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Fool my father, shame on you; fool me now, shame on me

One common theme among President Bush's critics is his unwillingness to admit errors. He is relentlessly hammered for "arrogance" and "stubbornness" for not acknowledging missteps, mistakes, and wrong judgments. Even during one of the debates, he was asked to name three decisions he made where he regretted them, and he refused to do so.

I don't think it's arrogance talking. It's the voice of learning from his father's mistakes.

I remember watching the network news about 14 years ago. The Democratic Congress had just passed a large tax-increase bill and submitted it for his signature. My memory's a little fuzzy, but I seem to recall the Democrats had pushed hard for this measure, even threatening to shut down the government, if the President didn't sign it. And sign it he did. And that night the newscast I watched (I think it was ABC) opened with a montage of about a dozen of Bush's 1988 campaign speeches, spliced together:


At that moment, I knew that President Bush could pretty much kiss goodbye his re-election. He had just handed his future opponent the hugest club to beat him over the head with.

The current President Bush must have seen this humiliation of his father, and saw what it cost him. Many people say it cost him a second term. He probably believes that those people who want to hear him admit error aren't looking for signs of humility or modesty or human failings. They're desperately seeking a soundbite like his father's "read my lips" pledge that they can then take and use to destroy him. And this President Bush is a canny enough politician to not play the "gotcha" game and hand his opponents a weapon of that magnitude. Nobody with a lick of sense would do that.

And, in my opinion, he's exactly right.



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Why doesn't the media ask K... (Below threshold)

Why doesn't the media ask Kerry the same question about his activities after he returned from Vietnam?

Jim, You ask a... (Below threshold)

You ask a good question. The answer why the media does not ask Kerry tough questions is two fold.
1. He has not been taking questions. Heck he even dodged Woodward who isn't exactly a conservative reporter.
2. Most of the things we find questionable about Kerry the media agrees with Kerry on. So he was against our side in the Viet Nam war, that doesn't matter to most media as they were as well.

As far as the president goes, I believe he is very smart not to respond to the bait from the media. The extreme left wing media is as anxious to defeat Bush as Al Quada. Sounds harsh but it is true nonetheless. Our press acted patriotic for a week or so after 9/11 and then went back to being partisan hacks.

I'm glad that he doesn't ad... (Below threshold)

I'm glad that he doesn't admit to any mistakes.
I don't feel that he has made any, and if he were to bend to popular opinion, the opposition would be sure to use it against him.

Many Kudos to Wizbang! I love this spot.
I read Newsmax and Wiz for my first newsies.
This might sound dopey, but I'm so hugging you from the 'swingin' state of MN.

I'm an election judge in Maple Grove, no crap is getting past me.

I'm glad that he doesn't ad... (Below threshold)

I'm glad that he doesn't admit to any mistakes.
I don't feel that he has made any, and if he were to bend to popular opinion, the opposition would be sure to use it against him.

Many Kudos to Wizbang! I love this spot.
I read Newsmax and Wiz for my first newsies.
This might sound dopey, but I'm so hugging you from the 'swingin' state of MN.

I'm an election judge in Maple Grove, no crap is getting past me.

"Never complain and never e... (Below threshold)

"Never complain and never explain."
-Benjamin Disreali

oopsie, sorry about the dou... (Below threshold)

oopsie, sorry about the double post.

A President who thinks that... (Below threshold)

A President who thinks that he is always right is the scariest kind of leader.

A President who won't admit to any mistakes looks like he thinks he's always right.

For more on this theme plea... (Below threshold)
Opinionated Vogon:

For more on this theme please see:


J:I absolutely agr... (Below threshold)
Katherine Lambert:


I absolutely agree with you on this mistake thing. I also think that when Repubs complain that Bush doesn't "Slam" Kerry enough that he is avoiding another mistake of Bush 41. Remember with a week to go, Bush 41, called Clinton/Gore "Bozo and his Clown" and the Press ate him alive.

