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Bay state hypocrisy

It's no secret that I'm not that fond of Massachusetts, our neighbor to the south here in Cow Hampshire. One of the reasons is the ridiculously high cost of living down there, largely self-inflicted.

For example, owning a car in Massachusetts is amazingly expensive. Insurance rates are among the highest in the country. Further, Massachusetts has what it styles as an "excise tax" that can run several hundred dollars a year.

For that reason, a lot of Massachusetts residents attempt to register their cars here in New Hampshire. Not only do they evade the excise taxes and higher insurance rates, New Hampshire doesn't require drivers to have insurance.

Every now and then, though, Massachusetts officials crack down on these people. The fines are quite hefty, and it's always good for news coverage for a little while. They have even tried out a reward system, where you can get money for ratting out your neighbors.

This time of year, however, it's always easier for the authorities to see just who they should be paying extra attention to. I'm amazed how many cars I see on the roads with New Hampshire plates and covered with Massachusetts politicians' stickers. What the hell are these idiots thinking?

And, irony of ironies, it's almost always Democratic candidates. Massachusetts is essentially a one-party state (Republican governor, but both houses of the legislature are utterly dominated by Democrats, to the point where they can override his vetoes at will, and a very liberal court system), and it's the Democrats who keep these taxes and fees so high. Either these scofflaws don't see the hypocrisy of supporting the party that keeps the taxes high while illegally evading them, or don't care.

Either way, I think I'm gonna start writing down some license plates. The reward money could come in handy around Christmas.

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Yeah! Do it!! :D... (Below threshold)

Yeah! Do it!! :D

Do it! Doom on you, Dhimmni... (Below threshold)
Expat Dutch:

Do it! Doom on you, Dhimmnicrats!

The Taxacusetts authorities... (Below threshold)

The Taxacusetts authorities need only monitor the polling places and cite anyone who wishes to vote in Mass. but drive a car with tags from up north. Might discourage the dishonest from voting...may swing the state to Bush. What ya think?

Stan, Is on ... (Below threshold)

Is on to something. Not a chance in hell that Massachusetts would do it but I love the idea.

Think Mass. taxes are high?... (Below threshold)

Think Mass. taxes are high? Try living in DC sometime. Taxes are high (higher than Mass) combined with a total lack of services. Nothing like paying a crap load of taxes then having to pay for private schools because the public school system makes the government of Chad look like a well oiled machine.

Do it! Make 'em live with t... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Do it! Make 'em live with the damn taxes like everyone else; maybe they'll actually push for reduced taxes now.

There is a good reason the ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

There is a good reason the insurance is so high in Mass-they can't drive worth a flip. Seems like everytime I get cut off, it is always a car with a Mass plate.

I would rather slit... (Below threshold)

I would rather slit my throat then reside in Mass....Not really but,what a conclave bleeding heart,one minded nuts reside there.
Such nice roads and countryside,yet such a hypocritical detachment from the beliefs of mainstream America...please excuse me I have toooo..puuukk..blaaaahhh...oh that was a rough one...Oh no here it comes again...blaaahhh...

If I die without making my ... (Below threshold)

If I die without making my peace with God, I just know He will send me to Massachusetts.

The far bigger problem is t... (Below threshold)
John S.:

The far bigger problem is that the Massholes keep moving here. Some 20,000 Massachusetts boat people flood over the border into N.H. every year, and worse, they bring their stupid voting habits with them. It makes me want to throw up to think N.H. could go to Kerry.

They see the hypocrisy and ... (Below threshold)

They see the hypocrisy and they don't care. Why would they? The kind of people who play so fast-and-loose with other people's money make damn sure to protect their own. I don't think that any of the MA residents with NH plates pay the voluntary higher state income tax rate, either.

We're not all bleeding-heart liberals down here. I'm stuck here for a while, but I vote Republican and know how to drive. Please don't paint us all (pink) with the same brush!

My parents and I moved from... (Below threshold)

My parents and I moved from Mass to florida to excape all the taxes and crap. They gave up a good business that is still going today,a very large house with an acre of land(sold for about 340.00 some years back) to manage condo's in St.Augustine. All that was about thirty years ago. My parents are also republicans. :) Now if I could only get the rest of the family to turn.


hey! if you see a Tundra o... (Below threshold)

hey! if you see a Tundra out there with MA plates... I'm just checking out my new home. Can't wait to escape out of this no good state. I almost drove off the road this past weekend after I saw the "Vote Republican" billboard on 293. I don't think I've ever seen one of those...

I agree wholeheartedly...</... (Below threshold)

I agree wholeheartedly...

I'm tired of the city folk driving up prices in my Free State.

It is shameful that the last bastion of conservative sense in New England is under siege from every border.

The patchouli people (Deaniacs) across the Connecticut River are having an adverse effect on our politics as well.






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