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Shocking News Round-up

Warning to all heart patients: The following news may be shocking.

Slate is full of Kerry voting hacks.

Terrorists in Iraq want Kerry to win.

Terrorists hope to defeat Bush through Iraq violence

BAGHDAD Leaders and supporters of the anti-U.S. insurgency say their attacks in recent weeks have a clear objective: The greater the violence, the greater the chances that President Bush will be defeated on Tuesday and the Americans will go home.

"If the U.S. Army suffered numerous humiliating losses, [Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John] Kerry would emerge as the superman of the American people," said Mohammad Amin Bashar, a leader of the Muslim Scholars Association, a hard-line clerical group that vocally supports the resistance.

Editor and Publisher has a new study that shows the media are shilling for Kerry.

New Study Finds Media Favored Kerry in First Two Weeks of October

NEW YORK A new study for the non-partisan Project for Excellence in Journalism suggests that in the first two weeks of October, during the period of the presidential debates, George W. Bush received much more unfavorable media coverage than Sen. John Kerry.

In the overall sample (which included four newspapers, two cable news networks and the four leading broadcast networks), more than half of all Bush stories were negative in tone, during this period. One-quarter of all Kerry stories were negative, according to the study.

Democrats have vandalized another GOP office.

Democrats are also suing in Florida.

John Kerry's people admit they there is don't know if Bush is responsible for the 380 tons of missing explosives BUT they are going to make ads telling the American people claiming is true anyway. [Actually the gall of these people shocked even me. -ed]

The New York Times is defending its bogus explosives story. (I read something about it being fake but true??? -ed)

A high fat diet is bad for you. (Hey it ALL be politcs)

The NY Times brings us the shocking news that Bush talks about terrorism a lot... Boy you can't slip one past them can ya.


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Comments (5)

Shocking! Shocking I say!<... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Shocking! Shocking I say!

The sad thing is that there are people at there who would be surprised to hear these things.

I want the Dems to keep suing. I suspect this will just energize the Republican base and shove some undecideds the President's way.

Editor and Publisher gets t... (Below threshold)

Editor and Publisher gets the "D'OH OF THE YEAR AWARD". Yumm, donuts to REAAAD.

With media bias rearing its... (Below threshold)
Jim R:

With media bias rearing its ugly head again compliments of the NY Times 'Missing Explosives' (old news makes new news when its bias time), James Lileks addresses the overall chaos and division the MSM causes, etc, etc, when a country at war can 'least' afford it.

An excerpt from Lileks.Com 'Today's Bleat':

"Keeping the country united? Good luck. Imagine FDR running a war with a press composed of cynical snickerers who derided the president as a rich old cripple who thought the best way to defeat Tojo was a war in North Africa and preached defeat every day through the hard slog of the Pacific theater. Imagine running a war with an entertainment industry that declined to make a single movie about the conflict - why, imagine a "Casablanca" where Rick and Sam argue about whether America started it all because they didnt support the League of Nations. Imagine a popular radio drama running through the early 40s about a smart, charismatic, oh-so-intellectual Republican president whose bourbon baritone mocked FDRs patrician whine, a leader who took no guff from Stalin OR Hitler! Lux Soap brings you, The West Wing of the White House! Imagine Thomas Deweys wife in 1944 callling the WW2 a war for oil; imagine former vice presidents insisting that FDR had played on our fears after Pearl Harbor. Imagine all that."

> admit they there is don't... (Below threshold)

> admit they there is don't know if Bush is responsible

What? (Apparently Wizbang is best appreciated in the original Klingon...)

The Times spokesperson note... (Below threshold)
John Anderson:

The Times spokesperson notes that they told the truth about the April 10 "Pit Stop". How about the April 5 story about a search that found documents and samples of the explosives but no IAEA seals? Which they copied from the April 4 CBS story, by the way.

Sorry lady, that constitutes a lie by omission of known evidence. If a prosecutor tried that in court, he'd lose the case.






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