record, while the MSM is ignoring this, a few dedicated bloggers in their spare time are doing their job. That does not mean the NY Times should be running this yet, but they could at least pick up the phone.


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Comments (27)

Time to assemble the Pajama... (Below threshold)

Time to assemble the Pajamahadeen Peer Review Committee to vet what is turned up.

As for a name - Traitorgate... (Below threshold)

As for a name - Traitorgate leaps to mind...

hope those smeary Swifties ... (Below threshold)

hope those smeary Swifties go spend the same amount of time tracking down Bush's beery behavior during his "service" too. At the National Guard library, perhaps? The Draft Dodger archives? Now THAT would be true digging.

Breaking NewsCharg... (Below threshold)

Breaking News

Charges that Lt. Kerry coordinated his activities with the enemy during a time of war were eviscerated by the counter charge that George Bush drank beer. -- Film at 11.

Pussygate?Swiftgate?... (Below threshold)

Or "KerryKong" like the video game. Stop the whole 'gate' business. This isn't a hotel.

I'm having problems "connec... (Below threshold)

I'm having problems "connecting the dots." Since Kerry's name isn't in any of the documents, how is this going to convince the undecided morons that Kerry somehow worked at North Vietnam's behest?

It just seems like too much of a stretch for me. It's not nearly as damning as the damage his speeches and actions caused his so-called "Band of Brothers," who were imprisoned and tortured by the enemy.

SueMac, thanks for applying... (Below threshold)

SueMac, thanks for applying, but I think we'll have to make do with David Anderson and Bill K. representing your side. 'Bye now.

Lengthy name but how about ... (Below threshold)

Lengthy name but how about "Kerry-Bihn Red-gate"

Puppetgate ?... (Below threshold)

Puppetgate ?

I rather like Traitorgate, ... (Below threshold)

I rather like Traitorgate, which someone suggested in another thread. It has maximum weight.

"Breaking NewsChar... (Below threshold)

"Breaking News

Charges that Lt. Kerry coordinated his activities with the enemy during a time of war were eviscerated by the counter charge that George Bush drank beer. -- Film at 11."


That just made my day. Seriously though folks, the documents are legit. There is no question about that and it came right from the horse's mouth. The intelligence used to get the documents however has not been validated and most likely will not be able to be.

As far as a name for this? I am a bit partial to Hanoikerrygate. It's long, but it's effective.

Kerry BihnLaden -gate... (Below threshold)

Kerry BihnLaden -gate

I actually fought for the U... (Below threshold)

I actually fought for the US before I fought against it - gate

I just went to the archive ... (Below threshold)

I just went to the archive site. It has now been set up so that you simply have to click on a button to view the two documents in question. I had written a post a couple of weeks ago titled "The peace Movement Then and Now." Take a look at these two documents, and then take a look at the "Peace" post in the October archives at my site. These documents answer a few questions.

"The Draft Dodger archives?... (Below threshold)

"The Draft Dodger archives? Now THAT would be true digging."

You know, the draft dodging bit didn't wash with President Clinton, it certainly won't wash with President Bush. Bush actually served in the Air National Guard flying planes (a dangerous duty, I might add). You know the left is desperate when they still cling to old news long since disproven.

As for CommieKerryGate, I'd like to think this had legs but it is likely it won't go anywhere. The whole Nam thing has been done to deatical as bigfoot.

Could be wrong though.

Boyd-- No time to answer at... (Below threshold)

Boyd-- No time to answer at length- keyword "Paris" or perhaps "Paris delegation"

go... seek

I want to thank both of you... (Below threshold)

I want to thank both of you for going after this AND doing it responsibly.

If you were a liberal, damning information like this would already be on a 527 or DNC commercial airing in a battleground state.

Thankfully for us, you are keeping true with the basic tenants of journalism, namely getting the facts first and being accountable for what you write.

It's a pretty sad state of affairs in the MSM that all it takes is one fraudulent document to be taken as fact by one liberal rag then to have every other liberal news organizations follow like sheep.

You guys and the rest of the honorable bloggers will transform the entire way America and the World gets its news. Keep up the good work.

BTW Chad- I've got my guns up, and I'm not even a Red Raider. :)

I like the Traitorgate sug... (Below threshold)

I like the Traitorgate suggestion.