Said that it showed 41 didn't take his opponent or the Presidential race seriously "with the gravitas a Presidential race deserved". If GWBush would call Kerry a "Liar" a "Cheat" or "a Fool on Terror" or a "Stupid" are even just one slip when he is goaded over and over as Hitler and so forth then the press would pounce on it and play it over and over as "unpresidential" and a sign of desperation.

Rove has probably coached Bush (Laura and the twins) to never never never say any noun that could be considered personally mean.

So yes he can't admit a mistake and can't call Kerry a "noun" except "my opponent" and this has been seared "seared" into Bush by Rove and Hughes. Poor GWB he is running a Navy Seal obstacle course while Kerry is strutting down the media red carpet.

Gotta love the guy, I do. And so did 58,000 other screaming patriots in Jacksonville on Saturday. Ye HAAA!

Kerry was always right befo... (Below threshold)

Kerry was always right before he was always right.

Question for Katherine: Wha... (Below threshold)

Question for Katherine: What sort of paperwork did you have to sign to join the "screaming patriots" yesterday? The reason I ask, is that the MSM reported yesterday that Bush is trying to woo Democrats who are not entirely happy with Kerry. In light of the numerous reports of people having to pledge to vote for Bush in exchange for admission to see him in person, how does he convert wayward Dems, when his campaign seems to be limited to preaching to the choir?

I believe that this is a ve... (Below threshold)

I believe that this is a very timely post. The Libs are masters of perception. They know for a fact that any mention of a mistake on the part of GWB and its back to the ranch in Crawford for him. These guys don't want to see humility, they want cannon fodder.

I can see it now at the New York Times:


This entire line of accusat... (Below threshold)

This entire line of accusation (the "admit where you're wrong" thing) is a taunt by desperate Demos and Liberals worldwide: again, I write, it's a taunt.

Because, is it NECESSARY for President Bush to "admit mistakes" and discuss his "failures" and such? Is it necessary for anyone to do so?

It's necessary only in relationships where someone wants a handle or an edge on another person's vulnerabilities, at least as long as it's in the context of a demand and not some effor toward self discovery. It's the language of people who assume that running through one's list of failures is "necessary" to accomplish something else, most often that displayed by people challenging another person's dependencies, or abuses.

What it means, the demand, is that they're attempting to get Bush (or anyone in similar circumstances) to "cop to" something, not so much that they're interested in any constructive process, other than to seize upon vulnerabilities and then to use those for to accomplish greater vulnerability. It's the language of attack, not of therapy or assistance.

I've always found the entire line of questioning very offensive. If Democrats/Liberals/anyone wants to focus on forcing others to a place of weakness so as to then make them even weaker, go ahead but not in my social/psychological world...it's like the person who says "you look terrrrrible" when you're sorta tired but could use a friendly voice instead. You go away feeling worse and even more tired, where otherwise you'd have felt better.

People who focus on this sort of psychology are abusers and are abusive. Which is just about where I put the DNC, McAuliffe and Kerry and all their offensive "advisors": abusers.

I don't find any sense or helpfulness or anything approaching usefulness in hearing President Bush discuss where he's "failed" and where he's "wrong." Democrats aren't interested in this line of attack as constructive but in using any possible response for to make further attacks, to further denigrate.

Unfortunately, the DNC is now misapplying this language of the "12 Step" programs to generalizations, such that they are harming not only the world with this sort of irresponsible, misapplied nutty psychology, but they are also harming valuable "12 Step" program psychology and processes. Because, in certain processes of therapy, the line of questioning makes sense (analyze yourself objectively, admit your mistakes, offer to make amends for your wrongs), but used by the DNC for political attack, it now has become the language of assault.

Another major psychological operation by Democrats gone horribly wrong.

It's the same sort of stupi... (Below threshold)

It's the same sort of stupid base maneuvering that suggests (example, if you're a supporter of this sort of thing), "Kerry is taller than Bush so Kerry is smarter."

