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John Kerry is a plagiarist

Didn't we know that by his plan for Iraq?

Researcher Alleges Potential Plagiarism in 11 Passages of Kerry's Writings

An academic researcher has found 11 passages in Senator Kerry's published writings that appear to have been taken from other works without attribution, though experts disagree about whether the copying should be considered plagiarism.

Six of the passages come from Mr. Kerry's 1997 book, "The New War: The Web of Crime That Threatens America's National Security." All bear some similarity to news accounts that preceded publication of the book.

In one instance, Mr. Kerry wrote, "Russian mobsters have been arrested in Germany for extortion, car theft, counterfeiting, prostitution, selling drugs and illegal weapons, and smuggling everything from icons to uranium."

A 1993 Philadelphia Inquirer article, written by Barbara Demick, said, "Suspected Russian mobsters have been arrested in Germany and charged with extortion, car thefts, counterfeiting, prostitution, gambling, and selling drugs and illegal weapons. They have been caught smuggling everything from religious icons to uranium." Mr. Kerry's book contains endnotes but makes no reference to the Inquirer story.

A former English professor and author of two books on plagiarism, Robert Harris, examined that example and others and concluded that many of the instances clearly constituted plagiarism.

"If I had that in a student paper, I'd fail the paper, give them a zero, and make them redo it. On a second offense, I'd fail them for the course," he said. "This kind of plagiarizing, it's really unprofessional."

Stand by while the media ignores this.


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Comments (5)

Yes, I hate it when the med... (Below threshold)

Yes, I hate it when the media ignores such Earth-shattering headlines like "John Kerry is a Plagiaist."


Ha, yeah, he plagiarizes. ... (Below threshold)

Ha, yeah, he plagiarizes. All some of us have to do is write something and, presto, out of Kerry's mouth comes a sarcasm about it...out of the DNC comes the talking head with counterspin to it, whatever it is.

Never assume Bloggers have no impact because, I'm sure that we do.

Excellent citations, by the way, of specific incidents. People like Kerry -- err, Kerry, specifically -- get a lot of mileage out of being "above" any need to prove, such that they can sample and extract with the assumption that they'lll never be heald accountable afterward (so they are unbridled about using without proper credit, or even permission).

Which is more of why I write that Kerry's no leader. Maybe he'll sample that.

"tas" might be surprised to... (Below threshold)

"tas" might be surprised to learn (well, maybe not) that plagiarism is theft, and the damages awarded for the deed are substantial.

And that "substantial" means a lot of zeroes after a number and dollar sign.

The media has to ignore the reality of John Kerry; otherwise, they'd be voting Republican.

I think Tas just got confus... (Below threshold)

I think Tas just got confused between plagiarism, which I'm sure he knows is a serious offense, and perjury, which as we all know is just harmless fun, especially if it's about (the use of an employee for) sex.

But ... but ... but ...... (Below threshold)

But ... but ... but ...

Bush's dad got him out of Viet Nam!

Bush was AWOL!

Bush was arrested for drunk driving!!

John Kerry was a heeeeeerrrooo!!!

[/ barking moonbat]

Actually, the left has a precedent for ignoring plagiarism from its icons. One of the most thoroughly outed plagiarists in modern times is Rev. Martin Luther King. Just type "Martin Luther King plagiarism" into Google and see for yourself.

Of course, MLK is a modern saint, so words like "plagiarism" have to be whispered in hushed tones and immediately followed with gushing praise for King as a civil rights leader and numerous aplogies for questioning the character of such a great man.

A 1991 Boston University report on King, which is included in the Snopes.com entry that discusses King's plagiarism, contains the standard apologetics and disclaimers:

"The committee's findings, although important from the point of view of historical accuracy, do not affect Dr. King's greatness, not do they change the fact that Dr. King made an unequalled contribution to the cause of justice and equal rights in this nation."

Just a little food for thought ...






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