How about "harikerrygate?</... (Below threshold)

How about "harikerrygate?

Paul, you know I'm an indep... (Below threshold)

Paul, you know I'm an independent conservative, so I'm not reflexively pooh-poohing bad news about "my guy" (no freakin' way, Kerry's a traitor in my eyes). But everyone is talking about how damning these documents are, describing what's in them, but nobody quotes them to support their point.

So rather than tell me to "go...seek," I respond "quote...tell." Tell the world where these documents say anything about Kerry's actions in '71, and use quotes.

Tell us specifically what is in these documents that says anything about Kerry. Without some sort of a link between Kerry and the North Vietnamese, either the government itself or the delegation to the Paris talks, this is just a lot of conservative blogosphere vibration.

And for the record, I read about half of each of the two documents that WND linked to, but I gave up because I hadn't found anything remotely close to making the case. I'm predisposed to agree with you, and I can't slog my way through those documents without falling asleep.

You're never going to convince anyone not already against Kerry that there's anything there unless you get specific. And by "you," I mean you, Chad, WND, and everyone who is saying that this is some sort of smoking gun.

OK Boyd the answer is in th... (Below threshold)

OK Boyd the answer is in there... I was hoping you could find it... The ten second version is that Kerry went to Paris to meet with the commies. This has been known for years.

What is NEW is that this document captured form the North Vietnamese says that they worked with the "paris delegation" to coordinate the actions of the VVAW. In other words, Kerry took orders form the commies.

Not to be a jerk but if you read it, it is quote clear. (not to be a jerk) If you need to spoon feed you I will but geeze man, read it pay attention for the quote form the document about Paris.

I promise it is in there.

UPDATE- Ignore the above, I'll make a post..

I'm glad you'll make a post... (Below threshold)

I'm glad you'll make a post, Paul, because I couldn't find what you're referring to.

We at Resistance is futi... (Below threshold)

We at Resistance is futile! are calling it VC-gate for now. Short and to the point. Pithy, as O'Reilly would say. I theorize that the missing explosives of al Qaqaa non-story was let out early in order to mitigate the damages from VC-gate. I have a whole big post about it if any of you are interested.

In the comments of the innt... (Below threshold)

In the comments of the innthebullpen article I posted some information that I found out doing a search this evening. Worldnetdaily indicates that John Kerry just happened to be in Paris for his honeymoon when the Paris Peace talks were going on. But I found an article that says he spent his honeymoon in Jamaica. I am not sure how relevant this is, if at all, it just seems indicative of another instance John Kerry will justify his behavior as totally innocent. Take a look if interested in the articles. I tried to post them here, but I was not able to, sorry.

It's driving me crazy that ... (Below threshold)

It's driving me crazy that you (Paul) and Chad Evans doing all the heavy lifting with the research at Texas Tech, etc. Why do a couple of bloggers have to do the MSM's grunt work? They OUGHT to be doing SOME of it too. Chad says that Texas Tech said NO ONE from the media has approached them.
We have to keep nagging them to do their jobs!
I've been nagging, Chad's been nagging, I assume you (Paul) have been doing so as well.
If anyone else is interested in this (I know y'all are!) PLEASE send the "approachable" media the links to Wizbang, InTheBullPen (Chad Evans), and the documents!
This story WILL die if the louder voices (no offense Paul, you've got a hefty voice there yourself!) don't get involved and in the trenches.

Where's Instapundit on this?????!

Thanks to you guys for all YOUR work!

Wasen't the US government m... (Below threshold)

Wasen't the US government meeting with te commies in Paris?

Chad or Paul, I am a Marine... (Below threshold)
Bob Coughlan:

Chad or Paul, I am a Marine and Viet Nam veteran wants nothing more to see Kerry in Leavenworth. I have put my business on auto pilot and have spent virtually every waking moment and many a dreaming moment trying to get the word out about John Kerry's treason here in Honolulu. But please specify exactly where the smoking gun is here. I've been over and over this document until I was bleary eyed but I am missing whatever it is you feel inextricably connects Kerry and his rat brothers in the VVAW to the NLF leadership. The "Paris delegation" is too ambiguous. Please show me what you see 'cuz I definitely want to use this. Mahalo.






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