It...is...the...reasoning...of...an...abuser. Kerry, intimidating, trolling, the DNC intimidating, trolling, taunting....if ever there was a classic case of "schoolyard bullying" gone insane, it is today's DNC and Kerry their "leader."

Oh, yeah, he's a Catholica alright! Oh, yeah, he's interested in 'helping people'! Oh, yeah, he is not.

Sometimes people take themselves just far too seriously and think that others will, too, if they're just tall enough, rich enough, bombastic enough...Kerry is the classic example, as is the DNC today, of the weak masquereding as the strong, the minimilization of ideals masquereding as truth, the tiny little biting insect masquereding as swan.

Let's see...ANY response to the "admit where you're wrong" thing will be wrong. Bush/me/you/anyone could make light of this and respond, "the fish I caught yesterday wasn't big enough, so, I was wrong about the lure I used," and you'd hear "oh, the outrage, they minimalize suffering/war/poverty/sickness/minorities/unions/short people...". If Bush/me/you/anyone was to seriously respond to the question, "well, the intelligence we received was later proven to be questionalble, as to Iraq..." you'd hear, "oh, the outrage, they can't even follow intelligence, they can't even manage correct intelligence, oh the outrage, they're too stupid to know intelligence from the unintelligent..."

Which is why, earlier, I labelled this entire line of an issue as taunting. Because it is. It's a maneuver by which no constructive result can possibly be provided.

It's not necessary for President Bush "to admit (his) mistakes" in this context as it's been deployed in assualt language by Demos. AND, it's a mistake by Demos to assume that, as I've read elsewhere, that "women want to hear men admit when they are wrong," because it ISN'T something that "women" "want" as some blanket desire or demand.

Which just goes to show you how much hte Demos even get "women" wrong in issues such as this. It's good and helpful in interpersonal relationships for some human beings to admit when they are wrong to other human beings, but to project this intimate communication onto party politics and try to call it some necessary act, some obligation by the President...just entirely a line of attack for abusive motives.

President Bush is right to ignore the entire line of attack, at least as to verbal interactions. I would, too, and do.

I'm wondering how long it's... (Below threshold)

I'm wondering how long it's going to take Kerry to start saying, "oh, you know that women want me..."

Yeah, righhhttttttt. As in, aaack, pfewwpfewwy pftu..

- The Democrats, particular... (Below threshold)

- The Democrats, particularly the left foil-hats, remind me more and more of a gaggle of screeching geese, running in all directions with so many cross purposes and agenda's they keep banging into each other and getting scewered by their own opposing screeds....

- A typical example was the embarrasment for the great unwashed when they wanted to hold a protest in Central Park during the RNC only to find that an ordinence pushed through by their own green peace people forbade large gatherings on the green.....

- Its simply amazing to see so many misguided souls clammoring for independence for their Islamic comrades, the same murderers busily cutting off heads and preaching every sort of woman's rights subversion they can think of, including rights to regularly beat their wives, keep them imprisoned in the home with no schooling or citizenship whatsoever....

- Now with this latest ignoramous carping non-issue of the "amazing dissapearing stockpile" they are in effect saying that Bush didn't go into Iraq soon enough. If there is a possible Iraq position that the Kerry Klowns have not taken its hard to think of it....

- Since this is an obvious last minute BS liberal press driven boob-bomb and the Kerryites rushed in willy-nilly with premature hyperbole I hope it burns their ass's good and hard....

- When is Kerry going to address ANY of the hundreds of Questions he has dodged for this whole election campaign....

- When is the liberal press going to start asking the feckless lying Senator ANY questions...

- When is Kerry going to appear on O'Reilly or sit down with Bob Woodward....

- When is Kerry going to release that damned SO180 or produce a copy of his "official" DD214....

- When is Kerry going to be forced to reveal his true ideologies and the details of his background...

- Its NOT going to happen until after the elections if ever because if it did this election would already be over...and the Democraps know it.....

The demand that Bush admit ... (Below threshold)

The demand that Bush admit his mistakes is the first of 12 steps the media would like Bush to take.

1) "I admit I was powerless over the neo-cons - and that our policy has become unmanageable."

2) "I have come to believe that a power greater than myself (Paul Krugman) can restore me to sanity".

3) "I have made a decision to turn my agenda over to the care of Terry McCauliffe as I understood him."

4) "I have made a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself and found I'm a completely amoral idiot."

5) "I have admitted to God, to myself and Jacques Chirac the exact nature of my wrongs."

6) "I'm entirely ready to have the voters remove all these defects of character from office!"

7) "Humbly asked Andrew Sullivan to remove my shortcomings."

8) "Made a list of persons I have harmed and became willing to make amends to them all." --- This part took a really really long time...

9) "Made direct amends to such people except when to do so would injure others." -- (insert your own punchline here)

10) Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it, usually at a daily press conference which I'll rename a "press confessional".

11) Sort through, pray and mediation, to improve our conscious contact with Kofi Annan, as I understand him, praying only for knowledge of his will for use and the power to carry that out.

12) Having had a political awakening as the result of this step. I tried to carry this message to those that still suffer. And to practice these principles in all our affairs. Most notably by resigning, giving away all my possessions and getting a job scrubbing toilets at the UN.

andre3000 forgot to include... (Below threshold)

andre3000 forgot to include:

12.1) I admit that I possess personal wealth and that I will turn it over to the Democratic Party.

Umm, it's parody, 'case anyone wonders.

-S-,I do like the ... (Below threshold)


I do like the idea of the Press Confessional. We could start to trim that federal deficit by firing the Press Secretary and just have Bush do it.

Well, and he should probably be deciding which ammo dumps to protect in Iraq as well. We all know that's a vital presidential responsibility that Bush neglected, but which Senatron Kerry will take as his highest priority...

Any rumors about Kerry being a dilettante in the Senate are just propaganda by Republicans. If elected, he'll work really really hard. Promise.

- Andrew Sullivan - every i... (Below threshold)

- Andrew Sullivan - every inch a Lady...

- Tweepy McCauliffe - You can tell he's lying because he's grinning ear to ear...

- John (pocketa pocketa pocketa) sKerry - Yet another left wing National socialist that the left tried to sneak into office... Gets his talkng points from master liers like McCauliffe...

- Joke Chirac - Soon to be criminaly charged French king pin in the Oil-for-food scandal, wherein he lined his pokets in concert with that great Iraqi humanitarian Saddam Hussien, best known for using the sanctions as a WMD to deprive and starve 1000's of Iraq woman and children....

- The UN - International terrorist organization that pose's as a humanitarian group who's main purpose in life is to demonize and subvert American interests while stealing billions from third world countries....

- Kofi Annan - Head of the international terrorist organization known as the UN. Up to his ass in the Oil-For-food scandal. Soon to be indicted along with Chirac....

- andre3000 - One of a group of "Commucan's"...left wing nut liberal socialists posing as Americans....

- that was a parody also an... (Below threshold)

- that was a parody also andre... *snarkle*

Floyd:I got the ti... (Below threshold)
Katherine Lambert:


I got the tickets because I am a volunteer. I didn't "sign" anything.

I don't think at this point that Bush is doing anything but firing up his base, which ALREADY includes who ever is going with him like Ed Koch and Zell Miller and I believe Joe Lieberman (though he can't say it).

Everyone has decided and it is a myth that there are UNDECIDEDS. The MSM has created and used this myth to slam conservative, christian candidates since the times of Vietnam.

I am a screaming Patriot and so is Ed Koch.

I did go through a search and metal detectors to get in and would have taken off everything but my underwear to get in. With the Guardian in the UK openly calling for Bush's head no wonder why the paranoia on part of Bush's SS.

Appreciate your question though.

- Katherine - With the reve... (Below threshold)

- Katherine - With the reversal of fortunes for the Republicans out here in Cal I'm betting that this state will be up for grabs in 2008. I'm looking forward to it with more chances to go to party rally's instead of just local group gatherings. If Arnold does a good job in the next few years the Dem's are going to take a beating....

Hunter:Think posit... (Below threshold)
Katherine Lambert:


Think positive, it could be up for grabs this year!! (Not really). But with the Hildabeast running in 2008, we must unite.

It will be scorched earth time on both sides. I am ready. We will win in 2004 and we MUST win in 2008 even in California. Arnold helped out yesterday with his pumpkin comment. Glad he is going to Ohio.

Ms. Shriver really jazzed me off with her making the Californa museum be "woman centric and from a woman's view" before she would approve funding.

It must be hard to be a repub in California, bless you my friend and don't move. We need some common sense in the land of fruits and nuts.

Of course, the question "li... (Below threshold)

Of course, the question "list 3 mistakes you have made" should have been immediately rejected by the debate moderator as being inherently unfair, as it required Bush to talk about his mistakes and then gave Kerry the opportunity to talk about Bush's mistakes. I was disgusted that Charles Gibson allowed this one to fly.

I think the way for Bush to deal with this sort of thing is to respond like this:

"When I started this campaign, I didn't realize that the once proud Democratic party would stoop so low to nominate such a feckless, lying, pandering crapweasel like John Kerry as its presidential candidate.

"I assumed wrongly that the Democrats would not undermine our efforts in Iraq in order to score political talking points.

"I also tried to take into account, but fell short, of just how much the mainstream media is in the tank for the Democrats."

Now of course, you'd have to get Karl Rove to prettify this rhetoric quite a bit to make it palatable to the audience, but you get the idea:
Turn the question around to criticize the Democrats and not give them any sound bites.

- Katherine -- Nev... (Below threshold)

- Katherine -

- Never fear...Guilliani will clean her clock...He's wildly popular with all repub's and moderate Dem's out here and forget NY...I can't see anyway she can carry the big apple over him. He's going to kill her in all the north eastern states....I think 2008 could be a very big landslide...After this election I think you'll see a re-emergence of the moderates in the Dem party taking back control when they see the pillage and burn approach of the left get trounced again...One of the things driving the left so frantically in this election is after the Gore mess another bomb in this election and it will be a long time before anyone in the Dem party takes them serious again.....

I think the President could... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I think the President could admit to one mistake:

"I regret having taken as much time as I did F****** around with the pansies at the UN before doing what I should have done to begin with and whipping Saddam's ass."

Steve L.,Close, bu... (Below threshold)

Steve L.,

Close, but no cigar. Bush played it correctly by allowing the UN to demonstrate its fecklessness. That there exists a large coterie on the Left who interpreted his challenge to the UN to be relevant as a loud claim that they are irrelevant is not Mr. Bush's fault.

I suspect they aren't stupid enough to actually believe what they've said about his effort at the UN, but when has the truth ever gotten in the way of a Democratic presidential campaign?

BTW, on a number of issues since the passage of Resolution 1441, writers of all stripes have denounced the UN as irrelevant on issues from Iran to Darfur. Mr. Bush put the notion in the public's consciousness, and then allowed the UN to make his case for him.

Actually, Andre, I'm waitin... (Below threshold)

Actually, Andre, I'm waiting for Kerry to claim that the missing explosives are proof that Bush trook too long in his "rush" to "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The straight talkin', strai... (Below threshold)

The straight talkin', straight shootin', no BSn', slow enunciatin', consonant droppin' schtick has become his stock in trade and he'll stick with it. No mistake admittin' here, pardner. He can't and won't say, "Oops, so sorry!", because then he would have to acknowledge the waste of our blood and treasure in that rathole, Iraq. It follows the pattern of his business ventures- always somebody else's money. Hey, I love the Dirty Harry movies!. Eastwood does it so much better. But I'm sure it was worth it to W to have Saddam's .45 in his office.

I totally agree with your c... (Below threshold)

I totally agree with your commentary... the president is right to not admit any wrongs...the liberals...especially the media ...are looking for anything to base their emotionally unbalanced criticisms of President Bush... i pray for the president and i also pray for those liberal democrats... its obvious to me they are hurting and miserable...misery after all does love company.

There is one huge honking h... (Below threshold)

There is one huge honking hole in this critique. It simply assumes that Bush will admit an error. What if Bush were to admit an error and put forward his solution.

For example, "I was wrong to foo the bar in 2002, but this time, I've studied the issue, and I'm going to boo the far in this manner."

A number slightly left and moderate voters might be swayed to vote for him if Bush were to admit a policy mistake and change his course.

The far lefties wouldn't vote for him anyway.


I just find his manner of s... (Below threshold)

I just find his manner of speech so at odds with his Andover/Yale/Harvard pedigree. He is the deepest blue blood preppie, and I'm sure many people on this forum aspire to that social and economic status. Or they think he did two years at Midland Community College and finished at UTexas and look where he is today! Remember, he is from the elite of the elite in this country.

Tom: I gather that you are... (Below threshold)

Tom: I gather that you aren't from Texas, or lived there for any length of time, or had relatives who owned property there or lived there...so's you visited with them, talked often with them...

Same goes for other regions, but Texas/Louisiana, the ranch lands of the Mountain West, those areas really do get into your soul and spirit and they either are home to you through and through, or you just pass through and go visit to ski, like Kerry does.

But, for President Bush, he lived in Midland, TX. Lived there and was taken to heart by the place, embraced it as home and that explains a lot about his personality, all blue-blood and Yale educated included.

I've known many people with huge net worth in land and/or investments in those areas, among other folks included, and despite their illustrious educations and prominent ancestors, they are still people very much like George Bush, who find it more relaxing to drive around the woods or fields in a favored truck than to admire or even frame their degrees.

I don't find Bush's accent and mannerisms odd at all, not in the least, given his affections for Texas, particularly...I can think of several people right at this moment very much like him in heart, spirit and temperament, all of whom are affected pretty much by the same sort of environments.

But, then, I've got rancher lands and Texas ancestors in my past, and still find it far more comfortable to be on a horse far from any town or city or group of people than anywhere else on earth. The silence of no traffic, nothing industrial in the air, the early morning mist, the way the horses raise their heads and greet you even before the sun is up, wind through the screen door...nothing else like it.

And, yeah, about Republican... (Below threshold)

And, yeah, about Republicans reemerging in California...it's about time. There are a lot of Republicans in CA, just that there are more Democrats in and around L.A., Bay Area and even now in San Diego...but that's driven by a liberal cultural life available in those areas, and their politics fall into line accordingly.

A bigger effort has to be made in CA through media because what we now have is distasteful content, even lack of artistry, in most of what is being produced and most people aren't enthused...but it still gets through the pipeline of the film and television industries because of a concentrated liberal interest there.

Action heroes...yes, but something else is needed: more people with messages to share that aren't what's being shared now, through films and television. There are a lot of Republicans in CA and I'm hoping that the numbers will increase, but media here has a lot to do with why liberals are quite so much louder a presence in CA. L.A. and SFO have most to do with that, more than anything, along with media out of the state.

-S-I'm from Washingt... (Below threshold)

I'm from Washington State. My family is from Montana. We're all pretty conservative in an old traditional way. That moderate republicanism does not exist now. My main beef with current mainstream conservatism is that it favors business/industrial interests over conservation. The west has always been pretty much a vast resource colony for eastern business interests. IMO those interests would definitely include the Bush family. They're carbetbaggers and opportunists. AUH2O64.

The demand that President B... (Below threshold)
Wendi Sue:

The demand that President Bush admit his mistakes is hardly a sincere request for some introspection and humility (especially coming from the side that favor 'do you know who I am?! Kerry).

It's really a shrill, self-serving demand that the President do his detractors' homework for them. "Tell us what we should be attacking you on! Tell us what our next campaign ad should be about! Tell us where you are most vulnerable so we may attack you there!"

He was quite right not to answer it. It has nothing to do with humility and everything to do with wisdom. He should have simply replied that Senator Kerry and his henchmen would have to do their own homework.

No, tom, the Bush Family ar... (Below threshold)

No, tom, the Bush Family aren't "carpetbaggers." That nomer is accurately applied to other people.

And, no, you are also quite entirely incorrect that there's some negative, dinosaurial aspect to some sort of aging, nearly extinct if not extinct "conservatism," just completely wrong about that.

The only thing I read from what you write, and how you present your opinions, is that Republicans and other Americans have been tolerant in allowing you and people who exercise prejudice as you do (those old conservatives, after all, not a level statement about a lot of typecasted individuals) to live a happy life (I hope) among their midst.

It's a prejudicial force that assumes that because people live or have lived in rural areas of the country/world, that they therefore must be inherently extinct or unsophisticated or whatever it is that liberals use to diss those they denigrate, but it's still a liberal prejudice to assume and even proliferate such a concept.

And, many people make choices to live in rural areas, at a greater challenge and cost to individuals than it is to the many liberals in urban areas, and it's probably always been that way throughout human history. Thus, the learned man, relying on himself, moving on out to other areas, exploring, finding his own space and peace.

You earlier projected some idea (your own) that Bush was insincere in his 'accent' and such, because he attended Yale, was raised in a wealthy family and such, but by displaying a West Texan accent and lifestyle, he drew critical attention to himself as if the aspects contradicted themselves.

I pointed out that they don't, and why, based upon personal experience. I can name hundreds of very nice, conservative people -- thousands, millions if counted impersonally -- all across the U.S. who are not at all, not in the least, stupid, unsophisticated, uneducated or even unlikable, who are conservative and who vote Republican. And who regard President Bush as a decent, believable human being.

You can have millions of dollars and live a modest lifestyle, and well educate your children at private schools, and still walk and talk like a Texan, or a rancher, or a farmer, and return happily to the rural parts of the country. A lot of people do.

It's the liberal egregism to equate "intelligence" with being liberal and lack of intelligence with being conservative. In my experience, it is almost to a 't', the person who assumes that sort of denigration about others based upon income and lifestyle and accents and such who is the foolish one. Indicates poor ability to perceive and relate to others. No surprise there, that liberalism is today's language of intolerance.

Lifestyle choices, after all, aren't those the insistence by the left? Well, try extending that insistence to intelligent, conservative people who prefer to live in rural areas. A lot of them do.

I mean, I can survive at 9,000 ft. elevation through blizzard and still be well fed, not take to the (urban) streets to beg...sometimes it comes down to that, how you can survive, if you can't.

I think you just have a lot of social resentments and assume that a pocket of familiarity indicates the world or some uniform standard of character.

An explanation or admission... (Below threshold)

An explanation or admission of error could be problematic for many reasons not the least of which is that Dubya is just not that fast on his feet.

Something like this could quickly spiral and or fragment into some real serious issues for him to deal with, on top of the boatload he is already working on.

S wrote, "The only thing I ... (Below threshold)

S wrote, "The only thing I read from what you write, and how you present your opinions, is that Republicans and other Americans have been tolerant in allowing you and people who exercise prejudice as you do (those old conservatives, after all, not a level statement about a lot of typecasted individuals) to live a happy life (I hope) among their midst."

First, I'm regretting the passing of a conservatism that you don't remember. In many ways I'm probably more conservative than you, but I don't fit the current doctrinaire model. Second, I think you have generated a whole slew of assumptions that aren't reflected in my comments. Third, and most interestingly, is the creepy quality of threat in the line above. I have been "tolerated..to live a happy life.. among their midst." For the record, I live happily in the boondocks, I'm a good neighbor and I watch out for strangers. I have guns and dogs. Maybe I'm your neighbor. Am I now a threat to you for expressing an opinion?






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